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Written By: Michelle Kay

Can anybody see?
Can anybody hear?
Can anybody feel the blade of inequality?
Will anybody move?
Will anybody reach?
Will anybody share the load of human suffering?

For me- life-giving water flows
Prisoner’s not left alone, strangers are welcomed home
For me- illness that’s nursed to health, nations that share their wealth
Real love that’s given free- for me
V2 Does anybody feel?
Does anybody sigh?
Did anybody own the news- 10 000 had to die?
Did anybody grieve?
Did anybody cry?
Can anybody see the world through compassion’s eyes?
V3 Will anybody lead?
Does anybody care?
Will anybody right the wrong: injustice-guilty hands?
Will anybody speak?
Does anybody cry?
Will anybody fight for truth- let freedom take a stand?
© Michelle Kay 2006