Michala Todd

Michala Todd

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Michala Todd, a young Canadian pop/rock singer/songwriter residing outside the Toronto area. Her newest single "Trance" was released May, 2013; a song destined for radio driven dance floor, with a pulsing rhythm of hypnotic lyrics.



It’s been said that… “To truly become the best – you must constantly strive to surpass yourself.”

Michala Todd would concur with that statement, as evidenced by the fact that she is in the process of building a career in the performing arts that would adhere to this code.
To this point, she has worked with an impressive list of industry mainstays, in order to launch her career effectively from the outset. These names would include the likes of:

Howie Rosen – U.S. Radio Promotion; Cameron Tilbury – International Radio and Publicity;
Sam DeAngelis - Canadian Radio Promotion; Paula Danylevich – Canadian Publicity;
Michael van de Velde – Web Design and Marketing; Michael Lee – Production/Composition
…all under the watchful eye of Nashville based Crystal Teardrop Management.

Her 2011 debut EP “Millions of Pieces” turned a lot of heads – saturating the North American airwaves with a fresh sounding energy and adolescent maturity not commonly heard. The single “Make It Work” was released internationally with a supporting video, while “House of Glass” was released domestically in her native land of Canada. Michala co-wrote five out of six of the songs, and cut her compositional teeth in the process. Since then, she’s been writing consistently with a variety of co-writers, enjoying the process as much as the end results.

“I am growing as a songwriter and my new material reflects this. I’m going a little edgier. It’s still pop, it’s still the kind of music I am known for, but I am experimenting, both lyrically and musically,” states the tender nineteen year old. Her upcoming single “Trance”, would reflect those sentiments. It’s a song that’s certain to be destined for the radio driven dance floor, as a pulsing rhythm section marries itself to hypnotic lyrics, that will send the listener into – well…you get the picture.

Along the way, this multifaceted artist has demonstrated considerable talent on the musical theatre side of the tracks, starring in a feature production that played to capacity crowds in the Toronto area. Her acting skills were well polished in the process, and she looks forward to potentially having similar opportunities down the road.

She is becoming more fluent on both the guitar and piano, seeing these instruments as her primary palette of expression as a songwriter. These two skill sets readily compliment her long term study of voice and dance, and altogether will work to enable Michala to be the consummate artist.

If there’s one thing that would rival her heart for performing, it would be captured in her heart to inspire young people to stay on the right track, make good decisions, and reach for their dreams with unbridled passion. She has been doing this for many years through an organization called D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), and as recently as last summer was honored in Atlanta with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, for her steadfast support of the program, by the giving of her time and talent.

“I travel to elementary schools around the country and sing inspiring songs, talking to students about following their dreams and staying on the right path. I’ve met so many kids who have big dreams like I did when I was their age. It’s so rewarding.”

Aside from her desire to relate to students, she is also passionate about connecting with her ever-growing fan base. She’s a social media fanatic, and loves to keep her finger on the pulse of what her audience is thinking and talking about.

“With pop music, I think you can really make a unique statement. I want my music to make people smile and dance – and generally feel good all over. But I also enjoy giving them something to think about. And I intend on doing that for a very long time.”

And there’s little doubt - that with her heartfelt resolve and resounding voice, Michala Todd will be running off the lips of music fans for many years to come.



House of Glass

Written By: Michael Lee, Don Somerville, Michala Todd

I hear you been runnin' your mouth
Making me the word all around town
You got nothin' better to do
Than to spend your time trying to bring me down
I guess that it wasn't enough
That you had my heart completely
Now I'm standing here with all my stuff
And the whole world sees me
What were you thinking


All I feel is emptiness
And I must confess I never thought this could happen to me
'Cause when we close the door
I wanted nothing more than my space and my privacy
But now I understand
That you're not a man - you're just a boy who's pretending to be
Oh - Oh because of you I'm a girl in a house of glass
Oh - Oh because of you I'm just a girl in a house of glass.

Is it too much for you
Just to mind your own business
You dared to tell the truth
But all you've done is just created a mess

It's out of control
And it's eatin' me alive inside
Cause you bared my soul
There's nothing left for me to hide
What were you thinking



What you've done I can't undo
All I know is I'm so through with you
It's the agony of deceit
You're so gone – delete


In Between

Written By: Michael Lee, Don Somerville, Michala todd

Looking in the mirror
I'm wanting to embrace
Where I've been and where I'm going
But all I see is just a trace
But I know - there's a world that I'm after
And I wonder if it's true
There's a rainbow I want to capture
But I don't know what to do
So for now...


I'm holding on to me
And all my wildest dreams
As I'm trying to figure out
The girl I want to be
Leaving yesterday behind
With tomorrow still to find
I'll be moving on to the next scene
Knowing I'm just in between.

They say I'm gettin' older
And that time will make me change
That my heart could lose direction
In all these growing pains
But all I know - though I don't understand it
I believe I can touch the sky
And my wings will take me higher
When I get my chance to fly
But for now...


All of the choices
And so many voices
I've never heard before…

To Say You're Sorry

Written By: Michael Lee, Shauna Forman, Don Somerville

What I did
Didn’t make sense
I might have I hurt you
That’s not what I meant
What I said
I can’t take back
No matter what….I wanna fix this


Don’t walk away
You won’t find a place
To hide from everybody
Don’t be afraid
Or run from mistakes
It’s all about apology
Look me in the eye cuz it’s okay
To say you’re sorry

I’d write it in a letter
But it would take too long
Does it really matter
Who’s right or who’s wrong
No matter what… we’ve gotta fix this…



I tried pretending it didn’t matter much
But it does (but it does)


So, I won’t walk away
I won’t find a place
To hide from everybody
I won’t be afraid
Or run from mistakes
Here’s my apology
Look me in the eye….yeah it’s okay
To say I’m sorry / to say you’re sorry

The Dare

Written By: Michael Lee, Don Somerville, Michala Todd

It’s time for me
To look into the mirror
And accept right where I am
If I believe that what I’m after
Lies beyond the line
I’ve got to find, the way to make it mine

So I’ll spread my wings
And take the step over the edge
To find my dreams, I swear to take the dare
And in the moments where it seems
Everything is just too big for me
I’ll be right there to take the dare

The time for words
Is just a place of emptiness
With nothing new to say
So I believe
That everyday’s another chance to see
Just what can be, when no one’s holding me

I know I can’t reach what I am after
Hanging onto the past


Written By: Michael Lee, Don Somerville, Michala Todd

I’m starin’ at your photograph
And I just smile
You’re the one that always makes me laugh
And that’s just your style
You and I have forever been
There for each other
But lately, something’s just not the same

What do I have to do
For you to get that I’m in your space
What will it take to get to you
OH, to make you see my face
At what point will you get a clue
Can you explain, is it a game
It’s clear to see, that I’m so Invisible
Is it you, is it me, am I so Invisible

It’s getting harder to pretend
I’m not feeling this
Will my dream come to an end
We’re just a breath away from one kiss
I’m not sure what I can say
To make you notice
Lately, something’s just not the same

Maybe, you’ll see I’m not the same

Make It Work

Written By: Michael Lee, Don Somerville, Michala Todd

Wakin up in the morning to hit the books again
Another final warning, I gotta turn it in
My friends would say it’s just like me, to find myself in a jam
But why not adapt the system, to who I really am
It’s just the way it is, don’t see it changing
It all comes down to how I’m gonna make it happen

When you hit the limit, and losing time on things that you gotta do
You gotta make it work
When you’re stepping in it, and find you’re holding on just to get through
You gotta make it work
Hangin by a thread is not exactly right where you wanna be
You gotta make it work
If you‘re gonna save the day, I only know of one way
You gotta make it work

It really doesn’t matter, who I’m with, where I am
I can always find the ladder, out of the hole again
You’d think I’m like a chameleon, just the reverse you see
Instead of me fitting in with everything else, I make everything fit with me
It’s just the way it is, don’t see it changing
It all comes down to how I’m gonna make it happen

Copyright 2010 - Ultra Lounge Music/SESAC - Crystal Teardrop Music/SOCAN - Michala Todd Music/SOCAN


Written By: Michael Lee, Don Sommerville, Michala Todd

Baby you have a way of getting to me
You don't even know you consume me
You own every one of my thoughts
Baby your spell over me has got me crazy
Everything else is so hazy
Boy only you have this thing that you do when you hypnotize my heart

You got me caught in a trance
You got me caught in a trance
(Baby) You got me caught in a trance
And I don't ever wanna wake up no no no
(Baby) You got me caught in a trance
(Baby) You got me caught in a trance
(Baby) You got me caught in a trance
And I don't ever wanna wake up no no no

Take me deep into my own fantasy
Into a world where we can be
Everything that I've dreamed
And you keep me
Lost in a state of infinity
Mesmerized by this mystery
Boy only you have this thing that you do when you hypnotize my heart


I never imagined I could fall so fast
But you came out of nowhere at last
Maybe this is just the way that it should be


Words and Music by: Michael Lee/Don Somerville/Michala Todd
Copyright – 2009 Ultra Lounge Music/SESAC/Bell Hughes Music Group/APRA/Crystal Teardrop Music/SOCAN/Michala Todd Music/SOCAN


Single "Trance" - Released on iTunes May 9th, 2013

Single "Make It Work" - Canada Radio Release - October 11th, 2011

Single "Make It Work" - US Radio Release - August 10th, 2011

Single "Make It Work" - International Radio Release - September 23rd, 2011

Single "House of Glass" - Canada Radio Release - February 14th, 2011. Available on iTunes

EP Millions of Pieces - Released March 29th, 2011. Available through www.michalatodd.com, iTunes

Set List

30 minute - 120 minute set.

Michala Todd Set List

Make It Work
The Dare
To Say You're Sorry
House of Glass

An assortment of pop/rock and top charting covers.