Michel Ebben

Michel Ebben



ABOUT... Michel Ebben works as a singer/songwriter/ producer, photographer and graphic designer. He started to perform on stage with a variety of bands since the age of 12 and has been performing regularly for the last 20 years!

Besides doing live shows he has his own recording studio based in his house in Rotterdam, often visited by bands and other musicians. Next to that he works as a Graphics Designer for an advertising agency as well as his own company Crossmark.

Michel also has been the Benelux Manager of the well-known singer/songwriter Clive Gregson.

For music and other info, you can check Michel's website:


or myspace.com:

Also, Michel is a dedicated Photographer and takes his camera with him almost everywhere he goes, you can check out some of his photography on:


This coming year Michel hopes to finish his first full-length album. So keep coming back!

Sunday the 29th of July Michel performed with a sessionband called 'Plastic Shark Project (PSP)' at one of the biggest Musicfestivals in the Thech Republic; you can watch the whole concert on youtube.com by following this link: "http://youtube.com/watch?v=QKZiA92zZ4E"


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