Michael Whisler

Michael Whisler

 Valley City, North Dakota, USA

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist/Singer Songwriter michaelwhislermusic.com


You don't hear a lot of 12-string guitarists. That's because it requires a mixture of natural talent and a dedicated commitment to be any good. Michael Whisler certainly has natural talent and as soon as you hear him play, you will see how his dedication has paid off. Whisler is an accomplished acoustic fingerstyle guitarist and songwriter composing on both 12 and 6 string guitars. His blending of alternate tunings and a sweet bottleneck tone gives his music an identity you will come to know as his own. Often starting shows with ripping fast paced instrumentals that demonstrate his dynamic power and speed, listeners hear a unique style that draws from American folk, blues and classical music. Michael's music is clearly Americana. Once he has your attention, he'll add some mellow ballads, and then you begin to watch his diversity unfold. Some concert listeners are lucky enough to hear him slip into one of his mesmerizing dissonant free-time melodies that make them hope the song won't ever end. He is first known as an accomplished solo guitarist, so you might be surprised with his warm vocals. His voice carries a scale as effortlessly as his fingers find notes on his guitar.

Scott Curfman, The Listening Room, Fargo, ND


"Next" - 2010

"Molehill" - 2007

"Steel Strings in Stereo" - Out of Print