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"Music Connection Magazine Loves Stollaire's Voice!"

"The mic loves Stollaire's voice and that gives him a giant leg up on most artists." ~ Music Connection Magazine, August 2008 - Mark at Music Connection

"Free Rocker ~ Great Holy Avenger Review!"

"What do you get when you cross a hopeless romantic and a rock aficionado? You get Michael Stollaire and his wide ranging rock sound and composition that would suit the finest rock radio stations, streaming or terrestrial. With vocals and instrumentals that match today’s brightest bands, I don’t doubt that I’ll be hearing a lot more of him very soon."

~ FreeRocker.com, March 2009 - FreeRocker.com

"Indie Music Stop Interview"

http://cwonline.110mb.com/interviewfour.html - Indie Music Stop

"Street Blast Radio LOVES Michael Stollaire"

Thank you for submitting your music to StreetBlast Internet Radio! We love your music, and would love to add you to our rotation!


Jake A. Wheat
Station Manager

"Nashville's AMP Entertainment & FUEL LOVES Michael Stollaire"

Excellent musicianship!? ~ Melina, President, AMP Entertainment, FUEL, Nashville, TN, http://www.fuelsecondavenue.com - President, AMP Entertainment, FUEL

"Great Energy from "Just Like Yesterday!""

ARTIST: Michael Stollaire

SONG: Just Like Yesterday

"... An obvious love for performing" - Soundraze eMagazine


Michael Stollaire is an impressive guitarist, there is no way around that. This song, "Just Like Yesterday" had a great energy that was as true to the older classic rock genre as one can get. The vocals weren't bad at all. Musically, it was written and performed well. Took a sneak peak at some of the other songs, and we would say that this is not the strongest song this artist has on his roster. Great energy from an artist and his band that has an obvious love for performing. - Soundraze eMagazine

"Rock In Review Praises Holy Avenger!"

"Looking for some tunes to get that party started!? Look no further than Michael Stollaire's debut solo album, Holy Avenger!

Truly showcasing Michael Stollaire's amazing guitar playing abilities and great vocals, this 13-track album takes you on a Rock 'N Roll

Adam Dunlop, RockInReview.com, January 2009 - RockInReview.com

"Holy Avenger Review ~ DoV at HMP"


Michael Stollaire - Holy Avenger (Mark II) (2008) Platinum West Records/Sony

Who is this nice angel on the cover? Some readers can associate Michael Stollaire (all songwriting, vocals, instruments) from two reviews I wrote at the Department of Virtuosity in the past. Some of you can think that I reviewed aforementioned album and it is partly truth. Mike signed a deal with Platinum West Records and decided to mix the debut stuff once again. This task was done with a little help of two session musicians: Matt Schultize (drums, percussion) and Kent Bollan (bass guitar, guitar).

As mentioned, Mike's first release is re-mixed and some tracks are slightly re-arranged with a few pieces of "rationalization" added. Obviously, they are particulars, however devil always resides in details. Although, Mike's image on the front cover makes me think of cherubs, his vocal is distinct, masculine and non-shaking. All songs are totally catchy tunes with bit bluesy touches. Mike can change his vocal manner in various tracks and its evidence are the likes of first three ones compared with "Here Comes The Light" and "Knock The Walls Down". There are many contrasts in different tracks as regards vocal, that's why the album is not boring. Mike's music let you sing in your sport car, move your body on a dance-floor and even jump on the street, since it's rhythmical and meant for being played live! Another great job!


Michael Stollaire - Holy Avenger (2007) JetSpeed Records
Here it is at last! You had an opportunity to read the review of Mike's "Trinity" EP in the previous issue of Department of Virtuosity, and now you will get to know about his first full-length album. Mike handled all instruments and vocals with the exception of two tracks where he was supported by Cynthia Jay's and Marisa Scott's background vocals.
Well, Mike is a real and loosen up rocker with a spirit of romanticist. Its evidence are some lyrics and his special words directed to his beloved flame in the booklet. It means that he doesn't fear expressing his affection to relatives. But getting down to business (Mike does know the ambiguity of this phrase, ha!), I admit that the guitar and his vocal are the leading "characters" in the story called "Holy Avenger". His stuff is simple, straightforward and sincere, because this is what corporate rock is all about. It is as well catchy, accessible, bright, energy- and optimism-bursting and really driving. One of its greatest advantages are powerful production and rock'n'roll solo-efficient guitar parts. In other words, all elements are mached with themsleves, and here is also the lack of excess of form. Mike can holler and sing with verve. Moreover, he adroitly jumps from rock, through blues, all the way to country music. Another virtue of the album is the fact it includes a non-tiring music. A tiresome music has a destructive impact on listeners, but, believe me, this joyful man with a seductive smile from the cover is not a killer, haha.
In my opinion, "Holy Avenger" is a kind of hit-by-hit stuff from whom such tracks like "Little Princess", "Watch Her Walk", "Just Like Yesterday" and "Can't Stop This Feelin'" can be surely played on the radio. They are most rhythmical and stimulating, so the conclusion is that they can be also most appealing to the listeners. This guitar album consists of 12 basic tracks and 3 hidden bonuses - a gift for a surprised hearer, ha! Michael "CEO" "Stole Air" "Corvette" Stollaire managed to strike an awkward balance between his corporate and musical life provided that he was born with entrepreneurial and musical flair. He does know what I mean, so all that's left for me to do is writing: great job, Mike!
- Department of Virtuosity ~ HMP Magazine

"Holy Avenger Review ~ Celtica Radio"

"The instrumentation, and tune-smithing is absolutely brilliant!"

Bill Everatt, Celtica Radio,

http://celticaradio-audio.co.uk - Celtica Radio

"Trinity Review ~ Department of Virtuosity"


Michael Stollaire - Trinity (EP) (2007)JetSpeed Records

This American artist is known from The Ankh Project among others, however it's as well important to mention his ability of handling vocal parts, guitars, bass guitars, keys and drum programming. As a multiinstrumentalist, Michael has also something to do with the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen and Cyril Lepizzera. All of them are distinguished by their passion for sport cars (especially Ferrari)! Yes, they are devotees of Ferraris. Apart from aforesaid pieces of information, I'd like to inform you that Michael played in many different styles from rock'n'roll to even thrash metal. Although he had something to do with thrash metal in the past, it didn't interfere him with becoming a poet and writing "Better Late than Never". I was very curious if a pleasant IT professional could produce the music appealing to my demanding ears?

This 3-track EP, announcing a full-length album "Holy Avenger", starts with "Little Princess". It is a real driving rocker being a good kick-start to your day. If you can imagine yourself a highway track in the vein of ZZ Top, it should be enjoyed by you, Dear Readers. Upon listening to "Just Like Yesterday", I sense ZZ Top begin to scratch my ears again, haha. The crowning number includes a rhythmical tunes that force us to wave our head and move our legs. You can believe me or not, but you can smoothly dance by "Just Like Yesterday", even though it is hard rock music with no doubts. I am convinced that it can be a hit accepted by almost every radio station playing hard rock tunes.

I assure you that Michael is not a lucky devil. The work he has put in his musical passion and professional life is enormous. "Trinity" fits Ferrari's CD player like a glove. I didn't notice any flaws on this stuff. I hope his EP will tide us over till the full-length CD. Briefly put - a catchy virtuosity hidden in "Trinity"! - Department of Virtuosity ~ HMP Magazine


2007: EP, "Trinity" released on November 1, 2007; and, his first album, "Holy Avenger," (Mark II) was re-released on March 6, 2009. Currently, "Just Like Yesterday," "Little Princess" and "Watch Her Walk" are being streamed and are receiving radio airplay ~ both terrestrial & internet-based... ~ WORLDWIDE!

Michael Stollaire ~ Radio Stations That Have Played Holy Avenger:

Tracks from Holy Avenger have been played on well over 250 radio stations worldwide, and climbing, with an average of 5-10 new adds each week!

Currently, writing and recording tracks for his next CD, "Lightning Strikes Twice!"



Michael Stollaire:

Michael has been singing lead vocals, and playing lead guitar/keyboards in rock bands since the tender age of twelve, playing music ranging from 1950s rock and roll to full-bore hard rock, and everything in-between. He picked up playing the guitar when he was fourteen and has been amazing audiences with his talents ever since. He began writing and recording in the mid-1990s, and has been a non-stop blur until the current day! His songs and style are inspired by artists like Green Day, Nickelback, Maroon 5, Creed, Good Charlotte, Van Halen, Asia, Metallica, Boston, Def Leppard, Dream Theatre, Edenbridge, Guns 'N' Roses, ELP, Evanescence, Judas Priest, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Nightwish, Rush, Yes, and ZZ Top.

Michael was fatally infected with FM radio that was playing constantly throughout his childhood, in the house and in the car, along with a scattering of Beach Boys 45s that he inherited from his Mother. He began playing guitar and writing songs around 14 years of age. Magazines, posters, CDs, cassettes and records were constantly scattered throughout his room, and a dream is born. Picture him sitting alone in a room playing and singing into a cassette recorder. Then, he was involved in a seemingly endless string of bands, where he cut his teeth and his unique style was germinated. Then, he moved to California in the mid-90s, following his heart and career. Over the next 15 years or so, he played and recorded with a chain of club rock bands, as well as many solo performances and recordings. Currently writing a book of poetry, based on existentialism and romantic meanderings, with a working title of "Better Late than Never."

"Trinity" was pre-released at the first stadium concert of the 2007 "Holy Adventure" tour on August 25th, 2007 at the "Summerfaire '07 World Peace Concert" at The Orange Show Stadium in San Bernardino, California, along with a half dozen Midwest dates in mid August! The full-length CD, "Holy Avenger" (Mark II) was officially re-released on Friday, March 6, 2009 at his debut performance at the infamous Whisky A Go-Go on L.A.'s Sunset Strip, and it's also available at iTunes, eMusic, Napster, CD Baby and select retail stores around the world.

Simply put, if you like Britney Spears and Boy Bands, you'll HATE me! *laughs* ;) I'm trying to impress 1% of the world, one person at a time, but that's 65 million people!!!

Sometimes, knowing what someone stands for tells you about them as well, so here is a list of the charities I avidly support:

1. Make-A-Wish Foundation
2. The Starbright Foundation
3. World Vision
4. Disabled Veterans of America
5. Stomp Out Cancer