Michael Zweig

Michael Zweig

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Timeless-in other words; not cool


I started out as a guitar player. That lead to singing and writing. I made a few records under the name ‘Michael Zee’, and with a band called Seventh Son. (They still pop up on eBay or collector sites. Google it, but let’s not talk about the hair.)
I toured Canada with Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings. I played at Live 8. I had Del Shannon’s home phone number.Tom Cochrane introduced me onstage as "Paul Simon's little brother". Bo Diddley taught me how to tell when pork has gone bad. Gary Lewis caught me imitating his father, Jerry.
But enough about me.


I Get Shy

Written By: Michael Zweig

I was born quick-witted
Rarely at a loss
If few words don’t get it
A few more might get tossed

I’m a real deep thinker
Never hit the wall
I can throw a sinker
Or play hardball, but baby…

I get shy when you walk my direction
So tongue-tied that I can’t even speak
I am dying to show my affection
But you go by, and I get shy

When the other kids were Superman
I was Sherlock Holmes
Working on a brilliant plan
And speaking in prose


I say what I wanna say
Into the mirror each day
But when I step up to the plate I seize up
Honey I freeze up


Leave Him Behind

Written By: Michael Zweig

Every trust gets broken, but everything is fine
And anything that stays intact
It’s not for lack of trying
But every time you see him
Love puts out your eyes
I’ve tried, but you will not leave him behind

I’ve tried to make you really see
I’ve been things he’ll never be
I’ve tried to tell you lies and make you cry
But every time you come to me
You just change your mind
I’ve tried but you will not leave him behind

I’ve tried o take it casually
I’ve tried to make it him or me
I’ve tried to turn my back and say goodbye
I can see your problem is just the same as mine
I’ve tried but you will not leave him behind
You’ve tried but I will not leave you behind

One Sense At A Time

Written By: Michael Zweig

First you took my sight when you walked into view
I could not believe that somebody looked looked you
Then all I heard was noise
Till I tuned in your voice
Girl, you took me one sense at a time

Cool air fills the room, and I break out in a sweat
The smell of your perfume's like we just got out of bed
My head says "On your feet"
But my heart can't feel the beat
Girl, you took me one sense at a time

You took me one sense at a time
Had me struck dumb in my prime
Never to recover if I ever make you mine

You glance at me and smile
And stun me for awhile
Girl, you took me...


By the time you turn back 'round
Everything's shut down
Girl, you took me...

The Other Guy

Written By: Michael Zweig

Here is a man who's along for the ride
I don't get the bridesmaid, I don't get the bride
I'm the other guy
I'm the other guy
I'm the road that's never taken
The heart that's just for breaking
I am the other guy

Here is a man who is always the satellite
Can't win the war cause I'm not called to battle
I'm the other guy
I'm the other guy
You'll never call my name
But you need me in the game cause
I am the other guy

I’m missing some small bit of style
But a miss is as good as a mile

Here is a man who can see where he’s going
Meeny or minie, but I’m never Mo
I'm the other guy
I'm the other guy
I’m the path that’s never chosen
The meal that just stays frozen
I’m the one who breaks your fall
I’m the last person you’d call
I’m the handshake not the kiss
I’m the first name off the list

Enough For Heather

Written By: Michael Zweig

There’s a number in a bathroom, with the facts about the case
There’s a drawing of a woman, but you can’t make out her face
There’s a name above the number, with some comments scribbled ‘round
There’s the woman named Heather, and now she’s easily found
She gives him something, and gets back nothing but trash
But when he tries to walk out, she clings to that nothing like a rash

Nothing is enough for Heather
Nothing is enough for Heather
She don’t know there’s something better
She gets nothing from love
‘Cause nothing is enough for her

In a tiny apartment a man watches TV
Never says or does nothing, so she knows he never cheats
Heather is lonely, but she wouldn’t say a word
He doesn’t make her happy, but he doesn’t make her hurt
She’s lived thirty years and she’s never been alone
You know, beggars can’t be choosers when you can’t stand to be on your own


She needs a heart, not a block of ice
Can’t tell them apart, so she rolls the dice
Then she crosses her fingers, and closes her eyes

When Heather has a baby they decide to tie the knot
But she doesn’t know to give her all the things she never got
And Daddy likes to go out when baby cries too loud
So Heather’s left with nothing but a hungry little mouth
She tells her little girl that some women don’t even have a man
Just listen to your mama, and someday, baby, you’ll understand


Second To One

Written By: Michael Zweig

You could be lonely
And I could be inches away
You would still look beyond your reach
No matter what I say

And you could be crying
From begging somebody not to leave
Every direction that you turn
You never turn to me

There's so many stars to catch your sight
And I'm only seen reflecting light
So just like the moon is to the sun
I'll always be second to one

Look at the energy I waste
I should just accept my place
I will never move ahead that one space

Could you be happy
Would you recognize the taste
If it were calling you by name
If you were standing face to face

Be With Me

Written By: Michael Zweig

Don't let it go to your head
But I think you're perfect already
So don't you change a thing for me
I don't care how things look
I can't go by the book
You got what you need to bring for me
I won't ask what your prospects are
You don't ask about mine

I don't care what you wanna be
I just want you to be with me
And I don't care if we disagree
I just want you to agree to be with me

Whatever dreams that you have
Whatever things make you laugh
Baby, that's all fine by me
I can lend you my ear
But I can't build a career
Like you were assigned to me (a client to me)
Baby I may be older than you
But you're not my little girl

I can't be like a daddy to you
But you can call me that sometimes

The Man You Turned Me Into

Written By: Michael Zweig

Wrote your number on my hand
But the last thing I had planned
Was anything more than getting together
Called you up, had some laughs
Figured soon that would be that
And we'd both move on to something better

It's so good to be me
For the way you see me
God knows how you knew
I'm the man you turned me into

You moved in, we got on
Pretty soon the thing grew strong
We hit it hard but it didn't shatter
Bought a house, had a girl
Before I knew it that's my world
And anything else just didn't matter

All your good ideas
Took awhile to hear
But everything is clear
And I wanna thank you


Five-Seven, Maybe Five-Eight - Michael Zee
Candyland - Michael Zee
Seventh Son - Seventh Son
Everything Is Beautiful - The Carpet Frogs
Pretending To Fly - The Carpet Frogs
also-co-writer and performer of "The Place'll Be Rockin' "Cause It's Saturday Night" for CBC Hockey Night In Canada