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Michelle Rasky


With influences stemming from Billie Holiday, Ani Difranco and Stevie Wonder, Michelle Rasky’s music invigorates the senses. Her sweet jazzy vocals and “light-hearted, uplifting melodies,” (Brent Raynor – NOW Magazine) form the signature sound in what could be described as organic hybrid-pop.


With influences stemming from Billie Holiday, Ani Difranco and Stevie Wonder, Michelle Raskys sweet jazzy vocals and "light-hearted, uplifting melodies," (NOW Magazine) form her signature organic hybrid-pop sound.

An accomplished singer-songwriter/musician, Michelle won the 2004 OCFF Songs From the Heart/CBC Galaxie Rising Star Award for her song "Into the New". In the past year her first music video charted at 16 on Bravo! Videos and CDBaby.com featured her current disc, Your Loves Like Spring, on their front page. Most recently she performed at the NXNE and Toronto City Roots Festivals and composed music for a short independent film. Michelle has shared the stage with many great artists, including opening for music legends, Odetta and Ian Tyson and critically acclaimed singer- songwriters, Cheryl Wheeler, Eliza Gilkyson and Jesse Winchester.

Incorporating elements of jazz and soul with a unique ear for phrasing and a "captivating" (Howard Druckman - eye Weekly) vocal style, her voice seems to effortlessly push and pull at the rhythms of a line, delivering each word with emotional potency. Michelle likes to get inside a lyric. Her "songs of exceptionally high quality" (Greg Quill, Toronto Star) are full of rich imagery and subtle wit. They explore the complexities of relationships, politics and the simplicity of love with depth, poignancy and insight. She offers genuine messages of self awareness and compassion. Her musical back-drop is colourful; an upbeat swing-jazz inspired number, a ballad with country-folk flair, a pop-driven tale with an infectious chorus. The result is "a surprising, fresh CD." (Richard Flohil)

Her current album, Your Love’s Like Spring, features her band mates Ed Roman on bass, Ilios Steryannis on drums and artists such as Kurt Swinghammer, Luke Doucet, Kevin Fox (Sarah Harmer), Anne Lindsay, Sarah McElcheran (Hawksley Workman, Sarah Slean), and Juno award winner Paul Neufeld (NOJO). Visit Michelles website - www.michellerasky.com, for a list of upcoming media appearances. Her CDs are available for sale online at MapleMusic.com, CDBaby.com, iTunes & several other popular download sites. You can also visit Michelle at her myspace page at www.myspace.com/michellerasky.


Your Love's Like Spring

Written By: Michelle Rasky © 2004.

With a fool’s face, I hear stand
Fallen from my stride
Exposed and vulnerable
My heart broken wide
Though suddenly comfortable
With this imperfect stance I take
Like a tree without leaves in the dead of winter
Naked and so brave

Oh, I won’t lie
About the things that make me cry
‘Cause there’s love inspired bliss that is only ours to give

The heroes are marching on
The villains ain’t so absolute
Folks preaching common sense
Are mucking around in lead boots
There’s people taking up arms
People painting signs
And I’m drunk and I’m talking without my filter
Blushing of wine

Oh, I won’t lie
About the things that make me cry
‘Cause there’s love inspired bliss that is only ours to give

Actors with masks so shiny
Enticing, what could be inside?
Promises all wrapped like candy
The sour-sweet sublime

Oh, I won’t lie
About the things that make me cry
‘Cause there’s love inspired bliss that is only ours to give
Ourselves, the benefit of the doubt
And you’ve seen so many things
But your love’s like spring

Into the New

Written By: Michelle Rasky © 2004.

Sitting ‘round
Wondering if I can keep holding my ground
I was feeling so secure
Now I’m kissing my doubt
Oh, this feeling to keep things safe
The subtle ways we can push things away
Though I wanna find trust with you
It’s really just with myself

All kinds of people
Same sorrows and the same joys
The many faces in which I’ve seen my actions
All the strengths and excuses I’ve employed

Think I’ll open all the windows and doors
Let the storm pass on through
Tears turn to laughter if you leave them long enough
They say patience is a virtue
Let the familiar fade into the new

All my life
I’ve grappled with a snap-shot history
All these little pictures people have of me
Feels like they want to meet with my past
So easy to be confused
When your ego’s exalted and the next moment it’s bruised
But I’ve a suspicion there’s a refuge
In simplicity

All kinds of people . . .

Think I’ll open all the windows and doors . . .

Maybe that’s where I’m tripping up
Trying to be the big woman while protecting the love
That I wanna give, oh, how I wanna give
I know I’ve got so much to give
It’s the only way I can live

Think I’ll open all the windows and doors . . .
They say patience is a virtue (3X)
Trust unfolds into the new

Lazy Afternoon

Written By: Ilios Steryannis, Ed Roman & Michelle Rasky © 2004

I don’t know where I’m going to
Moving on with no direction
Got no home, no cash in my hand
All I got’s divine protection
When I try to direct my life
Only ends up in disaster
So I roll on without a care
Let my spirit be the master

Now it’s a lazy afternoon with you
Just a lazy afternoon with you

Northern lights dancing in the sky
The way the leaves turn in the fall
But my favourite thing in this whole wide world
Is that you always come when I call

Now it’s a lazy . . .

How about a cup of tea?
Fine biscuits and blankets of rain
Close all the blinds, shut off the phone
It’s a day to run away

Now it’s a lazy afternoon . . .

Skipping Stones

Written By: Michelle Rasky © 2004.

My, oh my
Could it be a lovelier day?
Sweet little bird calls in the morning sun
Waking up on Georgian Bay

A weekend away
Lounging with friends
City’s grime so far behind
Giving blood to the skeeters, drinkin’ beer by the litres
Indulgence our only crime

Like skipping stones on the water
How long ‘til we fall in?
All the things we want to do
And the things we’ve left to mend

Rat-race pace, things are speedin’ up
Who’s gonna stroll with me?
Feeling nostalgic for a time that never was
Vintage threads spun into dreams

Tell me a story you’ve never heard
I’ve got the time
Sit back, relax, unwind
You’ve got the tonic, I’ve got the gin
Our toes in the sand
Sunset, tickled grin, no plans

Open air, room to breath
Such simple joys, I suppose
City kids under country stars
Takin’ our repose

Like skipping stones on the water . . .

Oh, I ain’t ready to go back
No, no, not just yet
Let’s find some old scratchy records and a gramophone
So all night we can dance
Yes, all night we’re gonna dance
Come on let’s seize the chance
While we’re still in nature’s romance


Written By: Michelle Rasky © 2004.

You say you never felt like the popular type
Just a little too something to fit in
Yet I watch you wield that inviting smile
Open and honest, you let them in

There you go again letting yourself shine
Dressed up in your effortlessness
So special even when you don’t try
There you go again letting yourself shine
My friend don’t let me see you cry
‘Bout nothin’, ‘cept the beauty of it all

Let your heaviness be absorbed through and through
Tasted and swallowed and then wrung free
Breathe deep and exhale that weight from your shoulders
Wants to obey gravity

There you go again . . .

Despite the immediate gratification
From the acceptance we may be given and that we take
Truer meanings still lay hidden
‘Cause the sweetness is in the letting go of the mandalas we make

There you go again . . .


Your Love's Like Spring, 2004 LP
What I Meant To Say, 2000 LP

Set List

Michelle Rasky can perform up to 2 45-minute sets in a night. She draws upon original material from her debut and sophomore CD's plus newly written songs (and the occasional cover tune).