Michael Waters

Michael Waters


A storyteller with influences from bluegrass to rock, whose vivid songs are emotional, honest, and sometimes visit dark but real places.


To Michael Waters, his debut album “Fertile Ground”,
is just the beginning of figuring out where he is headed. “This record started out with every intention of be a stripped down folk album”, Waters says. “Just me singing some songs with my guitar and harmonica. But it blossomed into something completely different...”

Life has changed quite a bit since Michael left his home in Gainesville, Florida and settled in the Hill Country of Texas. Music has finally taken an overwhelming role in Michael’s life, and he couldn’t be more pleased. “All the pieces have been fitting together since I arrived in Texas. I’ve had the good fortune of meeting some of the greatest musicians and people I could have ever hoped for.” Those mentioned include some of the best in Texas;
Michael O’Connor(guitar),
Richard Bowden(fiddle),
Jeff Plankenhorn(dobro/mandolin),
Brad Fordham(electric/upright bass), and John Arredondo (drums).
“I’m just happy they liked the songs enough to lend their amazing talent. It’s the ultimate compliment.”

With elements shining through from bluegrass to rock, “Fertile Ground” has a unique feel. Story songs full of emotion and honesty. Songs of revelation, revenge, and redemption, sometimes touching dark, but real places.

“I’m just happy to be here”, Michael says. “This is what I love. I’m just gonna keep on learning and writing, and see where it takes me.”


2002: Fertile Ground LP

Set List

Set list available upon request. Varies from show to show.