Michael Weston

Michael Weston


Michael Weston's music is best described as timeless-sounding, simple melodies (similar to Ryan Adams or early Wilco) striving for the lyrical intensity of Dylan and Neil Young. Songs are a lively blend of up- and mid-tempo that always entertain and engage.


Born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado, Michael Weston has traveled the world, living in unusual places like Rockhampton, Australia, Miami, Florida and Victoria, Texas.

Influences include the usual suspects for any songwriter, like Dylan, Lennon, Reed, etc. However, many songs spring from less common places for a singer/songwriter, like: Garage Rock, New Wave, early 70s Stax/Volt, Classic Country, Grunge or Psychedelia. In other words, if it's a guitar-based genre, you can hear it in the music of Michael Weston.


Michael Weston, EP 2007
From Across the Aether, 2008 (release 09/08)

Set List

Set Lists vary based on number of sets. Each set is typically made up of 6 or 7 original songs, with 4 or 5 covers. When doing one set only, the set is 8 originals and 3 covers. Covers include Neil Young, Dylan, PJ Harvey, Hank Sr., U2, Uncle Tupelo, Gram Parsons