Michelle Harding

Michelle Harding

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Raw powerhouse vocals infused with electro/pop, driving drums and elements of dub. Michelle Harding is an original artist with an undeniable voice. Just when you think you have her sound pinned, she' ll surprise you with an unexpected turn in melody in a style all her own!


“Michelle is one of the most adventurous daring artists that I’ve ever worked with. She comes with many influences and is not afraid to stray from the pack. Her voice has that kind of natural appeal that draws you in right from the start with warmth at times and pure energy at others. She has the ability to do all of the vocal acrobats of any of the great singers out there, but always uses restraint choosing substance over ego. Lyrically she never seizes to amaze me with her ability to spin poetic phrase at the drop of a dime that never feels contrived and always comes from the heart. On a personal level she is just simply one of the most well grounded nice people you will ever meet. Every day of her life always seems like a big adventure. To know her is to know to be reminded on a daily basis that life is a gift and you have to make the best of it everyday. All in all I expect Michelle’s career in music to be a very long one with many great chapters.”

Chris Wonzer Music Producer


Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2009
-WINNER Best original Song in a Commercial, "2 Scoops" featured in commercial for Credit Canada

---Reviews (Quotes)---

"Two Scoops is a whole sundae worth of goodness" --Allen Johnsron

"I'll take two more!!!" --Brian Steel, SONY

"Michelle Harding's 'Two Scoops' is a music supervisor's dream! The world will soon take notice of this breezy, summer hit. Harding could be the next Colbie Caillat." --Sean Moroney, MTV

"Last Monday when I posted "2 Scoops" by Michelle Harding, the blog's traffic statistics shot through the roof. Based on her fan support, this song and this artist may be on the verge of exploding!" --Mike McCreadyCEO Platinum Blue / Music Xray

Huffington Post Review



2 Scoops - Digital Single Release UNIVERSAL MUSIC, SEPT 2009
Hopeful - Digital Single release, Nov 2009
Laughing Silent, Dancing Still - DEBUT ALBUM RELEASE-11-20-10
What you've done to me- 1st release with new band SOUNDFUEL- June 1st 2011
'TRILLIUM' Independent release- Itunes & Amazon AUG 1-13

Set List

Your Case
Moment left behind
Each piece down
Cherry Bubblegum
Loves Thorn
Make you Beg
I am not Caring
Anybody Else
2 Scoops
Not an addict (Cover)
Devil Wrap

45 min set of music, typically an hour booking..can be shortened to 30 mins or extended to 1.5 hours depending on requirements.