michele payton and the band

michele payton and the band

 Warsaw, Indiana, USA

original material- Take Nora Jones, David Crowder, and Sheryl Crow, put them in a blender and you get our band! We are a little like "Sting" in that we write and perform many different styles of music. Most people describe us as "Rock-Blues."


Michele Payton was born in Huntington Beach California. She currently resides with her husband, Mike, in Warsaw, Indiana. Although Michele was born and raised in California, she has spent an equal amount of time in Indiana and feels at home in both states.
Since Michele's move to Warsaw, she has had the opportunity to work in several churches as the part-time worship leader and creative arts director. Michele is thankful that God has blessed her with congregations who understand and encourage her opportunities to travel and minister to other people throughout the United States.
Between Michele's first two projects, "Wings," and "My Own Grass Looks Greener" she was blessed with the opportunity to perform many radio and TV commercials. Because of the numerous songwriting awards (including Billboard Magazine songwriting contest) Michele and Darla McCammon (collaborator) received for songs on the previous CD, Michele was persuaded to continue her efforts with another project. Michele recently finished this third CD of original songs, "On My Mind," which garnered the attention of a record label. She was approached and asked by Doug Haines of Servant Records to sign with their label. Michele has since decided that God is calling her to continue as an independent artist. Tom Scott of Pulse FM radio gave Michele a great compliment when he told her, "This is one of the best independent artist projects I've heard in my thirty years of broadcasting." Lane and Jill Anderson of Intercommedia, (previously known as Ken Anderson Films) are two of Michele's newest fans. Lane and Jill always take Michele's CD with them on their travels throughout the world.
Michele was especially excited about the opportunity to work with the world-class musicians in Nashville, Tennessee who selected her project. She talks about an experience with one particular song she wrote called, "In The Stillness."
"When we arrived at the studio in Nashville, the musicians didn't realize I wanted a mid-eastern 'sitar' sound on this song. John Connelly pulled out his electric guitar, started playing with a slide, and by the time he and the steel guitarist, Gary Morse, were done we had a sitar! It's wonderful to work with creative and resourceful musicians. The best part of recording this song was that we were in a high-rise building with huge windows looking out over the beautiful city of Nashville. A big storm blew in and we had an amazing lightning and rain show while this song was being recorded in Kenny Royster's studio. You can sense this atmosphere underneath it all when you listen to the song. Almost as soon as the rain had started, it suddenly stopped, and there was stillness--just like in the song--and we could all feel God's presence. There was a hushed stillness in the studio as the song came to an end.
Although audiences appreciate Michele's ability to play flute, guitar, keyboard and sing, Michele greatly enjoys her band members and the venues who ask for the entire band. Michele says, "This is one of the closest bands I've ever worked with. These guys are the real deal, servants for God and a lot of fun to work with." Audiences who see Michele in concert, say they are blessed and encouraged by her genuine and humble Christ-like spirit.
"Although I have enjoyed what some people have considered success and adulation, my goal is still what it has always been from the beginning--to glorify God in all that I do, and to continue "connecting" people with the love of their lives- Our magnificent God!"
From Hawaii to California to Washington D.C., Michele has touched many hearts.


"Wings" - original material
"My own grass is greener"-original material
"On my mind"-original material
Several "independant" radio stations play our music

Set List

Our typical set list is an hour-long concert
We average 9 songs per set- all original
material unless a person requests something
by another artist ahead of time that we can
have ready. We have been asked to do
programs longer than an hour and are able
to fulfill this need if given adequate time.
Hour lead sheet:
Need you
wayfaring stranger
Wade in the water
In the stillness
On my mind
Chocolate Bars
Jump into the color