Michelle Richer

Michelle Richer


Pop/electronic vocalist with a distinctive mellow soulful voice singing catchy ballad style lyrics set to electronic backing music. My lyrics focus on existential themes.


I am a one person singer/songwriter passionate about sharing with people a philosophy of peace and harmony through inspiring vocal music and lyrics. I have a law degree with a focus on intellectual property and am passionate about empowering in others the motivation to create and be innovative.

I believe my music is different than others because it is two faceted - the melodies are simple and catchy, but the lyrics are poetic and philosophical. You can at once both dance and ponder to the songs I write, but in the end, I aim to give people an inspiring aesthetic experience.

I've fully embraced the new technological revolution in music. The internet and computer home studio production and distribution is set to drastically change the way people experience music and I'm excited to be part of this. As such, I write vocals and lyrics as well as record all my own music. I also hope to get into producing my own music videos soon. Whatever new artistic technologies develop, I am there to embrace it.


Fading Dreams

Written By: Michelle Richer

Verse 1:

So many years
Pass him by
A driftin' dreamer
Yearning to fly
That frantic ember
Caught in his eye
He'll keep the vision
If hope is alive

Society can't handle his mind
He struggles daily, just to survive
But expression is one of a kind
The legacy that he's leaving behind

Bridge 1:
A voice to give to all of our fears
A smile so bright that dries all our tears
A kiss so sweet to last through the years
A prayer to our Lord to keep us near

Refrain 1:
Don't stop the dreamer
Well, he's got the answer
Buried inside
You can't believe him
And his dreams are fadin'

Is it too much for him
To ask for some givin'
For all that we feel
If we start believin'
His life will awaken

Don't stop the dreamer
He's got answer
Burried inside (x2)
You can't believe him
His dreams are fadin'

Verse 2:
After the lightening
Struck him once
He realized his work was
Far from done
He followed a course set
By the sun
Till all calloused hearts were
Totally won

If we turn our backs to
The avenue man
We live a blind life
Trapped in the sand
Cause we're born connected
A part of a plan
The peril of life only he understands

Bridge 2:
An artists voice can
Sound all our fears
The beauty's smile can
Dry all our tears
The lovers kiss can
Last through the years
All are prayers to our Lord
To keep us near

Refrain 2:
Don't stop the dreamer
Coz he's got an answer
Ready to share
If we just believe him
Our world will awaken

Is it to much for him
To ask for some givin'
For all that he feels
When we stop to listen
We'll see all we're missin'

The Road

Written By: Michelle Richer

Verse 1:
Sometimes we are spared what we dont deserve
Sometimes, we are shown what we cannot have
But all this feeling we have
We wish away
Yet cheerish it all like our lifeblood

We pray that might find one that hears us
But we fear being heard and known
A solitude in life is rich with light
Without the clutter of empty pledges

We do not seek each other
Though we walk the same path
We look for that beyond cover
A truth expressed that shall last

Verse 2:
I'll see you my friend on this road again
You'll stop now and then, I know
But always you're traveling
And always I will wonder where you're going

And when I am weak and weary to leave this road
I'll think of you as you're plodding along
I know that you shall walk my same steps here
And always I can find you, find you there


Behind Closed Eyes co-written with Marco Torrance - Released on Cardamar Music in 2006. This track has recieved at least streaming airplay on such notable channels as Di.fm. I have written vocals and lyrics for two more tracks (including "The Road") which will be released this year also on Cardamar Music.

My track Island with Flavio Grifo has been performed by Judge Jules at his gigs (of Radio 1 BBC).

Cellec - Love of My Life (Polner and Sender vocal rework feat Michelle Richer) is currently released now and available at AudioJelly, CDJShop and other online retailers.

Also, I am currently working with Armada artist Kamil Polner for vocal/lyrics work.
Kamil Polner & Michelle Richer - Equinox will be released on Alter Ego Records this summer 2007. This release will include a remix by Nitrous Oxide, well known for his releases with the famous Anjunabeats label.

The song Grey - a collaboration between myself and Italian and UK producers will be released on Alter Ego Records also in 2007.

Set List

I have not performed publically any of my own original music, but would love to get into this. My songs typically run from 4-7 minutes a piece.