Michael Wright

Michael Wright


Drummer/percussionist Michael Wright performs as a sideman, soloist and leader of his own group lowrise. In every setting he attempts to meld the traditional aspects of jazz( form, melody, and improvisation) with todays modern sensibilities.


Using influences from jazz (Bob Moses, Airto, Billy Martin, Billy Higgins ), drum n bass (Lake Trout, Johnny Rabb, Red Snapper), dub(Lee Perry, Sly n Robbie, King Tubby), world music (Mickey Hart, Fela Kuti, Trilok Gurtu), and the avant garde(Han Bennik, Milford Graves) he uses the rhythm of the jungle; be it the concrete jungle of the city with its technology induced chatter and vibrations or the ancient jungle rhythms that still reside in all of us, to create music that is at once fresh, dark and familiar.
As a soloist Mike uses what he calls "live looping" creating real time samples using organic percussion(not a drum machine or sampler) to create a wave of rhtyhm and melody intended to bathe the listener in positive vibrations.
Whenever possible Michael likes to collaborate with his avant jazz group: lowrise.
Brian Kooken: guitar-Brian has his own trio which has performed at Blues Alley in Washington D.C. As well teaching at his music school he owns and operates with his wife he also plays guitar for Greg Hatza a noted Baltimore B-3 specialist.
Calvin Tullos: Tenor Saxophone-Calvin hails from New Orleans. A former member of the Almighty Senators he now studies with Gary Thomas and works at the Space Telescope Science Institute. Calvin also plays with the great Baltimore Funk band Mofofunka and with Mike in the Baltimore Afro-beat Society
Mike as a sideman. Baltimore Afrobeat Society, Brian Swain Trio jazz), The Country Devils(bluegrass), and the Gonzo Circus(Rock)


"Unnnecessary Music"-Michael Wright
"Comin' at ya Good Buddy"-Earl Ray Jr. & the Mudflaps(Brian Kooken,Calvin Tullos, Michael Wright)
"Live at the 13th Floor"-lowrise

Set List

Music from CD "Unnecessary Music".
Metamorphosis; Interlude-Nervous Flight; Singing and Humming; The Dance; Apex; Tymbal; Call; Response; Cicada n Dub;Night Falls;The Cutting.
30-45 minute set.
lowrise-standards and orginals. 1-3 sets.