Michel Cormier

Michel Cormier

BandEDMNew Age

Although i've composed music for many different projects and am at ease with most styles, i like to paint vast and mysterious soundscapes on which my beats and melodies can rest and evolve. I like to describe it as Urban madness meets spiritual awakening. I can set the mood for any scene.


I started studying music when i was 12. I started to play the trumpet but i quickly saw that girls don't dig trumpet players as much as guitar players so, i switched to guitar.
I was a member of my high school band for 3 years and was asked to join the school board's symphonic orchestra as a guitar player,position i held for 2 years.
I played with a lot of bands and i played countless shows over a period of about 12 years.I love to experiment with sound. I love to let things evolve and see where they go. That's why i feel at home writing for films and video games. I can re-create atmospheres or thoughts with sound and give different twists to various events.
I've done some commercial work and some jingles as well as music for a few student films but i've been looking for bigger projects and challenges.
I recorded an album called PhyXsius in 2005 and i've had some success on college radio and prog rock radio stations.


Albums: Phyxsius,The Nathaniel Von Ark project(upcoming).
Regular airplay(internet radio): Sit back...Relax