Michael Smith

Michael Smith


"Michael Smith is a blues-blooded, electrified-autoharp-toting troubadour whose refreshing sound and romantic lyrics soothe the soul". His simple, elegant songs and impassioned vocals speak of love, loss, lust and longing.


Michael Smith is a Toronto based Autoharpsinger/songwriter who incorporates elements of the blues in his original autoharp based "country/Folk/Blues fusion" compositions. His sound is stripped to the bone, simple elegant songs that speak to the heart and to the head. Michaels vocals are raw-angelic combined with lyrics that are well crafted, and impassioned. His stage show is low key yet emotinally energized and designed for a listening audience who love to be engaged with their music.


I Can'Take Any More

Written By: Michael John Smith

Same old witness to the past.
I guess these eyes have learned to see at last.
Same old feelings like when you left before.
I can't take any more.

You've got those eyes that just can't help but roam.
And I've wasted so many nights sitting home all alone.
Same old tears on this kitchen floor.
I can't take any more.

There's an empty space here inside my bed.
And the same old worries running around inside my head.
Same old listening for your key in my door.
I can't take any more


Same old pacing up and down this hall
I'm the same fool waiting on your call if it comes at all
Same old lies that you told before.
I can't take any more

Same old lies that you told before
I can't take any more.


CD "Kiss Me You Fool" Due for release in May 06.

Set List

2 Forty-five Minute sets of original material. A third set possible that would include original covers of some old delta blues including some "Leadbelly" classics.