Michelle Elaine

Michelle Elaine


Angelic and peaceful and alternative


I am an independant artist. My music is inspired by Michelle Tumes . I have put my music on the back burner due to school and finances. But now I am able to to focus completely on my music. I have been writing and singing since i was a child but really got serious about my music when i got involved with the worship band at my church. Its been a rough road but I will continue to pursue my dream. And hopeuflly someday have a contract. All rights reserved and copyrighted to these songs.


Fainted Heart

Written By: Michelle Elaine Yang

Isnt ironic a lying in her bed tonight.
Candle incense all around lit for her cry. She is missing the one she loves will she see them again. Who can hear the prayers of this girl who can be her friend. Child dont you know he is looking down at you and every tear you shed he sheds a tear for youuu. Oh dont you see you it can never make you free wooden prayers and golden trees.

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fainted heart
words to express