michelle wilde

michelle wilde


soul rockin goddess vivifies the stage with catchy hooks, a heartwarming smile, and tasteful, smart, straightforward lyricism that will stick to you like oatmeal in your belly


michelle's style is pop rock. influenced by the core of the earth and the soul of humanity...eclectically speaking, that would include everything from link wray, patti smith, john lennon, to bob marley, manu chao and ethereal singers like sarah mclachlan...decidedly her own woman- the charisma and love of life radiates from singer to audience and commands attention. michelle and the guitar met 18 years ago, and she's carried one with her, like a mascot, to almost 23 countries. michelle has pursued a musical path which is true to her inner callings and styles have changed drastically over the years. it keeps it always fresh.


Mighty Aphrodite

Written By: michelle Wilde

well, they're making lists of terrorists and they might put you on the list cause you were just looking at the sky

they're squezing the whole wrold, bad boys, making lots of noise, but never saying anything that's clear

yeah, they're in the oval office, in the parliament in london, in baghdad, and in jerusalem too,

well we don't need another war, like in iraq, that's right jack, i got a nother idea for you....

We need Mighty, Mighty, aphrodite
I said Mighty, mighty aphrodite...