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"Weekly Entertainment Guide"

"ENCORE" / Weekly Entertainment Guide for the Lower Cape Fear, Wilmington NC
Writer: Emily Rea, December 2005

"raw talent and stage presence is what creates a fan base at the end of the day. For Michele and the Midnight Blues, this is no exception, and similar' descriptive words appear again and again from bars and print media around town to recount the bands energetic, powerhouse performances and ability to work a crowd" - ENCORE

"Profiles of the Artists"

"CURRENTS" / Entertainment Guide of The Wilmington StarNews, Wilmington NC. Profiles Of The Artists At The 2005 Cape Fear Blues Festival July 28, 2005

"Traditional bar-band blues led by singer Michele Seidman, whose strong vocals bear the influence of one of the greatest white female blues singers of all time, Janis Joplin. They're a Wilmington band."

Author: Unknown Currents reporter.
- Star News of Wilmington/New York Times

"Various Press blurbs"

PRESS SNIPET'S: From various publications (i.e. Encore, Outrider, The Civic Voice, the Star News, Currents, and others).

"It seems as though these rockin' blues extraordinaires have got it all down pat"

"this band is no stranger to the stage or high pressure performances"

"The stars have lined up this year for Michele and the Midnight Blues"

"recent shows have proven the punch of the current line-up, doing heavy blues with a funk edge and attitude along with an enticing stage presence"

"get ready to tap your toes and stomp your feet", one thing for sure, the blues have never been so much fun"

"They wowed the crowd at Piney Woods Festival with their raucous blues"
"CURRENTS" / Entertainment Guide of The Wilmington StarNews, Wilmington NC Writer: Amy Hotz, December 2005

The bands version of Treat Her Right is "Nancy Sinatra/Kill Bill-esque" says a band fan. - Various Publications

"A Night of Storytelling Review"

"ENCORE" / Weekly Entertainment Guide for the Lower Cape Fear, Wilmington NC Review of Michele and the Midnight Blues "A Night Of Storytelling" performance at The SoapBox (Wilmington NC) March, 2004.

"The best part about the show, however, was the music. The Midnight Blues members are a vastly talented crew of local musicians. Their sound was the perfect compliment to Michele's classic blues woman's voice, which I call a mix between Bonnie Raitt and a rougher Norah Jones; there's even a little Billie Holiday mixed in when appropriate"

Author: John Hitt, Encore reporter.
- Encore/encorepub.com

"DJ and other Comments"

A Night of Storytelling,is a very interesting concept of monologue,and blues singing.A natural trip taking one's mind right into the blues feelings of the Art Form. "Eyes Set To Midnight"really comes alive and sure to keep people up way past midnight to dig the blues of Michele,& the Midnight Blues Band.(great musicians) On both cds I'm trying to decide if I like the tracks or love em.Michele's singing is a bit different,to say the
least, a star in the making,and a women to watch!!!

Warmest Regards,

Bill Nolan,WPKN-FM Bridgeport,Connecticut.
Radio DJ and other Comments on the advance release of 'A Night of Storytelling' CD:

"The music you sent arrived just fine and it is fine at that!"

Mark T Smith the Blues Pilot

"It's a fun album, and we'll be spinning stuff regularly off of it."

Dr Lou of the Dr Lou Radio Show, Philadelphia.

"part of the appeal of the record is your honesty", "I'm a guy who likes the details. I heard a lot of great details in the cabaret album. Your voice was stronger, the guitar playing was very, very good and the truths in your stories were self evident."

Kyle Deibler, Blues Bytes, email comments on the CD.
_______ - Electronic Mail

"2006 Concert Series"

Blues, blues, and more blues. That's what Michele and the Midnight Blues Band delivers. Wildly popular in Southeastern North Carolina, they've played festivals galore, receiving recognition from the East coast to Memphis. Their latest CD, Set your Eyes to Midnight [sic], sold out in a mere two weeks, and their fanbase only continues to grow. Hop on this jammin’ bandwagon for a night of pure auditory pleasure.

(Mini reniews of bands for the Mayfaire Towne Center Lawn Concert series)
- Katherine Latshaw

"Review 4/2007 There's gold in them thar' hills!"

Michele & the Midnight Blues
Eyes Set to Midnight
No catalogue number

This six track EP's finest moments are those of the slower late night blues persuasion. We are talking about the sort of songs that generally remind you of what might have been or what is about to come. A case in point being "Better Than I" with a Chicago style, slow burning and passionate blues sound that you just drift along to. Undoubtedly the song of the album.

"Cold Outside" has a 40's swing-style influence that counter balances the underlying blues sound and allows Michele to show off a sultrier side to her vocals; on the other hand "Blues From Hell" has a darker, almost oppressive, style of delivery. We bow out with "Treat Her Right" as it alternates between an almost spoken delivery and out and out rocking blues. This one is well worth tracking down and it will make an admirable, if short, addition to your CD pile. - The Blues Bunny 4-2007

"Live Album Brings the show to you"

October 2006

For those blues fans out there, let me be the first to introduce you to Michele & the Midnight Blues of Wilmington, N.C.

A fan favorite throughout their hometown area, this rock 'n' blues band has been making waves since 2004 behind the sultry vocals of Michele Seidman.

After much success with their first EP release "Eyes Set To Midnight," the band put together a live album for their fans. The result, "A Night of Storytelling" is a true blues album from start to finish that pulls the listener in as if you were a part of the show.

The album is comprised of performances at a series of shows in 2004. Seidman's voice can be heard hanging her words out in mid-air or throwing them like daggers into your mind. Her vocals range from gritty to smooth throughout the 10 tracks that were all written from a part of her life.

The background is fulfilling in its own right and does not overpower Seidman's singing, which makes for a nice surprise for being a home copy (CDs were not back from press yet).

Listening to the album from the beginning of Track 1 until the last seconds go by on Track 10, Seidman pours out her heart and soul in the songs. Many of them hold a spot in her heart, like "Mama Likes to Hear Me Sing." A song dedicated to her mother who loved to hear Seidman and her sister sing as they were growing up.

Some tracks like "Go Out Nude," refer to everyday occurrences that Seidman noticed in the opposite sex. The title may be suggestive but you would be wrong as she states leading up to the song. It actually refers to the frustration that girls have to deal with from men when they wear makeup and when they don't.

Overall the album provides for a great listen whether alone or with friends. Some of what Seidman says in her song intros is comical yet the truth.

The band is currently at work on their third album. For more information on Michele & The Midnight Blues visit:
micheleandthemidnightblues.com or


Written by: Ken Polisse - Life and Times of Utica New York

"REVIEW 5/2007: There's gold in them thar' hills!"

Review of:

'A Night of Stortelling" LIVE CD

This aptly titled live album is certainly entertaining, and not just musically since each song is preceded by the story behind it as way of an introduction. And in true blues tradition suffering, adversity and bad luck often seem to provide the catalyst. Michele doesn't hold back with the stories, even letting us know on "Ain't Got Paid, Ain't Got Laid" how often she was (err), 'at it' with a soon to be ex-boyfriend - and no we're not going to tell you, you'll just have to buy the album to find out!

"Standing by the Road" is passionate ballad about the heartache of lost love, but also about retaining hope for the future - arguably the album's highlight. "Cold Outside" is delivered in a wonderfully sultry Julie London style; while "Countdown to Christmas Blues" is an old fashioned blues in the 'if anything can go wrong it will' tradition. With "Man is Beast" Michele bemoans men's lack of consideration, all to a catchy beat. "Two Fisted Drinker from Kalamazoo" is an up tempo swinging blues fun song, although from the description we assume this isn't the same guy who has the girl there!

Although the longer than usual introductions do break up the flow of the songs to some degree, the listener is compensated by being given an insight into the creative process behind her music. We are treated to some sad stories, some funny stories and some great music. Surely that's worth an hour of anyone's time?

4 Carrots

www.bluesbunny.com - The BluesBunny.com

"Feature Article/Pop Culture"

Michelle and the Midnight Blues, a band fronted by a "white girl" who has the pipes to give you the "blues" the way it's meant to be sung- and heard. Think Bonnie Raitt, a bit of Sarah Washington and you get the vibe that "even white girls can sing the blues". Their most recent CD "A Night of Storytelling" is a kick-a$$ blend of Southern based musical soul provided by the Midnight Blues musicians while Michele cranks it up a notch with her distinct vocal style. It's a CD worth giving, even better to get - so buy two and keep one for yourself. It's ideal driving music! www.micheleandthemidnightblues.com

By: Stevie Wilson - Fashion Tribes.com

"Feature Article/Pop Culture"

Michelle and the Midnight Blues, a band fronted by a "white girl" who has the pipes to give you the "blues" the way it's meant to be sung- and heard. Think Bonnie Raitt, a bit of Sarah Washington and you get the vibe that "even white girls can sing the blues". Their most recent CD "A Night of Storytelling" is a kick-a$$ blend of Southern based musical soul provided by the Midnight Blues musicians while Michele cranks it up a notch with her distinct vocal style. It's a CD worth giving, even better to get - so buy two and keep one for yourself. It's ideal driving music! www.micheleandthemidnightblues.com

By: Stevie Wilson - Fashion Tribes.com


MORE Song Samples & Video on Myspace.com/micheleandthemidnightblues
& on Youtube.com/michelemidnight

1) "Eyes set to Midnight": Available through our web site, bandvillage.com, cdmojo.com and at shows. (3 songs from this EP/CD are in this EPK)
2) "A Night of Storytelling": Released 9-2006 on CDMojo.com, also on Bandvillage.com and cdmojo.com (track 5 & 6 NC17, FCC Warning)
3). Title Sunshine Baby: Recording now at Audio Genesis and MadMan Studios. Guest artists and songwriters including Richard 'Dick' Smith on guitar and a song written by John Bingham. More details below:
CD includes guest artists like Richard 'Dick' Smith (formerly Earth Wind & Fire, Kenny Loggins, Aretha Franklin) and a song from John Bingham (Solo & Miles Davis). Mac Arnold graced their stage this past summer too. Seems the legends like this feisty female fronted blues band.



The band Michele and the Midnight Blues went from an unknown to one heard all over the world, partly thanks to the 2006 International Blues Challenge and in part due to their 1st commercial CD release "Eyes Set To Midnight" and the 2nd release "A Night of Storytelling".

Their CD’s are are selling in the States, Europe, Canada and Australia thanks to new found radio airplay all over the USA, Europe, India & Dubai, Argentina, Australia and parts of Asia. Their song 'Better than I' is getting airplay on rock, adult contemporary & blues stations while the tune Middle Aged Bones has hit some European blues charts and 'Countdown to Christmas Blues' was a #4 on Blues City during the 2007/08 holiday season.

They do a rock ’n blues show with their original tunes and renditions of covers that has booked in bars, nightclubs and festivals. They also do a storytelling show with their original songs and the stories behind them set to music that has booked theatres and dinner clubs.

They entertained crowds at the NC Azalea Festival, the Cape Fear Blues Festival, Celebrate the Arts Festival, Low Country Blues Bash, National Women in Blues Festival and more. The band won 1st place in the 2005 Cape Fear Blues Challenge which sent them to the 2006 IBC in Memphis. They also won the Beat Wammies award for Best Self Produced CD in 2005 for Eyes set to Midnight, their latest CD. It sold out the first run in two weeks!

Michele and the Midnight Blues have been called a vastly talented crew who are the perfect compliment to their singer. Recently dubbed “Wildly popular in South Eastern, NC” and starting to gain attention around the world.

You can't help but get taken in by all the energy they pour in to some hot blues music.

Booking number on Requirements page.


Michele Seidman: (not Michelle)
Starting as an actress, she found her voice through the blues. Her training was choral and classical in her home state of Virginia. In NYC she sang in all the obligatory NYC venues, like C.B.G.B.’s, Kenny’s Castaways, The Other End, My Fathers Place, Catch a Rising Star, Sardi’s, *The Duplex (*semi-finalist in The Stars of Tomorrow contest in 92) . She has had the honor of singing on stage with Taj Mahal, Shirley King and Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin, Dave Riley & Bob Corritore, Chris Cotton, Michele Lundeen, Big Red, Mac Anold, and Delta Highway. She even swapped life stories in song with Big Bill Morganfield. Her acting credits are listed at imdb.com, including Empire Records, Dawsons Creek, Dingalingless, Another Life, Port City PD, and Patriotville, and Young Indiana Jones to name a few! Acting may have been her first love but singing blues is food for her soul! "I never felt so full".

Madison Bunting on Guitar:
When not working with this band he is recording and playing out with Seeds of Soul and also recording his own original music his rock band Chance. Originally from Ocean City, Maryland, Madison forged his passion for music by playing with various bands before traveling to NC for school where he studied classical guitar. He is the former lead singer of Dag Nab It. He is the owner of Mad Man Recording Studios. He is the author of the song Better than I and co-authored other tunes for the band. Madisons background in audio engineering made him the perfect producer for the EP "Eyes set to Midnight".

Tony Mallard on Drums:
A native of Wilmington he has been playing drums for over thirty years. He studied classical music at ECU and trained with legendary drummer Jim Chapin. A former Pork Pie drums endorser who has played with the areas top bands, playing many different styles of music. He currently plays with Craig Wollard Band, Sonja's Kitchen, Roger Davis Jazz Trio, Pantastic Steel Drum Band and L.J. Johnson’s Smooth Jazz and Funk Band. Tony is also a private drum instructor and has trained many of the best drummers around.

Wayne Dean on Bass:
A Wilmington native, Wayne has played bass since the tender age of 13. He has worked with area bands of different genres, including Poor No Moor, Mike O’Donnell Band, and Plastic Infinity. Living in Austin Texas for 6 years is what gave him his love of blues where he happily sets a blues beat with a smile on his face.

Dane Britt on Drums:
A native of Wilmington he is also the drummer for area band Chance with Madison Bunting. He may be young but he has played various styles of music and a good deal of his training comes from no other than our regular drummer Tony Mallard, who is Danes step dad. When Tony cannot play a gig it is with ease that Dane steps in and fills his step father’s shoes. He also plays with the Heavy Metal band Clone Cycle! He may be young but he has range!