Michelle Blades

Michelle Blades


Michelle Blades is an avant-garde folk musician from Phoenix, Arizona. Drawing influences ranging from Jazz, to experimental artists like Ariel Pink, Michelle creates a sound that is all her own using her primary instrument: the ukulele. She also improvises many of her sets.


Born in Panama and raised in Miami, niece of Panamanian singer Ruben Blades, Michelle combines her love of latin culture with a fascination of Brooklyn jazz and experimental tape music. Her main instrument being a ukulele, Michelle's offbeat vocal technique shows hints of inspiration from Ivy Anderson to Devendra Banhart. A unique attribute to Michelle's music is she improvises several songs in her set. After throwing a dart at a map (which landed in Arizona) Michelle moved to Phoenix where she began attending school studying Indology and Sanskrit, and emerging herself into the local music scene. Shortly after moving, Michelle was signed to River Jones Music label and released a demo CD titled "Where The Water Boils". Since then she has posted a free album on Last.Fm titled "Knots to Hear to Feel" of songs composed and recorded in her bedroom, and is now working on her first full album with River Jones Music.


The Ugly Things EP (self released)
Where The Water Boils (RJM)
Knots To Hear To Feel (self released)

The entire Knots to Hear To Feel album is up for downloading and streaming on Last.FM: http://www.last.fm/music/Michelle+Blades/Knots+To+Hear+To+Feel
and some songs from Where the Water Boils are on myspace.

Set List

It depends on the time limit, usually half an hour to forty minutes but the usuals are:

Michigan 4:42
Family History/Leather Shoes 3:30
After Words 2:30
Your Sand 3:30
La Luna 4:39
To M.L's Paintings 4:42
Strawberry Ghost 3:00