Michael Webber

Michael Webber


I'm a guitar player that plays what the gig asks for. I specialize in jazz and Blues, I've been known in serveral Detroit rock bands, I've even dabbled in classical and bluegrass guitar. I also sing and play electric bass. At MSU I'm an extremely consistent performer.


11 Years of guitar experience. 12 years of e. bass experience. Guitar teacher as well as player. Been in rock and blues bands since 2000. Led several groups on small-scale bar "tours," although we just hit the circuit. Recently played with Frank Morgan, Diane Reeves, Jeff Keezer, Gregory Hutchison, MSU Professors of Jazz and Joe Gloss.


No discography yet, but I'm getting started on initial tracks.

Set List

Standards. I like to play "do you know that tune..."
I have original material for various groups, as well as thoroughly-arranged parts.

In rock bands, I stick to mostly late 60's to mid 90's fare, ranging from beatles to boston to allman brothers to bon jovi to even gin blossoms. I've been known to learn contemporary songs (pop songs of the year) as well.