Michele Stephens

Michele Stephens


I am Michele Stephens- a Jazz/Soul/Blues pianist and vocalist. I play original music, an eclectic repetoire of standards and covers with a unique, smoky, intimate jazz sound. Lots of improvisation, cool piano and smooth vocals- a throwback to the days of the sultry torch singer!


Michele Stephens is a well known jazz pianist, vocalist, songwriter and indie recording artist from Cape Breton Island. She has been performing around the Maritimes and also internationally for many years as a solo act as well as with her own jazz duo and trio settings in piano bars, corporate gigs and venues that suit her musical style: a sultry torch singer who can play! "I am always working on my own sound vocally as well as improvising and accompanying on piano in a jazz style; adding my own inflections of Rickie Lee Jones meets Diana Krall, and edgy, unique tone" says the artist in her own words. Michele's debut solo album Bucket of Honey dropped in September 2009! It features original tracks as well as two remakes of tunes by Tom Waits and Dizzy Gillespie. Bucket of Honey has received extensive global airplay on radio stations such as: KanalJazz- Paris, France, Women of Substance Radio- California and CBC Radio Canada to name but a few. The song Red Letter Day was first released as a single (nominated for 2009 Folk/Roots song of the year by the Independent Acoustic Music Awards)received much buzz as the theme song of the 100th Anniversary of the flight of the Silver Dart in 2009 and Fuss (the debut single from Bucket of Honey) was named in the top songs submitted to Billboard song contests in 2009. Michele has also shared the stage with musical greats such as: Bill Cobham(Miles Davis), Bernard Purdy(Steely Dan), Carmine Appice(Vanilla Fudge), Denny Seiwell (Wings)- further strutting her musical prowess! Michele is currently working on her sophomore recording and hoping to release in late 2011 and will be playing all around Cape Breton Island and Nova Scotia for a busy summer 2011 gig calendar.. Watch for Michele Stephens as she continues to leave a big impression on her audiences- jazz, blues and soul soaked!!



Written By: Michele Stephens

Don't go makin' a fuss, over me
'Cause I'm not really used to that, kind of treatmeant you see
Don't go makin' a fuss, over me
Just keep it simple and darlin'
You know I'll be true blue
Bring me bottles of wine, know my favorite perfume
But don't squeeze me too tight, keep it cool
I don't need no sugar-daddy with an attitude
This is me, Is that you?
Dressing it up, with a little ribbon
You know that ain't my tune
Blow it up full of hot air because
Love ain't no balloon
Real love is never contrived
It stays humble and it survives
Like a palm in the wind it just goes
Which way that wind blows
So don't go makin' a fuss pretty baby
Please don't go down that road
'Cause it won't turn out like you dreamed of
Or how you've been told
Please don't go makin' no big deal
About this new pair of us-
Don't, Don't you; go makin' a fuss.

Red Letter Day

Written By: Michele Stephens

Red Letter Day

1909 on a frozen Brasd'or lake
A sheet of glass, a crisp winter scape
A moment that won't come twice
On that bay of ice
Villagers in horse-drawn sleighs
The children's excitement as they skate and play
Frost in the air as they whisper
Will today be the day?

Come with me and we'll share the dream to fly
On this Red Letter Day
Come with me and reach up to the sky
On this Red Letter Day

Bell's bird-like contraption slides from the beach
Set into the wind facing her reach
he crowd hushed and the Curtis engine roared
she's picking up speed
Gently lifting to thirty feet, awe and wonder bound
The people cheered and gathered 'round
A dream, a reality
The Silver Dart came softly down

Come with me and we'll share the dream to fly
On this Red Letter Day
Come with me and reach up to the sky
On this Red Letter Day
Come with me and reach up to the sky
And our hearts are filled with pride
On this Red Letter Day


Michele Stephens- Bucket of Honey- debut LP- Release date: September 23, 09
Michele Stephens- Red Letter Day- single- Release date: Feb.23, 09

Set List

Typically change up set lists and customize them to suit particular events and venues. Sample set list of originals and covers:
Bucket of Honey
Right Away
Your Love Is King- Sade
Learnin' How to Love You
Birk's Works- Dizzy Gillespie
Royale Blue
Fallin'- Alicia Keys
Walkin' After Midnight- Patsy Cline
12 Bar Blues Jam- various keys