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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Band Pop Rock




"Michala Todd"

She's young, she's blonde and she's a powerful presence on stage. - Faze Magazine

"XS New Artist of the Month – MICHALA TODD"

Congrats to our latest XS New Artis of the Month – Toronto, Ontario’s MICHALA TODD!
We had an overwhelming about of support for many artists this month, totalling just under 214, 000 votes. Michala led all vote-getters with just under 90, 000 votes. - CKXS 99.1 FM

"Youth Not Wasted: Songwriter Inspires Her Peers"

December 8, 2011 by Lily C.

Many people complain about the youth of today. They are often described as having a sense of entitlement that can lead to disappointment when they get to the real world. How refreshing it is to see what S.A.C. Member Michala Todd is doing in her teenage years. - Songwriters Association of Canada

"Michala Todd Reveals her Identity in Millions of Pieces"

Along with the release of her debut record Millions Of Pieces, Toronto’s Michala Todd has recently graduated from high school and celebrated her 18th birthday. Performing since the age of seven, Todd’s music is inspired by the high-school experience. Todd’s talents don’t end at singing - she also co-wrote a number of songs on her debut album and is currently honing her skills on the guitar. In a recent phone interview, I got the chance to talk to Michala about the recent success of her debut EP, how she deals with life in the spotlight and her work with the D.A.R.E. (drug abuse resistance education) program.

Full online interview:
http://www.youthink.ca/yt/music/interviews/Michala-Todd-Millions-of-Pieces - YouThink Magazine (Alix Critchley)

"Michala Todd made singing dream work"


Canwest owned newspapers have done up a feature on Michala, serving as a national introduction to the entertainment world of this fine nation.

Read all about it here, and get your FREE download of the hit single Make it Work!! - John P. McLaughlin

"The MusicNerd Chronicles"

Michala Todd stays true to herself with debut effort.

http://musicnerd.ca/2011/10/michala-todd-stays-true-to-herself-with-debut-effort - Ken Kelley

"Michala Todd - Onesheet"

September, 2011 - Paula Danylevich

"Can You Showcase When It Counts?"

Occasionally I get to see it…the finale…the end result…the ‘frosted cake’ if you will. But not very often.
Most times I work for days with an artist on their set for an upcoming event or showcase; but typically I’m not able to be there for the ‘big event’ because it’s in another city or I’m working with someone else.

When I am able to see a performance soon after our sessions, it can be a little frustrating…mostly because the artist hasn’t had enough rehearsal time to get comfortable with what we worked on.

I can see progress with every artist, but there’s always still work to be done and time needed to really get comfortable with all the changes I make in our sessions.

Well, I have to tell you, recently one artist blew my mind. Seventeen-year-old Canadian, Michala Todd. She was doing pretty well in rehearsals (we only had a day and a half to work), but I wasn’t sure she had everything down. There were still things I would have liked to work on and perfect, but I thought she would be able to deliver a pretty good showcase.

What I wasn’t prepared for was to be blown away! It was as if someone flipped her ‘ON’ switch and Michala sailed through that 40 minute set with unbelievable confidence and authority. She told me she doesn’t get nervous in front of an audience, and that was evident! Even when she spoke to the audience, she sounded mature beyond her years and comfortable with the platform.

Her producers and I were exchanging ‘OMG!’ looks and I was beaming with pride. I hadn’t seen this girl in rehearsals! (Typically when someone says “I’ll bring it when there’s an audience,” I don’t believe them because there’s not much difference between the two performances.)

Well, Michala remembered everything we worked on, took it seriously, and gave a great pop performance when it really counted – in front of some heavy-hitter industry types. One label head told her producer before the show that he would only be able to stay for ‘a couple of songs,’ but then stayed for the entire set! Sounds like they’ll be taking a meeting.

Now, I’m not saying she doesn’t still have things to work on, because she does. Those of you already learning this stuff know that it’s a process and not an overnight ‘fix.’ For most of you, it will take a series of gigs and rehearsals after our sessions to really integrate these principles, and gain the confidence it takes to deliver a performance like that.

Michala happens to be a fast learner, and her laid-back personality and comfort level with the stage was what put her several steps ahead of others who are still struggling with self-confidence issues. She had also worked last year with Kevin Pauls, our Live Music Producer in Toronto, so she was well prepared coming into the sessions!

Written by: Amy Wolter - On Stage Success

"Michala Todd Singer/Songwriter will Perform in Niagara for a Chance to Appear Nationally"

Michala Todd, a local singer/songwriter from Tottenham has performed at numerous events over the past several years, including festivals, charities, fundraisers and community events.
In 2008, Michala produced her first self titled CD, and in 2009 her first single “ME” was released to radio stations across Canada receiving great reviews.
Since then, she has been working with songwriters/producers from Nashville, TN, co-writing new songs for her soon to be released EP, which will be available for purchase through several distributors.
Most recently, Michala, along with her band, have been selected as one of the 22 bands that will play live in Niagara Falls, Ontario, as part of the YouDiscover 2010 Niagara Parks Summer Concert Series.
Michala and her band will play live at the Oakes Garden Theatre on July 30th, 2010 at 8:00 PM, for an opportunity to win the opening live performance spot in the Televised 2010 Niagara Falls Live New Year’s Eve concert show which will be broadcast nationally.

Michala’s song “The Dare” was chosen as YouDiscover’s 2010 Pick of the Day, June 26th, 2010, and this is what was written:
“Remember watching Saturday morning cartoons?
I do. But that was a long time ago. Now-a-days kids watch Family Channel or Disney and watch re-runs of shows like Hannah Montana, Suite Life, etc.
Speaking of Disney shows, this girl belongs on one. Her name is Michala Todd. She's a fairly new competitor in the YD SCS Competition and her music is sweet and bubbly- totally Disney material.
It's not a bad thing at all! I actually admire the fact that she signed up to a competition consisting mostly of folk and indie rock musicians. It adds a new colour to our competition and we love that!

- Blue Sky Media

"Tottenham Native Michala Todd Donates To Mastocytosis, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Research"

Pop singer Michala Todd of Tottenham acknowledges the power of music in healing, as well as the power of the Internet. For these reasons, this 15-year-old songstress is combining the two, along with her talents, to donate part of her recent winnings in an international music contest.

Recently, Todd captured 2nd place amongst more than 2,000 entries in an online American Idol-type contest. The up-and-coming artist has donated $2,000 to The Mastocytosis Society (TMS), and the GBMC Foundation (for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome).

As well, Todd will be donating 50 cents from each sale of her new upcoming CD, soon to be available through her web sites, http://michalatodd.com and www.myspace.com/michalatodd.

This music contest was staged at the popular My Space page of a Virginia woman, Patricia, spokesperson for Mastocytosis. She and her son, Dustin, also suffer from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

Mastocytosis is the abnormal growth of mast cells in the body. Doctors often don’t know why some people have too many mast cells, although in some cases, the release of histamine from mast cells is triggered by cold or heat, some medicines, emotional stress and insect bites. Each person is different.

According to The Mastocytosis Society, Mast Cell Diseases can cause many acute and potentially serious symptoms, including abdominal pain; Anaphylaxis; blood pressure changes and shock; bone pain (mild to severe/debilitating); chest pain; cognitive difficulties/brain fog; degenerative disc disease; diarrhea; dizziness/vertigo/light-headedness; faintness; fatigue; flushing; gastroesophageal reflux; and hermatological abnormalities.

As well, Mast Cell Diseases can cause hives and other rashes; inflammation of the oesophagus; intestinal cramping and bloating; itching, with and without rashes; liver, spleen and other organ involvement; malabsorption; migraine headaches; muscle pain; nausea; osteoporosis/osteopenia; peripheral neuropathy and paresthesisas; rapid heart rate; and vomiting.

According to the Canadian Ehlers Danlos Association, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is a group of hereditary connective tissue disorders characterized by defects of the major structural protein in the body – collagen. Collagen is a tough, fibrous protein which plays an essential role in holding together, strengthening and providing elasticity to bodily cells and tissues. Due to defects of collagen, EDS symptoms and findings include abnormally flexible, loose joints (articular hypermobility) that may easily become dislocated; unusually loose, thin, stretchy (elastic) skin; and excessive fragility of the skin, blood vessels and other bodily tissues and membranes.

EDS symptoms vary greatly in range and severity. However, the primary findings include abnormal looseness (laxity) and excessive extension (hyperextension) of joints; susceptibility to partial or complete joint dislocations; chronic joint pain; a tendency to develop degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis) at an early age; unusually loose, thin, elastic skin; and excessive fragility of the skin, blood vessels, and other bodily tissues and membranes.

Patricia and Dustin love all types of music, as is evident at Patricia’s web site, www.myspace.com/patriciamastoandeds. From January 1 through July 31, artists from around the globe were invited to submit a file showcasing their singing talent. John Anthony of Illinois claimed the 1st prize winnings of $20,000 – amazingly, money taken directly from Patricia’s own savings account, in order to raise awareness of Mast Cell Diseases and EDS.

In a television interview (ABC News), Patricia explained, “We have singers from Australia, singers from Asia, from Pakistan, you name it. All over. They know about Mastocytosis and Ehlers Danlos.” Said Patricia, the prize money was “all I have, but I am adamant about raising awareness.”

The two major health issues, both rare and often misdiagnosed, have seen Patricia not able to work, or drive an automobile, and almost bedridden for three years. Her own doctor says current medicine doesn’t have answers, nor medications – and certainly no cure.

Todd is a talented artist who uses music as her way of expressing a passion for life. A multi-talented artist, vocally trained since age 8, Todd recently collaborated with legendary songwriter, Cyril Rawson, whose songs have been recorded by superstars including Anne Murray, Alanah Myles, Keith Urban and many more. Also working on Todd’s current project is highly-regarded artist/songwriter/producer, John Acosta, who has written for artists such as Pop duo SKY, Canadian Idol Winner Ryan Malcolm and Carol Welsman.

“I hope to someday display my talent to the world, and this contest has not only allowed me to do that, but it also presented me with an opportunity to give back,” explained Todd. “Playing a small part in fighting back against Mast Cell Disease and EDS, is something I felt compelled to do, seeing how Patricia staged this contest and donated winnings from her own savings. It was an unselfish gift of good will, and I felt it was my responsibility to help even in a small way to combat a life of chronic pain and fatigue.”

Todd has been invited to Washington, D.C. on November 16, 2008, to perform at a benefit concert to promote awareness for Mast Cell Disease and EDS. All funds raised will go towards research in finding a cure for these diseases.

You can learn more about EDS at www.ehlersdanlos.ca, and Mastocytosis at www.tmsforacure.org .

- The Times of New Tecumseth & Adjala Tosorontio

"Interview with Toronto Exclusive Magazine"

Check out interview with Toronto Exclusive Magazine at http://www.torontoexclusive.com/music/279-michala-todd.html
- Small Biz Trade Community Agency

"Michala Sings With an Angelic Voice"

Michala sings with an angelic, powerful voice mature beyond her years. It is her passion for music and tender soul which give her strength as an artist. - Writer Jeffrey Reed, Nov. 2007 - Jeffrey Reed

"Singing With Feeling"

"You sing with feeling. The choice of song gave you a vocal range that you performed flawlessly." - The King Weekly, May 2007

"Songstress With a Heart"

"Young Songstress with a Heart." - The Herald, March 2007

"Generosity of Spirit"

"She has a generosity of spirit and empathy for others." - Lupus Foundation of Ontario, February 2006


Single "Trance" - Released on iTunes May 9th, 2013

Single "Make It Work" - Canada Radio Release - October 11th, 2011

Single "Make It Work" - US Radio Release - August 10th, 2011

Single "Make It Work" - International Radio Release - September 23rd, 2011

Single "House of Glass" - Canada Radio Release - February 14th, 2011. Available on iTunes

EP Millions of Pieces - Released March 29th, 2011. Available through www.michalatodd.com, iTunes




It’s been said that… “To truly become the best – you must constantly strive to surpass yourself.”

Michala Todd would concur with that statement, as evidenced by the fact that she is in the process of building a career in the performing arts that would adhere to this code.
To this point, she has worked with an impressive list of industry mainstays, in order to launch her career effectively from the outset. These names would include the likes of:

Howie Rosen – U.S. Radio Promotion; Cameron Tilbury – International Radio and Publicity;
Sam DeAngelis - Canadian Radio Promotion; Paula Danylevich – Canadian Publicity;
Michael van de Velde – Web Design and Marketing; Michael Lee – Production/Composition
…all under the watchful eye of Nashville based Crystal Teardrop Management.

Her 2011 debut EP “Millions of Pieces” turned a lot of heads – saturating the North American airwaves with a fresh sounding energy and adolescent maturity not commonly heard. The single “Make It Work” was released internationally with a supporting video, while “House of Glass” was released domestically in her native land of Canada. Michala co-wrote five out of six of the songs, and cut her compositional teeth in the process. Since then, she’s been writing consistently with a variety of co-writers, enjoying the process as much as the end results.

“I am growing as a songwriter and my new material reflects this. I’m going a little edgier. It’s still pop, it’s still the kind of music I am known for, but I am experimenting, both lyrically and musically,” states the tender nineteen year old. Her upcoming single “Trance”, would reflect those sentiments. It’s a song that’s certain to be destined for the radio driven dance floor, as a pulsing rhythm section marries itself to hypnotic lyrics, that will send the listener into – well…you get the picture.

Along the way, this multifaceted artist has demonstrated considerable talent on the musical theatre side of the tracks, starring in a feature production that played to capacity crowds in the Toronto area. Her acting skills were well polished in the process, and she looks forward to potentially having similar opportunities down the road.

She is becoming more fluent on both the guitar and piano, seeing these instruments as her primary palette of expression as a songwriter. These two skill sets readily compliment her long term study of voice and dance, and altogether will work to enable Michala to be the consummate artist.

If there’s one thing that would rival her heart for performing, it would be captured in her heart to inspire young people to stay on the right track, make good decisions, and reach for their dreams with unbridled passion. She has been doing this for many years through an organization called D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), and as recently as last summer was honored in Atlanta with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, for her steadfast support of the program, by the giving of her time and talent.

“I travel to elementary schools around the country and sing inspiring songs, talking to students about following their dreams and staying on the right path. I’ve met so many kids who have big dreams like I did when I was their age. It’s so rewarding.”

Aside from her desire to relate to students, she is also passionate about connecting with her ever-growing fan base. She’s a social media fanatic, and loves to keep her finger on the pulse of what her audience is thinking and talking about.

“With pop music, I think you can really make a unique statement. I want my music to make people smile and dance – and generally feel good all over. But I also enjoy giving them something to think about. And I intend on doing that for a very long time.”

And there’s little doubt - that with her heartfelt resolve and resounding voice, Michala Todd will be running off the lips of music fans for many years to come.