Michelle Mayfield

Michelle Mayfield


"Real, earthy soul cleansing rock and roll" with passionate songwriting, powerful vocals, and an incredible energentic live show that will blow you away!


From the beginning, music has been an integral part of Michelle's life. Whether it was from behind the drum kit, with a guitar in hand, or belting songs out her love has always been music. She only realized that she wanted to make it her full time career in 1997, when she moved to Austin, TX, to pursue music full time. The result was “Matter of Time”, her debut CD, and a journey onto the stage of the “live music capital” of the world.

Through determination, hard work and several band lineup changes, she has put together a stellar band, and earned a loyal and growing following in the process with her energetic, powerful and passionate live shows. She also earned the #3, #9, and #14 spots, respectively, on the Austin Chronicle's Best of 2004/2005 for Best New Band, Best Performing Rock Band and Best Female Vocalist.

“Michelle has one hell of a voice - very earthy and real”Austinlive.com

Michelle considers herself a singer-songwriter and takes great pride in the ability to make an impact with her songs. “I had a fan email me and tell me that my song “Matter of Time” got him through a serious breakup” Michelle states “that's the biggest reward-knowing that you can impact others the way all my favorite songs impacted me”. Those songs by such artists and influences as Pat Benatar, Sheryl Crow, and Melissa Etheridge can be heard in Michelle's live shows, as she blends cutting original material with favorites of the past and present.

“This woman rocks and needs to be seen live” Ali - Austinlive.com

Michelle just released her 2nd CD entitled "What Lies Within", which is garnering rave reviews from critics and fans alike. While promoting the new CD, she is also continually focusing on building her fan base with her live shows. She is bombarded with comments after her performances of her great stage presence, voice, passion and energy. "I think people want to see passion and love for the music - I think that's alot of what's missing in today's popular music - and if you really believe in what you are doing and in your songs, it shows through in your live performances."
She has shared the stage with such artists as Melissa Ferrick (The Red Eyed Fly), Ruthie Foster (Houston Women's Festival), Patrice Pike (Momo's), and Bob Schneider (The Saxon Pub) and hopes to lengthen that list.

“Run, do not walk, to Michelle's next show - She will blow you away” - Austinlive.com




Written By: Michelle Mayfield

Driving home this evening
Sad song on my radio
I wish I knew what you were thinking
I'm thinking I may never know

It's getting harder to stay, I don't know if you want me to
I don't want to get in your way
Please tell me what you want me to do

Oh God, Take me away
Help me take all the pain
Won't you please come in from the Rain?
I want to be your everything, but you won't let me be
Won't you please come in from the Rain

You call me up on the phone
You say "it's not you, it's only me"
So why do I feel so alone, why do I feel you no longer want me
Cause I've been giving my all to you, but you just take it and run
How long will it take before you decide that i'm not the one?

repeat Chorus 2 times


Written By: Michelle Mayfield

I turn to you, you turn away
I stumble through the right words to say
I chew my nails, I bite my lip
Another sure sign that I'm losing my grip

You know there are no guarantees
That's just the way it is

And I don't want to lose this thing we've started, but we don't have to see it through
We can be content with brokenhearted, and say goodbye to what was me and you

I close my eyes, you pace the floor
We've both been through this little game before
Do we rely on words once said to get beyond the voices in our heads

You know there are no guarantees
That's just the way it is



Written By: Michelle Mayfield

It's funny how it seems that you watch over me and I can't seem to break free from your tenderness
It's funny how it seems that you will never leave and I can't seem to get any rest
But I'm not complaining
You see it's been so long since I've felt like this
And for once in my life I've got that rock, I've got that one thing I've been searching for.....
It's You

It's funny how it all works out, I was down and out, but you came and you saved me from loneliness
Now I can finally see what you mean to me and I'm not about to give up the very best thing that I've ever had
You see it's not so often someone like you comes along
And for once in my life I've got that rock, I've got that one thing I've been searching for.....
It's You

If you ever say that you need something else in your life
I'll walk away, but I will never say goodbye


What Lies Within - CD - 2005
Matter of Time - CD - 2000

Set List

"Matter of Time"
"So Long"
"Here with Me"
"Too Late"
"Come To This"
"What I Can't Have"
"Right Into You"
"The One"
"The Truth"
"I'll Keep Dreaming"
"The Beautiful Unknown"
"Nothing at All"
"Heartbreaker"- Pat Benatar
"We Belong" - Pat Benatar
"We Live for Love" - Pat Benatar
"Your Little Secret" - Melissa Etheridge
"Kiss Me" - Melissa Etheridge
"Bring Me Some Water" - Melissa Etheridge
"Occassionally" - Melissa Etheridge
"Everyday is a Winding Road"-Sheryl Crow
"Favorite Mistake" - Sheryl Crow
"Rock and Roll" - Led Zeppelin
"Go Your Own Way" - Fleetwood Mac
"Just a Girl" - No Doubt
"Just Like a Pill" - Pink
"Who Knew" - Pink
"You Shook Me All Night Long" - AC/DC
"Sweet Child of Mine" - Guns N Roses
"Figured You Out" - Nickelback
"You Don't Have to Remind Me" - Sass Jordan
"Not an Addict" - K's Choice
"She Talks to Angels" - The Black Crowes

Set Length - 2-2 1/2 Hours (no breaks)