Michelle Annette Craft

Michelle Annette Craft

 Fairfield, Iowa, USA

A profound solo act with a taste for collaboration, Michelle Annette Craft takes the folk/rock guitar to strong lyrical heights.


With the poetry of Joni Mitchell and the passion of Ani DiFranco, Michelle Annette Craft lays down the folk acoustic vibe with a smart punch.

A singer/songwriter, and "stand-out" actress, she is temporarily living and performing in Fairfield, Iowa, after 22 years on the east coast. She draws inspiration from a wide range of genres outside the folk sphere, especially musical theatre, rock, reggae, bluegrass and R&B.

She is self-taught on guitar, piano, ukulele, and Appalachian dulcimer (admittedly inspired by Joni).


"Hand Crafted" EP (production in progress)