michel navedo

michel navedo

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Puerto Rican trumpeter, Michel Navedo, serving up smoky Jazz, Blues, and Brazilian music with a side of distinctive New Orleans flair. Performing both classics and original compositions, Michel's golden tone and sentimental, melodic approach to song has won the hearts of listeners around the world.


Born in Puerto Rico, raised in New Orleans; with such a rich musical background in which to grow up, Michel took to the trumpet at age 9 and began his quest for enlightenment and fulfillment through the art of song. Studied in Jazz, Afro Cuban, Brazllian, Classical, and Composition, Michel Navedo's focus on on the trumpet lies in melody, tone, and improvisation. Look forward to an incredible Jazz release this year from Michel, "New Orleans On My Mind". Bringing a heart felt and lyrical approach to some smoky originals, the album's sultry southern swing is both elegant and eloquent. It is unlike any Jazz album heard in recent times.


New Orleans On My Mind (2010)
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Set List

Typical set list is a mix of original Jazz/Brazilian/Latin compositions and a few covers, spanning from hard hitting Blues, to Miles Davis inspired cool, to eloquent ballads and Bossas. Sets are generally 45 minutes to an hour.