Michael Stangel

Michael Stangel


I'm a singer/songwriter , Producer. I have worked with many well known artists and have written many tracks that have been on gold and platinum selling albums.


Michael Stangel

Michael's career in music has included both creative and business sides.
Having been Co-Owner of an independent label and publishing house and produced and written for some of the top artists in his home country of Australia
and also world wide.

Style.. The musical and production skills let Michael's music be quite varied
with styles ranging from singer/songwriter acoustic tracks to rock.

influences.. The Beatles , Ray Lamontagne and The black crows to the Black Eyed Peas, Cold Play and The Foo Fighters.

At the moment.. Michael has now settled into writing and producing out of his home town in Australia, Making constant trips to L.A and the U.K writing and producing.
He is currently performing with his own band BORNE and playing bass with
Justin Carter and Kym Campbell Live.

Song writing Highlights...
The Veronicas , Shannon Noll , Nicky Chinn, Kevin Savigar, Bridget Benernate,
Brandon Saller, Steve Booker.
Tyrone Noonan, Tim Henwood, Tiffini Wood, Dan England, Dean Geyer, Borne
Adam Harvey, Amity Dry


Albums Highlights, I have Produced, Written or performed on include

Loss of signal (#13 USA Billboard Album Charts 2007)
Souls on satellites (2008)

Shannon Noll
Shine ( 5 X Platinum sales)

Human Nature
Self Titled (3 X Platinum Sales)

Amity Dry
The Lighthouse (Gold Sales)