Michele Mele

Michele Mele


Two hours of music fun and laughter and only a few tears all from the heart all original and all universal.


Michele Mele is from a family of professional musicians and has been writing songs for over 25 years. She was something of a prodigy and began playing piano as a small child. Michele graduated from University of Toronto Faculty of Music in 1982 and in 1984 she graduated from the Faculty of Education. With a keen interest in live theatre, she also studied directing and directed productions of Tennessee Williams’ “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof� and “The Glass Menagerie�. As a Music Educator, she has conducted numerous song writing and active listening workshops at schools and other Toronto area venues. In 1989 Michele wrote “That’s All I Know� which was performed by Neil Donnell. The recording subsequently went “Gold� in Canada. Michele also composed and arranged choral works for large choirs and in 1991 she composed and arranged a Christmas themed work for the Toronto Philharmonic, which they performed in concert under Michele’s baton. Michele has been a favorite performer at a number of Toronto’s jazz boites. Michele’s debut CD “Like This� (which also contained exclusively original material), was released in 2003 and is still being warmly received by critics and fans alike. The poignant music and texts of “Like This� and “Laugh� (which followed a year later) reflect the variegated moods captured by her artistic vision. She is an artist who has diverse specialized skills in addition to songwriting and performing. In addition to being the mother of 4 beautiful children, she speaks 3 languages and has an array of eclectic interests. Michele’s 3rd CD of original material also includes the beautiful standard “You Must Believe In Spring� and the lively Ellington standard “Beginning To See The Light�. “feel� exudes the ever changing emotions that make her life so magical. “feel� has continued to receive extensive airplay and acclaim worldwide. She recently sat on the jury of the Ontario Arts Council and continually offers workshops and benefit concerts to promote music/arts education. Her latest project is her new, one woman show. Highlighting her latest original material, "Naked On The Rocks" , crosses the line between musical genres and delves into the deepest places in Michele’s heart. It’s a culmination of a year of tremendous personal growth and overflowing creativity.


Beauty's So Much Better

Written By: Michele Mele

I remember
Standing in front of beauty in a far off land
I remember
How much it moved me but no one held my hand
And at that very moment I learned
So many years ago, how I yearned
For feelings to be doubled with someone else who cared 'cause
Beauty's so much better when it's shared
I remember, seeing the Group of Seven, paintings on the wall
All at once I felt a cool rush of wind,blowing through my soul
And at that very moment I learned so many years ago how I yearned, for feelings to be doubled with someone else who cared, cause beauty's so much better when it's shared.
And when I'm in my music,a most beautiful place, thought I could share it with you the first time I saw your face, your face, your face, your face.
I remember, a little girl just standing looking at the field, and she realized no matter how her heart felt here, it could be healed. She'd spend her life creating that place, that feeling of peace love and grace and manifest that wonder with anyone who cared, cause beauty's so much better when it's shared.

My Canadian Man

Written By: michele mele

I don't care how big your belly is
I don't care if all your grammar's wrong
It don't make no difference if your beard has gone to frizz
I just want to love you in this son

Sometimes you love fishing more than me
And the clothes your wear just aren't too cool
Mullets aren't exactly my cup of tea
I'm not sure how far you went in school...But you're
My Canadian Man,it's your natural heart I see
You're not afraid of winter and that's good enough for me

Well I know that you drink too much beer
But you support our nations economy
You can build a deck or work a snow blower
You know how to tap a maple tree

Cause you're my Canadian man, it's your natural heart I see,
You're not afraid of winter, and that's good enough for me

You can watch an entire hockey game, in a freezing cold arena
With only a t-shirt on

Scruntions or a t-bone stake will do
I know that you're easily satisfied
And you're good to everyone
As long as they want to have some fun
That's why you fill me with so much pride

Cause you're my Canadian man etc.


2001 Like This (original material, received airplay in Canada )
2002 Laugh (original material also received airplay in Canada)
2006 Feel (original material plus 2 standards, received airplay in Canad and around the world and is still doing so today.
2008 Naked on the Rocks (soundtrack to the show Naked on the Rocks.Original one woman show playing to packed houses in Ontario for the past 1 1/2 years.

Set List

Set lists can range from 35 minutes to 1 hour 10mins depending on the gig.
Not Going to Close my Heart(latin)
Youngin' (blues)
Beauty is so much better when it's shared (soft ballade)
Out of Control(techno)
Naked on the Rocks(happy pop)
I'm just going with the Feeling(bossa nova)
Feel The Rain(power ballade)