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When you see Michael, you see a short, Korean guy and can't believe that he is your headline comedian for the evening.

When he is introduced, he just turns into a Super-nova of energy, excitement, & laughter. Right from the moment he says "Harro", he has the audience laughing & loving him even with his imperfect accent.

When the situation calls for it, he takes the cordless mic and "goes to meet the audience", which is met with nervous, hilarious laughter. People sitting in the back can't believe Michael is coming to talk to them, at them & about them!

So, where did Michael come from? How did he get here?

MICHAEL YOUNG CHO was born to Korean parents who immigrated to New York from Seoul, Korea in hopes for greater educational opportunities for their children.

He was the typical Korean student who was quiet in school and never a problem to his parents, teachers nor his school.

I wish, we could say that Michael is a natural born comedian & a star was born over night, but this is not the truth.

It was in his sophmore year in college, that he took the challenge of telling jokes on stage. After his first performance, he vowed that he would never do it again because he DIDN'T get ONE laugh!

At the request of the comedy club owner, he was asked to return the next night. Somehow the owner knew that he was going to give up comedy & that the owner would never see him again. That's why he was asked to come back the next day. If it wasn't for that encouragement, Michael wouldn't be doing this today.

Michael went through all the growing pains of a comedian without a car, an agent, & money most of his life for the sake of improving his art---standup comedy.

After years of jokes & performances, Michael has climbed the ladder to the top of his field, as one of the most unique headline comedians in the country.

If you want to see this immigrant's story of "rags to riches" story come true, take a good hard look at the act he has "built" up in the video on YouTube:


Although Michael is a little self-conscious about his Korean accent, audiences from New York to Las Vegas to Japan have warmed up to his act and eagerly await his return to their local comedy venues.

Michael Young Cho's life is the story of what would happen if a quiet, good Korean kid just couldn't keep quiet anymore. After years of bottling up his thoughts, emotions, and feelings, he gives you a power-packed hour of energy, excitement, and laughter. After he has given it all to you on stage, you'll still want more and want him back again.

Michael has that uncanny likeable personality that can turn an "under-dog" immigrant into the people's favorite.

Give him an audience, & he will ace it like an Asian on a math test!

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