Michael The Godchild

Michael The Godchild

 Orlando, Florida, USA
BandHip HopGospel

Im a minister first, than a man of God and family.


As Florida continues to have its way with hip-hop, its native sons are putting their respective cities on the map. Fort Lauderdale rapper God Child mixes the best of the area’s signature sounds to create his own style of Southern hip-hop.

God Child made his professional foray into the music business at an early age, and was inspired by Biggie Smalls & LL Cool J. He began making a name for himself on his local music scene, doing live shows and conducting rap battles outside of his school. His hard-hitting lyrics and industrial spirit caught the attention of everyone around him. God Child generated a buzz that captivated his new found audience.

Continuing to record and perform, he remained a fixture on the scene by working with other well known artist and producers. He took his career to another level when began to open in concerts for Al Green, Kiki Sheard, and Marvin Sapp etc. While performing as an opening act he was able to position himself into the next phase of his career.

Currently God Child is working on two projects. He is getting ready to release an exceptional mix tape and album. He is also working on a play that will feature his music. God Child’s goal is to give his listeners an alternative for all the violence, exploitation, and negative images in today’s music. The buzz on the promising new lyricist is unstoppable. He is determined to obtain longevity in the music industry by setting himself apart from others.

“I can relate to a lot of people in the streets therefore I derive my music from my soul” Blessed with versatility, God Child can flip his lyrics in numerous forms and covers a wide range of topics. All of his songs offer a candid look into the life of a street hustler with a story.

For God Child, Florida’s appeal lies in its underdog status, positioning it as the next musical goldmine. “My mother was a single mother that raised me in the church but all I know is the streets. You’ll hear me reference sexual abuse, teen life, crime acceptance, church, and the hood life in my music”.

As a charming figure in the industry, God Child is in pursuit of a lasting legacy, an elusive aspiration achieved by a select few in the rap game. He plans to follow in the footsteps of his influences -- such as Nas, Jay-Z and Tupac, to name a few – that have not only made countless hits but also blossomed as business men by pursuing other business ventures. “I’m trying to earn respect by making a name for myself and bringing a new sound & meaning to hip-hop.” Much respect indeed. Florida is officially in the building. The world is definitely in for a treat.


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