Michele Ann Kelly

Michele Ann Kelly


Kelly's debut album 'Songs That Saved My Life' is chockful of songs of such quality, she serves up a hot stew of rock, pop, country and soul with a panache that trancends genres.


From Dublin, Ireland

Michele Ann Kelly is a Dublin songwriter, performer and recording artist whose sound has been described by music industry insiders as a provocative blend of blues, soul, rock and pop, with a hint of folk and a dash of country.

Her distinctive vocal style ranges effortlessly from the soft and fragile to gritty and exuberant, and has earned her comparisons to such esteemed international performers as Dusty Springfield, Shawn Colvin, K d Lang, Alison Krauss and Sarah McLachlan.

Her songs are generally autobiographical, giving them a gritty realism sometimes missing in those who write songs based on staid formulae, while making them accessible for the widest audience at home and abroad.

She has played with Mary Black, Paul Brady, Sharon Shannon, Brian Kennedy, Luka Bloom, Mary Coughlan, Jack L, Jesse Cook, Kieran Goss, Mick Hanly and Altan, and has collaborated with established songwriters like, Keith Donald (Moving Hearts), Steve Wickham (The Waterboys), Liam Reilly, Don Baker and Thom Moore.

Some highlights on the live front include performing at the Blues Autour de Zinc Festival in France, solo shows at The Sugar Club, Whelan's and Civic Theatre, headlining at Manhattan's Ear Inn in New York and at the 2FM Live Stage Music Show at RDS in Dublin.

Michele Ann features on the remarkable new double album A Woman's Heart, 'Then and Now' with a song written by Paul Brady and Ronan Hardiman and specially produced by Paul Brady for the project. 'Designer Love' is being released as a single in the early part of 2011.

Michele Ann Kelly is a perfect example of an Irish artist with considerable international potential. She has a desire to build on her successful career to date through live performance, song writing, musical study & collaborations with leading Irish and International performers.


Fall On Me

Written By: Michele Ann Kelly & Shane O Farrell

Fall On Me
Lyris & Music: MAK & Shane O'Farrell

Seven nights and sixteen days
Faces between us
Six to one five different ways
Stations to stations

Based it on nine different places
To sure to mention
Around again it plays the same
Just different intentions

And it’s you that keep’s this safe
In your hands

Fall on me now
Fall on me now
Fall on me now
Fall, fall

Sixteen nights and seven days
Stations between us
These shoes are pretty much the same
Rome can’t always wait

If it’s you then I’m okay
I am here

Fall on me now
Fall on me now
Fall on me now
Fall, fall (repeat)

I can’t tell you what I’m thinking
Or know exactly where your going
But I'm dreaming of tomorrow and I'm waiting for your answer...
So tell me (tell me)

Fall on me now
Fall on me
Fall on me now
Fall.. (repeat)
(I'm oaky when I'm in your hands)


Written By: Michele Ann Kelly JT Pratt & Eoghan Scott


Lyrics: Michele Ann Kelly
Music: Michele Ann Kelly, JT Pratt & Eoghan Scott

Verse 1
Friday night winters creeping
Cold and lonely against my window
The never ending traffic going no where
And I see the picture of you in the rain

I would give anything
Just to have everything
Just to have anything
With you

Verse 2
There’s still a gap in the curtain
And you’re half empty cup by the phone
The plant in the corner is fading fast
And the light’s gone out again in the hall


Verse 3
Shadows of old photographs
From the street lamp across the wall
I’m hoping you might change your mind
That you’ll come back to me soft and warm

Cause I’m tired and frightened of the evening sky
If only you were here beside me
It’s going to be another sleepless night
Remembering the way we used to be

DOUBLE CHORUS…., with you.


• A Woman’s Heart Then & Now (album) featuring ‘Designer Love’ produced by Paul Brady
• Songs That Saved My Life (album)
• Time (single)
• Fall on Me, with Caruso (limited edition single)
• Michele Ann Kelly (EP)

• Picture of You (single)
• Live At The Civic Theatre (EP)
• A Breakfast Affair Live (single)
• A Breakfast Affair (EP)

• Shark Cages (demo)
• Lying In the Arms of Love (demo)
• Waterwind Demo Sessions (demo)

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Set List

Michele Ann Kelly Set List


Fall On Me

Shark Cages

Close To Midnight

Lost In Paris

Somebody Someday

When You Fall


Wonderful Love

Morning Saves Me

I Will Be Here

Hold On the Night

American Highway

Slow Soft Kiss



Who Killed Hollywood


Full original set approx. time 1hr 40 minutes (2 hrs).
Also showcase cover songs with my own twist, e.g. Run (Snow Patrol/Leona Lewis hit), Tina Turner and many more...