Michelle Weger

Michelle Weger


With a heart of worship and hope, Michelle Weger fronts an original acoustic rock project.


It has been said that the best art comes out of the journey of life and Michelle Weger's music certainly echoes the steps of her journey. With an uncommon blend of female vocals, acoustic tones, and honest lyrics, Weger offers music that is filled with passion and praise for the God who continues to carry her.

Weger began teaching herself to play guitar at age eleven and songs began to come out almost instantly. By age 14 she was sharing her original music at local churches, festivals, and anywhere else people would listen. When music failed to translate into tangible opportunity, Weger graduated from high school early and joined the United Stated Air Force Reserves. During her training she began leading worship for the Keesler Air Force Base Protestant Contemporary Worship Service. After training Weger returned home and began attending Southeastern University, studying theology and youth ministry.

Constantly exposed to the significant music culture on the university campus, Weger grew frustrated that her military obligations prevented her from committing to a group or traveling during the summers. Other than leading worship at a local youth group, Weger put down her guitar and stopped writing music. At the end of her junior year, Weger's little brother, Ryan, lost his battle with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy. Knowing what a fan Ryan was of music and his sister, Michelle picked her guitar and pen back up and wrote, "Remember." And she hasn't put them down since.

During her senior year, Weger was helping launch new young adult ministry at a local church. When the planned worship leader backed out in the 11th hour, Weger was asked to step up and take it on. That is exactly what she did. This experience reignited her passion for worship and music. Weger graduated from college in May of 2008 and In March of 2009, released her first full length album, "Embers of Faith." The album is a chronicle of the songs Weger wrote from age 11-22 and the recording closes out with the reviving tune, "Remember."

Currently, Michelle and the guys are writing new songs and creating new sounds, with hearts for worship and hope.





Written By: Michelle Weger

Verse 1:
I think I can see the wind
Another cool breeze
I hope it's not the end
Because I don't want to leave
I'll close my eyes
And take a breath
I'll breathe like it's my last one left

Because forever is getting shorter
With each moment that goes by
And time is seeming longer
With each tear that I cry
But I know, I know, the sun will rise

Verse 2:
Time seems to linger
And moments seem to fade
A memory once so vivid
Now, so far away
Despite all "that seems,"
And all I see
My heart will sing

Live, Laugh, Love
And Remember

Nobody Told Them

Written By: Michelle Weger

Verse 1:
They've lived their whole lives
And they've done okay
Circumstantially happy,
Isn't that how it's done today?
They know they're not perfect,
But nobody is
So no harm, no foul,
There's nothing they've missed, but

Nobody told them
No one told them You were perfect
Nobody told them
No one mentioned You offer peace

Verse 2:
Oh things just happen
They don't look for deeper meaning
It's easier that way
Keeps them from really thinking
If they don't wander
How the stars appeared
Or how in the world
They ended up here
Everything's simple

I keep telling them
But they're so cold
They don't understand eternity
Or what the future holds
I'm telling them,
But they're so hardened
They can't see the severity
Of everything You offer


Embers of Faith - March 2009

Set List

The Michelle Weger Band can accommodate a variety of set list requirements, from all originals to a Sunday morning worship set and everything in between.

When covering worship songs, some of our favorite artists are:

Kari Jobe
Rita Springer
Brooke Fraser
Jared Anderson
David Crowder
John Mark MacMillan
Chris Tomlin
Israel Houghton
Matt Redman
Hillsong United

To name a few...