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michéal CASTALDO @ TBA

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michéal CASTALDO @ TBA

TBA, New York, USA

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Written by: Allison Gumahad

michéal CASTALDO releases his new album.

Remember the Latin music craze of the 90’s led by Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez? Well now, thanks to the worldwide success of performers like Andrea Bocelli and Il Divo, it is time to usher in a new era, one where timeless Italian songs meet pop beats.

The award-winning singer/composer Michéal Castaldo is finally releasing a follow-up CD to his previous release “Villa.” “La Dolce Vita ‘NAmerica” explores Castaldo’s talent and ear for infusing beloved classics with a little bang.

The new CD allows the Italian musician to explore his roots while infusing exotic world pop arrangements and personal renditions of Italian mega hits of the 70’s. “La Dolce Vita ‘NAmerica” contains popular songs such as Puccini’s aria Turandot “Nessun Dorma” and Ennio Morriconi’s "Nella Fantasia." Castaldo has produced Billboard charting dance records for Grammy award-winning artist Jose Feliciano and Dance Music Diva Martha Wash, as well as music for legendary producer Teo Macero. He has performed at Shea Stadium, Carnegie Hall, and in advertising spots for national companies.

He will be marketing his new CD with live performances at various festivals, pre-game concerts, and local cable TV shows.

“La Dolce Vita” translates into “the sweet life”, and with the new sound Michéal Castaldo brings to music, it sure is.




www.Sonicbids.com/michealCASTALDO - the celebrity cafe

August 5 - 2007

Reviewer: Sari N. Kent - Reviewer's Rating: 8.5

Michéal Castaldo - La Dolce Via N’America

- La Dolce Via N’America, from Michéal Castaldo, is an album sung solely in Italian, but his expressive vocals and powerful melodies will impel even listeners who do not speak a lick of Italian to be catapulted into this plush world of ballads and utter sweetness.

The first song opens with upbeat violin in the introduction, which is followed by Castaldo’s animated vocal timbre. Listeners will be able to attest to the passion with which he articulates each lyric, even if they cannot understand what he is saying.

The second song begins with touching violin work alongside entrancing piano playing for a whimsical melody. Castaldo whispers his lyrics and the soft tone of his voice might make listeners play this song as a lullaby for their children, to quell them into a peaceful sleep.

On the third song, commanding violin play immediately demands listeners’ attention in the intro. Light percussion enters the song later, giving the track a certain vividness. Yet, the prevailingly potent tone of this track makes it one that could have been featured in the Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony motion picture that depicted the life of Hector Lavoe, the famed yet tragic salsa crooner.

The fourth song begins with a “Phantom of the Opera” like booming introduction, complete with drums and an authoritative melody. Then, the tone changes and listeners might feel as if they are in a dream-like state as abounding violin play emerges in the middle of the track.

All in all, Michéal Castaldo’s La Dolce Via N’America is an album that has songs that have magical tones and unassailable rhythms alongside a vocalist whose timbre can be dominating, but also soothing to listeners. Even if listeners are not versed in the Italian language at all, they will feel the absolute strength that Castaldo’s voice commands.




www.Sonicbids.com/michealCASTALDO - the celebrity cafe

michéal CASTALDO - “La Dolce Vita N’America

In more recent times, there has been an upsurge in public interest of classic-timeless Italian songs primarily due to the popularity of the 3 Tenors, Andrea Bocelli, Patrizio Buane, and Josh Groban. These classic romantic Italian songs with pop crossover productions, are being enjoyed by the general populace.

Add ‘to the mix’ michéal CASTALDO's new release “La Dolce Vita N’America”. His personal pop arrangements and renditions of Italian hits of the’70s is a ‘must listen’ and his “E Tu”, “Guarda Questa Terra” and “Il Tuo Mondo” is a ‘must buy.’ “La Dolce Vita N’America” also contains the ever popular aria from Puccini’s Turandot “Nessun Dorma.” ‘No one sleeps’ when Castaldo belts out “Vincero, Vincero” for the riddle has been solved. Castaldo’s CD is the perfect complement to an Italian music collection.

Other classics include ‘Vierno’ the Neapolitan classic and Ennio Morriconi’s ‘Nella Fantasia’ and some original songs.

Castaldo is an Italian born Canadian native and New York City resident whose heritage reaches back to his family’s villa in Calabria of southern Italy. This very heritage has also influenced his involvement in an olive oil cooperative business called the New York City Olive Oil Coop. Like the label says 23 grams of EVOO daily may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. The label on Castaldo’s CD ‘La Dolce Vita N’America’ could well read ‘ will increase your love of Italian music’.

A graduate of the world renowned Berklee College of Music, Castaldo may be found performing light Italian opera, Neapolitan songs, and pop standards on stages like Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, The Manhattan Center and the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center as well as concert arenas in Japan, Norway, England and Italy.

Castaldo is guaranteed to take listeners deep into their Italian roots like Caruso, Villa and Carlo Buti.



www.Sonicbids.com/michealCASTALDO - La Gazzetta Italiana

America Oggi…

La Dolce Vita ‘NAmerica [CD Review]
Performed & Produced by michéal CASTALDO

Reviewed by Franco Borelli

September 9, 2007

A little more pop ... and a bit less lyrical opera, michéal CASTALDO of La Dolce Vita 'NAmerica, an album from Majestic Castle Music Productions- Vital Records of Manhattan.

You'll find works of Claudio Baglioni in this CD (“E Tu” and “Questo Piccolo Grande Amore”) amongst others including the great Puccini (a rendition which falls short of the tenor in the aria
from "Turandot" "Nessun Dorma"), Morricone (the famous "Gabriel's Oboe"/ " Nella Fantasia", made popular by many, including Sarah Brightman) and you'll also find original texts from English songs—“Dancing to a Different Beat”, also written by CASTALDO (who in singing "Vierno" measures up well with the Neapolitan DeFilippo)
The album, reveals quickly, to be an obvious crossover, leaning more towards a light sound rather than the traditional lyrical opera.
The listening is pleasant because CASTALDO 's singing of the lyrics with high notes is intelligent, and is truly particular, revealing an artist "on the road", that sings, while at the same time reaching out to America and aspiring to the talent of Fellini (which CASTALDO refers to in naming his CD..... La Dolce Vita).

Throughout we've enjoyed his warm and passionate voice, more so in his Baglioni, Morricone and his personal renditions, than in his take on Puccini............but obviously, it all depends on individual preferences.

CASTALDO 's sound is engaging and fascinating. A must listen, in fact, to be enjoyed.



www.Sonicbids.com/michealCASTALDO - America Oggi…

November 22, 2007

Music composer. Recording artist, and Performer micheal CASTALDO has released his latest album, La Dolce Vita ‘NAmerica featuring classic Italian songs sung in their original language. CASTALDO’s vocals and melodies will entertain listeners who have a love of traditional Italian Music. CASTALDO is a native of Toronto, Canada, the sixth largest Italian speaking community in the world. Growing up in Toronto, he discovered the works of many great artists including Claudio Baglioni and Claudio Villa.

With a keen interest in music, CASTALDO attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston and has since performed in many venues in New York City including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, the Manhattan Center, The Rainbow Room and the JVC Jazz Festival. Over the years CASTALDO has served the music industry in many different roles. Along with recording and songwriting, CASTALDO has served as a session musician for Herbal Essence Shampoo, E-File and Burlington Coast Factory commercials. He is the founder of MJM Records and served as a Label Executive for Vital Records.

La Dolce Vita ‘NAmerica includes many renditions of Italian mega-hits from the 1970s. The album also features the popular aria “Nessun Dorma” from Puccini’s Turandot, the classic Neapolitan song “Vierno,” renowned composer Ennio Morricone’s “Nella Fantasia” and several original songs that are both melodically exquisite and exceptionally sung. CASTALDO’s opening track, “E Tu,” begins with an upbeat violin followed by CASTALDO’s lilting vocals. The song illustrates the vocalist’s passion for his craft, with crisp articulation present with every lyric and a projection that exudes the essence of CASTALDO’s heart and soul.

The violin work continues in “Guarda Questa Terra,” which is also accompanied by piano. The softly toned songs presents CASTALDO’s haunting whispers in perfect harmony. “Notte di Luci,” translated as Nights in White Satin,: is fast faced with more violin play. Percussion is added to give the track a jazzy feel.

The fourth track, “Nella Fantasia,” has a strong and powerful introduction which leads into a more mellow chorus. CASTALDO continues to vary his work as the listener becomes intrigued with its dynamic aspects. Castaldo offers something for every music lover on La Dolce Vita ‘NAmerica, which is perfect to enjoy in it’s entirety during a road trip or an afternoon at home. Many will enjoy CASTALDO’s smooth sounds to set the mood for a romantic evening with that special someone – this Italian Canadian star will have you falling in love all over again.

Aside from his music career, CASTALDO enjoys visiting his family’s villa in Calabria, Southern Italy, which he recently renovated. He also begun a new olive oil cooperative company, The New York City Olive Oil Coop.

La Dolce Vita ‘NAmerica is available from FYE.com and from most music distributors via the web. For more information about the album, visit www.michealCASTALDO.com.
- The Italian Tribune

Cut and paste this link in your browser. it's a very exicting article on micheal's other passion "Olive Oil".

http://www.thenibble.com/reviews/main/oils/pellegrino-olive-oil.asp - The Nibble - Great Food Finds

Spring 2008 - SESAC Magazine

micheal CASTALDO

Singer, composer award-winning songwriter/producer and recording artist micheal CASTALDO is an Italian-born Canadian and now a New York city resident. Throughout his easrly years CASTALDO explored diverse musical directions and instrumentations. CASTALDO is passionate about his current Italian CD's "Villa" and "La Dolce Vita 'NAmerica" where the musician slows the tempo, reaches deeper into the soul and passionately takes you back to his roots.

by Crystal Caviness (SESAC) - SESAC

michéal CASTALDO

(Crooner/Composer/Connoisseur & Entrepreneur)

Interview Questions – Answered…

“As I become mature and savvy in balancing business and being creative…I have finally become comfortable and accepted with the way music consumes my life over. I have learned to be open to the possibilities, let it in, interrupt me, upset me, change me and express me. It’s the driving force of my entrepreneurial passions. It is one of the things I know how to do and want to do, but still have time to follow my other passions." – michéal CASTALDO

Who are your musical influences?

Oh, my music collection is very eclectic. I guess you could say I was born an Italian immigrant baby. I heard a lot of classic Italian soul music (Baglione, Cocciante, Celetano, Drupi, Fogli, Villa & Giacobbe) as a child, since my father loved to listen to Timeless Neapolitan songs on the local multicultural radio station (CHIN) in Toronto, Canada. I also grew up on a lot of the British invasion bands (Beatles, The Who & Stones). But my biggest influences come from early Elvis records and the classic HIT 70’s & 80’s songwriter era. I love ET&F, Elton John, Billy Joel, Gino Vanelli, David Foster, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Gypsy Kings, Brian Adams and Diane Warren. My more modern indulgences include Matchbox 20, John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Alanis Morristte and Avril Levine. I also adore the great operatic tenors such as Caruso, Domingo & Pavarotti, funk music as well as classical. I studied production and composition at the world renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and orchestrate/arrange/produce all my songs.

How would you describe your music?

Music is kind of like ones own fashion in a way. Just like you mix and match clothes to make an outfit- I mix and match different styles, emotions and musical influences to write a song. My goal is to write songs that have that timeless feel to it. Consider Andrea Bocelli’s world smash Hit song Con Te Partiro…It has the vibe that it was written over 100 years ago but in fact it was written in the mid ‘90’s. If there was one thing that stands out…I’ve been told…I have memorable melodies. After a performance I prefer comments like “I really believed your performance, I got goose-bumps and you made me cry” rather than “what a beautiful voice you have”. The former comment means I connected with my audience and that makes me feel great. When my audience makes a B-line to my merchandising table during intermission and after a performance wanting to ‘own’ the music they just heard, well that’s a big confidence builder.

What is your songwriting process?

The song just comes to me. I know it's been said before, but it's the truth. Then I usually spend hours, days, months or even years refining re-writing and retouching the ideas. I’ve been writing with Stein Berg Svendsen & Jim Papoulis for years. They are great musicians and producers and are serious about their craft.

What do you prefer, recording in the studio or performing live?

I love them both. Either on the stage or in the studio I am totally consumed by the music and the life the song takes on that very moment. The important thing is to be in the moment and honest in either one. When I'm recording, orchestrating and producing I am being channeled just like when I write or when I'm on stage. They are so different yet not so different- it's like comparing theatre to making a movie. Each are challenging and fulfilling in their own way. Performing live is all about connecting with your audience without breaking the 4th wall and drawing them into your performance, which sucks me in and takes me over, but there is something to be said about slowing it down and controlling it piece by piece in the studio too. I just try to strive equally to make great studio records and back them up with strong, honest, sub textual live performances.

Who are your current artistic peers?

Andrea Bocelli expanded the market for all pop-opera crossover artists the last several years however, Russell Watson, Josh Groban, Il Divo, Ronan Tynan, Daniel Rodriguez, Mario Frangloulis and Michael Amante are all developing their own niche as well.



- Vital Records

To the Italians, “La Dolce Vita” means “the Sweet Life.”

My 1993 black and tan Mazda Miata, purchased during the summer of 2006, turned out to be my ticket to the sweet life. My car at first was my passionate summer escape to nature for me and for members of my family. It soon became something more, something that helped others, and made me see what the sweet life is really all about. Read on.

Toward the end of the first summer I had the Miata, I took a few friends who were cancer survivors on a lovely, scenic ride in the country. After seeing how much joy they experienced riding in my customized Miata I had a moment of inspiration!

Using the Make-a-Wish Foundation as a guide, I founded the La Dolce Vita Foundation. I decided to offer the ultimate joy ride in my customized Miata to under-privileged children, teens or adults who suffer from light depression to bolster their spirits and to enrich their human experience.

The whole joy ride experience is videotaped using four bullet cams strategically placed on the Miata. If the person wants to be involved creatively they can help me edit a seven-minute film of the highlights of the trip. They end up with a DVD of the entire experience as a souvenir.

I have special relationships with various restaurants that provide a complimentary lunch/brunch at the end of each scenic ride.

My Miata has several dents, nicks and scratches (it’s called being Manhattanized) but I left them alone and did not give it a new paint job. I use the exterior of the car as an example to my joy ride passengers that just like the car’s surface we all have imperfections (warts, cuts, bruises etc) but life goes on and we make the best of every situation.

I custom-created a magnet of the vintage Mazda logo (inspired by the Ferrari side emblem) and at the end of the Joy Ride I ceremonially remove the badge and give it to my joy rider as a symbol of giving them a part of the car they just rode in, which I like to call my Mazda Miata La Dolce Vita edition.

I’m not claiming to cure depression with a single ride, but each person I help now has a DVD to remember their good experience and a large magnet to remind them that the world is a beautiful place if we can only stop and take a moment to take it all in.

To find out more about the good works we are doing, please visit the foundation’s website at www.LaDolceVitaFoundation.org/

I'm proud to say my Miata is featured on the cover and tray card of my new music CD release entitled “La Dolce Vita ‘NAmerica”, and is also seen in the new Miata book, "Find It, Fix It, Trick It".

- Miata.net


2007 - La Dolce Vita 'NAmerica - michéal CASTALDO -VR2016 (Vital Records)

2004 - Villa - michéal CASTALDO - VR2015 (Vital Records)

2002 - Gioia2 - Lives of a Cell - VR2013 (Vital Records)

1994 - Only Human - Lives of a Cell - MJM7271 (MJM Records)

Discography of Artists michéal CASTALDO has produced:

1993 - Goin Krazy- Jose Felicano - MJM7272 (MJM Records)

1994 - Out of the Junkyard onto the Curb - Junkyard Angels - 9839-2 - (Midnight Fantasy Records)

1995 - Symmetry In Motion - Sorella - 1-7275 (MJM Records)

2000 - Sounds of a Better World - Listen to the People - Martha Wash - VR2001 (Vital Records)

All Available on Amazon.com

For Complete Discography of other projects michéal has produced for other artists, please review www.michealCASTALDO.com



michéal CASTALDO

~ Highlights ~

• Studied voice with a protégé of the great operatic tenor Enrico Caruso.
• Performed at the JVC Jazz Festival at Carnegie Hall and shared the stage with Mel Torme.
• Wrote and produced a Billboard-charting dance record for six-time Grammy Award recording artist José Feliciano.
• Performed the National Anthem at Shea Stadium with the Ann Ruckert Choir.
• Remixed a Billboard-charting dance record for dance music diva Martha Wash for the Sounds of A Better World project.
• Charted on the Adult Contemporary Gavin Report with world pop band Lives of a Cell.
• Produced music for legendary producer Teo Macero (best known for his work with Miles Davis).
• Preformed lead and backing vocals on national spots for E-File, Burlington Coat Factory and Herbal Essence.
• Featured Artist on the American Airlines In-Flight audio magazine.

“O Sole Mio” was written by the Neapolitan composer E. Di Capua while traveling in the Ukraine. michéal CASTALDO has taken this concept to the next level and brought together a talented group of international musicians to perform the music of “Villa” and “La Dolce Vita ‘NAmerica” spanning the globe from Spain, Argentina, Canada, Italy, Poland, Norway and the USA.

Crooner/composer/connoisseur, award-winning songwriter/producer and recording artist michéal CASTALDO is an Italian-born Canadian, now New York City resident who believes, “Life is not a cup to be drained, but a measure to be filled.” He began filling his cup at an early age by studying voice with Maestro Nicola Pisapia, a protégé of the great Italian operatic tenor Enrico Caruso.

So far, CASTALDO’s cup of life has overflowed several times over. He has been a producer/remixer (Jose Feliciano, Teo Macero, Martha Wash, Wendy Moten), recording artist (Lives of a Cell, micheal CASTALDO), songwriter (Jose Feliciano, Aaron Schroeder, Jim Papoulis), session musician (Herbal Essence Shampoo, E-File, Burlington Coat Factory), record label founder (MJM Records) and label executive (Vital Records).

A graduate of the world-renowned Berklee College of Music, michéal CASTALDO may be found on any given week performing light Italian opera, Neapolitan song, or pop standards on stages as diverse as Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, The Manhattan Center, the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center and the JVC Jazz Festival; in Japan, Poland, Norway, England, Taiwan or Italy; sharing the stage or trading songs in concerts/songwriter circles with contemporaries Mino Reitano, Renato Rascel, Wendy O Williams and Roberta Flack; singing the National Anthem with the Ann Ruckert Celebrity Choir before a sold-out baseball game at Shea Stadium; and even conducting The Ellis Island Family Choir for Japan TV direct via satellite from Ellis Island, NY.

While maintaining his busy career in music, micheal also managed the renovation of his family’s villa in southern Italy. His Calabrian heritage led to his founding the New York City Olive Oil Coop. CASTALDO also runs a private foundation [LaDolceVitaFoundation.org] whose mission is to take patients suffering from depression on scenic joy rides in the country in his exotic convertible roadster.

Throughout his early years, CASTALDO explored diverse musical directions and instrumentations. The past several years have been spent exploring World Music – Classical Pop Crossover with his band Lives of a Cell - charting on the College and Adult Contemporary radio stations in the U.S. and Canada with previously released CDs entitled “Only Human” and “Gioia2.” With his current Italian CDs “Villa” and “La Dolce Vita ‘NAmerica” CASTALDO slows the tempo, reaches deeper into the soul and passionately takes you back to his roots.

michéal CASTALDO is a member/affiliate in good standing with SAG/AFTRA, Local 802, SESAC, NARAS, ASCAP, SGA, BNI & OSIA