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Michael Whitworth

Athens, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Athens, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Band Country Pop


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"Meet Michael Whitworth"

There is a vibrant new face of the indie Pop/Country scene out of Athens, GA. Meet Michael Whitworth – the twenty-something crooner full of devilish charm and angelic melodies. His sophomore EP titled “Learning How To Love” is turning the ears of industry overlords but he is keeping just out of their gnarled reach and embracing the freedom of an indie label.

Billboard Discoveries called this EP “a premier calling card” and “a well executed collection.” Gary Allen of the Charlie Daniels Band described it as “powerful, breathtaking and a masterpiece” and went as far as to call him “a male version of Taylor Swift – young, good looking, writes his own songs and can cross Pop and Country lines.”

We thought the EP was excellent – well executed, enjoyable, moving and wonderfully short – only four songs – no wasted tracks taking up space in an attempt to extract more money for more songs. The first two songs (Settlin’ Down and Fire Away) are full of energy robust instrumentation. “Worth Fighting For” is track three – a fiercely emotional ballad about the battle between family and self gratification. Wrapping it all up is the EP’s title track – a beautifully enticing number with a bit of classical guitar and soft jazz flair – perhaps the best track on the EP.

Michael’s first EP, “God Only Knew,” was more of a fun, light hearted project; however, the first song, “Just As Surprised As You” has garnered substantial radio play and been featured on American Airlines flights and Six Flags North America’s in-part radio. Some artists have that inexplicable “it” quality and Michael Whitworth most definitely has “it” by the throat. The Music Industry is a fickle mistress and who knows what the future holds, but we are rooting
for Whitworth as he soldiers on. Check out his website www.michaelwhitworthmusic.com.
- Georgia.com

"A Review by Gary Allen"

I have a silent partner on this review, my new friend, Josh Roland. He chooses to keep a low profile so I will blow his horn a little myself. The team of Michael Whitworth and Josh Roland caught my attention on first listen as one of the brightest new artists in my Sonicbids competition. Although some would call Michael a Christian artist, I would say he loves God and is blessed with a wonderful talent and a great voice. Thank you God!

I agree with the assessment that his appeal to a large label is that he is a male version of Taylor Swift - young, good looking, writes his own songs and can cross pop and country lines. There is not a male version like that right now - the guys currently are older or do not have the look and sound to cross into pop. ClearChannel's large country station in Atlanta is WUBL 94.9 FM The Bull. Every Saturday night they do a show called Backyard Country where local artists' music is played and the the audience votes online during the week for their favorite songs that week to come back next week. Michael was the number 1 played artist in all of 2010.
On his website there is a page called Press - there are listed the 2 reviews he has so far. His music can be purchased in iTunes and Amazon MP3 and a few of his
songs can be streamed but not downloaded from his website. There is a lot of info on his website including his posted tweets and a News Section. His current EP,
"Learning How To Love" has 4 songs - Fire Away, Settlin' Down, Worth Fighting For and Learning How To Love. I have listened to this CD several times while
travelling to gigs myself, and every time someone over hears Michael music they ask me who the artist is. That's what it's all about.

His first EP "God Only Knew" has three songs....Just As Surprised As You, Dry Martini and Woo Girls. Both EPs have received radio play for Fire Away, Settlin' Down and Just As Surprised As You. American Airlines and Six-Flags North America have featured "Just As Surprised As You.

Michael is true to the lyrics and styling and the new tracks are powerful. Each arrangement is breath-taking. I can honestly say, that in listening to it the first time, I
was expecting Christian rock/pop and instead found a true masterpiece crafted with love and care that exudes unbelievable conviction and deserves highest praise.
The singing is joyful and the lyrics are catchy and from the heart. You can call Michael's music whatever you like, I call it refreshing, amazing and brave.

At one point, you understand life to be a certain way, but as you grow and live a little more life, you confront things that you once thought would never happen – and
God outgrows the box you had tried to put him in. Michael Whitworth has out grown his box already. He is living a life of grace and is embracing his wisdom, love and
huge talents. At the same time, I think he is most lucky to have ventured into writing relationships with writers like Josh Roland, where that avenue can be creatively

Contemporary/pop/rock whatever the label, I wouldn't change a thing, except your socks :)
Congratulations Michael and we will see you soon on the hit parade! I'm showing my age. I meant the Billboard charts! God Bless Us All...

-Gary Allen (JJ Cale/The Charlie Daniels Band/Stonewall Jackson)
- Tennessee Concerts

"DixieStreams: Michael Whitworth"

If you come from Athens, GA, you better be on your game if you plan to make any waves. You're standing in the shadows of icons like R.E.M., The B-52s, Zac Brown Band, Corey Smith and so many others, and you've got to be good to get noticed there.

That's what Michael Whitworth is doing, and making it look easy at that. He's one of the most talented singer/songwriter to come out of "The Classic City" in some time, and he's also got a stable full of songs he's got ready to share with the world.

His new CD, God Only Knew is a compilation of songs that will take you on a trip, and leave you wanting more. The multi-talented artist plays pretty much every instrument, and he shows his vocal chops on a couple of tracks on the album as well.
- DixieStreams

"Billboard Discoveries: Michael Whitworth"

There must be something in the water flowing through Athens, Ga., which has fostered breakout talents R.E.M., B-52s, Zac Brown Band, Sugarland and Drive-By-Truckers. Now meet singer/songwriter Michael Whitworth, whose pure country four-track EP “Learning How To Love”—the follow-up to debut “God Only Knew”—is a comely, well-executed collection, featuring first-rate vocals, credible lyrics and organic instrumentation, partly courtesy of the artist, who has mastered guitars, bass, keys and drums. Opener “Settlin’ Down” is a full-bodied welcome mat, charged with a cascade of multiple string instruments, pumping percussion and a chorus suited to coral the masses (“I’d trade all those nights of freedom for a home with you”), while equally hitworthy “Fire Away” cruises forward with eight-cylinder tempo and another positive lyrical mandate, as Whitworth sings, “I’m the man who will stand by you through your best and worst of days, so fire away.” The more reflective “Worth Fighting For” is a humbling message song directed toward mainstream country fans about a working man who nearly lost his way amid the daily rat race (“He went back to the wife he ignored, broke into tears as he walked through the door, cause he finally knows for sure what’s worth fighting for”). Previous EP “God,” whose first single “Just As Surprised As You,” describes the wonder of finding the love of one’s life, fostered airplay across North American Six Flags parks. Nice kudos, but with proper marketing, the mettle to share his wares to live audiences—and the pesky major label contract—the handsome Whitworth has every check mark in place to propel beyond amusement parks and straight to national acclaim. This recording is certainly a premiere calling card. All systems go. - Billboard Discoveries


EP: Learning How To Love
-Settlin' Down
-Fire Away
-Worth Fighting For
-Learning How To Love

EP: God Only Knew
-Just As Surprised As You
-Dry Martini
-Woo Girls



Michael Whitworth sprung into the country scene in 2010 with his first EP, " God Only Knew" – the first single “Just As Surprised As You” was an immediate success. His anticipated sophomore 4-song EP titled, "Learning How To Love" was released that Fall to enthusiastic reviews from critics including Billboard Discoveries. The first single, "Fire Away" and second "Settlin' Down" were immediately well received by Georgia country radio stations and fans.

Heralding from Athens, GA – the town known for launching the careers of hit bands such as Sugarland, Drive-By Truckers, and REM – Michael looks to follow in the footsteps of giants while at the same time take his own path. His sound is fresh and upbeat, fusing optimistic youthfulness with witty wordplay to get feet tapping and hearts melting.

Michael has toured for years with other bands playing different roles and instruments. A jack-of-all-trades, Michael does it all: guitars, bass, keys, drums etc. Along the way, he discovered his own sound and decided he wanted to have more creative input in songwriting, so he set out on his own. He's since found that as an artist he has truly come into his own with this album's release.

“This record was an absolute joy to write and record,” Michael said. “I really just wanted it to be fun and lighthearted, to hopefully communicate the love and laughter that fills my life.”

Combining a devilish charm with infectious lyrics and melodies, Michael Whitworth is poised to become the next major male artist in the country music scene. He is a delight to both the ears and the eyes, ready to break your heart with a smile.