Michelle Xen

Michelle Xen

 Queensland, AUS

Michelle Xen + The Neon Wild is a 5-piece live electronic-art-pop act has developed from bedroom producer to mainstage festival bomb.With equal parts dark light, Michelle Xens music soars and dips through pulsing basslines, energetic dance hooks, powerful military precision drums, and powerful vocal delivery.


Australia has been shy in its delivery of such an exploratory, art-exemplified female artist until now.

MICHELLE XEN is an electronic music producer, vocalist and visual artist. She chases songs. Collects words. Makes video and sound installations. Is a seamstress of strange shapes, sequins and other experiments with colour.

With equal parts dark & light, Michelle Xens music soars and dips with pulsing basslines, energetic dance moves, military precision drums, and powerful vocal delivery. With song writing and production advice from Quan Yeomans (Regurgitator), Wally de Backer (Gotye) and Scott Horscroft (Presets, Birds of Toyko), Michelle Xens sound has developed from bedroom producer to mainstage festival bomb.

Her recent release, ON FOR YOU, a killer 5-song 5-video EP, was crowdfunded by amazing fan support to the tune of $9000.
So with the ON FOR YOU EP released in late 2013, a new music due 2014/15, and a series of Australian tours, expect to see a lot more of Michelle Xen. Whether its the synthesis of Future Pop or a cross-disciplinary reaction to art and music, this seamstress of sequins and sound experiments has begun an unquestionable electronic evolution in Australias backyard which is export-worthy, airplay-ready and synth-heavy.

I see the change is coming, its like a tidal wave, (L.O.V.E., M Xen).

"A complete visual and aural experience that is extremely polished and expertly performed. There is nobody doing this kind of music half as capably, creatively or excitingly and you need it in your life" 
- Semplesize 

"They’re futuristic and innovative – pushing the limits both musically and performance wise" 
- Semplesize 

"One of the most forward-thinking pop acts in the country 
- The Music.com.au 

"Michelle Xen's EP is full of conflicting yet cohesive tracks that work together as a unit oh so well. I highly recommend it." 
- The AU Review 

"Her distinctive Electro-pop pushes the boundaries of art & sound. 
A spectacle worth shouting about" 
- The Music.com.au 

"Michelle Xen showcases her felicitous songwriting skills consummately, producing a collection of deep synth, heavy bass layered future electronica." 
- Acid Stag 

"Resembling the alien child of Ziggy Stardust and Karen O clad in the technicolour dream coat, Michelle Xen took to the stage armed with her motley neon crew to rapturous applause from the crowd." 
- MUM@World Bar 

MUSIC VIDEO 1 - Electro Comb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sY0W5ZRMZ0w
MUSIC VIDEO 2 - Swimming Pools (Drank) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vn4OUcDHHOc
MUSIC VIDEO 3 - Lose My Cool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0K2DitQMpQ

MANAGEMENT: carly@michellexen.tv


On For You - EP (Nov 2013)

Short Term Plan SINGLE (Sept 2014)


Set List

On For You
Electro Comb
Short Term Plan
Swimming Pools (Drank)
Lose My Cool
Give In
I Haven't Been Home In Days
Just Another Night