Michelle Avery

Michelle Avery


“Michelle Avery has organic, earthy music with the power of Pop but the dignity of Roots/Americana. Soaring, wisdom soaked vocals hit the heart-hard. Her voice is so emotive, and she writes vividly and naturally giving her lyrics an alluring quality." ~Taxi Indie A&R Co.


Michelle Avery is a captivating arrival on the Nashville music scene. Her folk-rock debut The Waiting unveils a serious, insightful singer/songwriter who has emerged from her own struggle to become a voice of truth.

"As humans, we're all there, and yet not there, in the process of believing," Avery says. "I want to give voice to people who are, like me, not there yet, but on the road."

A self-established artist, Avery taught herself guitar and piano during her high school years in Colorado and began to sing and play as part of her church worship team. Soon after, she started writing songs on both instruments and discovered a gift for melding soul and art. Initially rooted in CCM, Avery later wove threads of inspiration from songstresses Patty Griffin, Jonatha Brooke, Over the Rhine and Tori Amos into her own unique artistry.

In college, songwriting became a cathartic force as Avery sorted through painful memories. It just poured out of me when I was experiencing a lot of suffering. That's when I started experiencing healing, as I told my story and was honest about where I'd been," she explains. Due to her own intimate encounter with music, she believes in its intuitive healing power. "It's another form of prayer. I don't have to use the part of my brain that is so consumed with perfectionism and intellectualism, but I can just let go."

Avery's journey then led her to Nashville to attend Belmont University, where her songwriting continued to blossom. In the summer of 2004, she entered the studio to record The Waiting, a process she calls breaking and healing. Produced by Matthew Perryman Jones and engineered by Josh Davis, the record was mastered by Al Willis and features the musicianship of Paul Moak (electric guitar), Chris Weigal (bass), Jeff Pardo (keyboards), Justin Meeks (drums), and Emily DeLoach (background vocals).

On the record, Avery sings of familiar things: love for Colorado, cringing before life's blows, the restorative quality of tears and a continued striving to understand and experience love. Perhaps that is what makes this record just so convincing, so thoughtful. Each song taps into the heart of a human experience and softens the raw edges with hope.

Avery's sensitive lyricism whispers to listeners that whatever their situation, whatever they are dealing with at the time, it's okay to feel the way that they do. I have believed that I am not allowed to have the feelings I do, or that I am not allowed to express them. But I want to communicate that we can go to the places we are scared of, and wake up to find that love is there Avery says. Whatever the moment or season of life or experience, her listeners will be able to connect with her melodies, to ease into a place of safety. Most of all, Avery wants to be a voice of truth in lifes dark passages, speaking truth about reality and love.

Today Avery continues to woo fans from every walk of life as she performs locally. She also toured with the acting troupe Peculiar People in the Winter of 2004. Her heart is ready and willing to go as far as her music will take her. She desires for it to reach every person who needs to feel and experience its message. "The Waiting, I hope, offers people a reality that represents a lack of fear in saying the hard things," she says, "while still believing that reality, as hard as it can be, is not bigger than love."

by Andrea Bailey
CCM Magazine



Written By: Michelle Avery

If you want to come you can come with me to Colorado/It’s more than just an hour behind/If we leave today we’ll be there the day after tomorrow/With stories to tell as we drive/Stories of life in Colorado /Some will make you laugh and some cry/And the irony, the beginning of my sorrow/Happened on Deliverance Dr.//Someone tell me where to go for I lost my heart at home And tell me wherever I go, there You will be my home//Come and see, as we visit me in Colorado/The part that has stayed behind/And we’ll ask if she, the lonely desperado/Has finally changed her mind//Chorus//The view from here is breathtaking as I watch the story redeeming/And when we reach the peak in Colorado/Look down at the mountain we’ve climbed/Then you’ll feel the weight upon the saddle/And why from these mountains I ride

Million Miles

Written By: Michelle Avery

Million Miles
Maybe the sky read my mind, I’m looking outside and it’s raining again/Just like the sun I am hiding behind a cloud I’m alive but I’m dead/And I know I can’t live like this/But how can I exist, when//I can’t tell anymore if what I think I know and how I know I feel can be reconciled/And if becoming whole is closer than a million miles//Torn apart are my mind and my heart and I live somewhere in the middle/Are the answers I’m trying to find even there? Even worth half the battle?/And I know I can’t live like this/But how can I exist, when//Chorus//In a bind and at this time not a word can speak to what’s going on when love feels wrong/Can’t see in front, the side, behind me


Written By: Michelle Avery

Hurts to know a family tree is weaker than your baby swing/It hurts that it’s not shade when it gets hotter/I’m in charge of gardening, you both gave that job to me/But I am not the one with the water//I’m not the one with the water/I just want to be a daughter/You take care of me, not me of you/I’m not the one with the water/I need a mother, need a father/But I’m picking up the pieces after you//Given time and given space you’re really not too hard to trace/A child still believes the things you taught her/And though it’s not a fair exchange around you my life is arranged/And changing seems too hard to even bother//I’m not the one with the water/I just want to be the daughter/But all I have I lay in front of you/I’m not the one with the water/I put myself upon the altar/Sacrificing everything for you//Sacrifice, it’s been given/My fountain of youth/Water from a tree that’s living/Share your secret truth//Chorus//Am I the sacrifice for all your wounds?


The Waiting, EP 2004

Set List

Back on the Shelf
Million Miles
In the Middle
Piece of the Puzzle
Load it Down
Say Love
Young Again

Because I Told You So-Jonatha Brooke
Mary-Patty Griffin
The World Can Wait-Over the Rhine
A Sorta Fairytale-Tori Amos
(There is often a song made up on the spot, for the sake of humor; and jokes throughout the set- included for free. Yes, really.)