Michelle Boback

Michelle Boback


Boback's musical style is a birthchild of; Bjork's vocals melting into Annie Difranco's adolecent guitar. Boback almost pulls the strings off her classical guitar as the missing notes count the soul beat her daddy taught her.


In a galaxy far far away while on stage performing Shakespeare, Boback met Günter Schulz and En Esch (of KMFDM). Boback immediately started working with Guenter and singing for his remixes and label contracts.
In 2001 En Esch and Guenter formed ‘Slick Idiot’ and invited Boback to sing on their new album release ‘Dicknity’ (Cleopatra Records). ‘Dicknity’ spawned a popular club remix by Loopy of Hansel and Greytal FAME, ‘Merci Beaucoup’ in which Boback tantalizes clubbers with a naught little hook. In 2004 'Slick' flew Boback back down to Schulz’s studio to collaborate again on their next release ‘Screwtinized’ (Itchy Records). Bobacks‘ singles 'Sunlight’ and ‘I Once Fell’ are written by Boback and were produced by Günter Schulz.
Boback started with punk rock guitar which somehow melted into a classical guitar
preference. Her vocals went from rock to industrial and dance, and has
settled on some fence between, soul, funk and jazz. Any one of Boback’s songs can
be melted into a yummy pot of dance culture while still maintaining the intensity and
soul of which it was written.
Boback is also a respected member of the film community in Vancouver. Acting, Coordinating and Associate Producing; her adventures don’t stop, so neither does she.


'Dicknity' - Vocalist, Slick Idiot Cleopatra Records 2001 (streaming)
'Screwtinized' - Vocalist, Slick Idiot, Itchy Records
2004 (streaming)
'The Time is Now' - songwriter/ guitarist, Suzka, Independant 2005 (air play and streaming)
'Light - remix' - Vocalist, KMFDM Tribute Albulm, Cleopatra Records, 2000
'Merci Beaucoup - Club remix' - Vocalist, DJ Loopy
'Xanadu Remix' - Vocalist/Writter - Slick Idiot, Itchy records, 2005
'The Good Morning Singles' - Singer Songwriter, Michelle Boback / Producer Guenter Schulz

Set List

Boback and Suzka Sets are usualy 40 min - 1hour
We can make it right (Boback and Suzka);
Sunlight (Boback); The time is Now (Suzka);MmmElias (Boback); Who Drops (Suzka); I Once Fell (Boback); Wake Up (Suzka); Holy Baby (Boback); Precious Things (Tori Amos cover); We all Try (Boback).

Boback Solo set:
Smooth Operator (djemby and vocals); Sunlight (guitar and Vocals); Mmm Elias (Guit,Vocs), We all Try (Guit, Vocs), I'm on Fire (Bruce Springstien Cover), I Once Fell (Guit, Vocs), Holy Baby, Too Cold, Redemption Song (Bob Marley: djembey, Vocs)

Other Covers to throw in: Beatles'We can work it out', 'Here Comes the Sun', 'Blackbird' - as far from Sarah as possible. Elvis ' Heartbreak Hotel'. many more...