Michael Williams Band

Michael Williams Band


Michael Williams is “The One to Watch”. He is “The Next Great Guitarist.” He combines blistering guitar licks and intense performance energy with soulful songwriting, a dynamic voice, and a mastery of traditional blues; bringing younger fans that raw, classic Rock n' Roll sound.


About the album: FIRE RED

Eddie Kramer is the multi Grammy-award winning producer and engineer renowned for his lifelong work with Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and Buddy Guy; along with countless other Grammy-Award Winning rock music legends. Eddie is one of the founders of Electric Lady Studios in NY.

Michael Williams:
Michael Williams is one of the few guitarists for the new generation who can truly claim to draw inspiration from a bloodline of musicians. He grew up watching the performances of his father, Larry “Junior Medlow” Williams, still considered a legend in the Texas Music circuit for his performances throughout the 80‘s and 90’s with The Cobras and The Bad Boys. Embodying this past, Michael blends his own soulful voice with a commanding stage presence and passionate guitar playing. In the early 2000s, Michael moves to Seattle and forms the Michael Williams Band. He records and releases his first full album in ‘07, KING OF THE DEAD, a Texas-rooted, hard-hittin’ album full of outrageous guitar licks and his rich signature tones in electric, slide and acoustic guitar.

The Band:
Supporting Michael for the recording of FIRE RED is an all-star Seattle rhythm section. They are Ryan Shea Smith on keyboard/B3, Gerald “Tugboat” Turner II on bass guitar, and Darin Watkins on drums. Also featured on drums for several tracks is longtime B.B. King drummer, Tony Coleman http://drummertonycoleman.com/), who appears on the album courtesy of the legendary B.B. King Band.

Each member brings a diverse background of influences to compliment Michael: Ryan Shea Smith brings over 30 years of classical, jazz, gospel, blues and R&B influences to songwriting, keys/B3, and background vocals. As a John Lennon Songwriting Award winner for his critically acclaimed jazz album “Stay Awhile." Ryan is an integral part of the creative process and songwriting team. Gerald “Tugboat” Turner is a very talented live and professional studio bassist who brings with him funk, soul, blues, Motown, and gospel influences. Darin, on drums, adds showmanship to his deftly smooth yet hard-hitting style rooted in classic rock n’ roll, jazz and the blues. Tony Coleman, B.B. Kings longtime drummer, also is featured on several tracks on the album.

Other members supporting the Michael Williams Band live performances include: Seattle-bassist Jeff Leonard, LA- bassist Angelo Barbera (from The Doors) Mike “the Animal” Stone, a drum instructor from the Seattle Drum School of Music.


2007 - King of the Dead
2011 - Fire Red, produced by Eddie Kramer

Radio airplay: Hey Baby, Fire Red, No More Suffering, Don't Put Me Out, Bet Yo'Mama, Dead & Gone

All tracks are receiving streaming airplay.