Michigan Boyz
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Michigan Boyz

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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1997-"Rap Warfare"-BNH(Bad Notorious Hoodlums)
1999-"In My Palm"-Demonix
2001-"We Are The Streets vol#1"-Michigan Boyz
2003-"We Are The Streets vol#2"-Michigan Boyz
2005-"Livin in a Bottle E.P"-Michigan Boyz
2006-"Got That Work vol#1"-Dj Dolla Billa
2006-"Gettin DirtyDollaz wit DirtyWork"-Dirtyilla


Feeling a bit camera shy


From them rapping hanging on the block to selling out local clubs.The"Michigan Boyz" Drez One and Dirtyilla plan to make major moves this year.They are the co CEO's and artists of their own indie label,Doggwood Records/Productions.
A Detroit based beat factory where they create an package their product from start to finish.The duo met in 1994 while they were members of other groups.These two groups "Novakane and "B.N.H"(Bad Notorious Hoodlums) came together to form one group they named the "Insain Soulz".
They would perform anywhere they could,from talent shows and block partys to festivals. In 1995 after a chance encounter with major recording artist Violent J of I.C.P. They were able to be a opening act,during their tour stop in Roseville,Michigan. By 1996 they were the last men standing in the 7 man "Insain Soul Collective".
In 1997 they moved their operation to Detroit,Michigan to avoid the crabs in a bucket mentality of a small town.
That same year the released their first album "Rap Warfare"to much street acclaim. In 1999 they released Demonix's "Pain in my Notepad".At that time Dirtyilla who was going by that name, hooked up with local producer Jewels to create his solo debut.
This gave them the buzz they needed in the city to book their own partys and shows.By 2001 they had branched out to Flint,Saginaw,Ypsilanti and Grand Rapids,Michigan. With their "We Are The Streets vol # 1mixtape" on the streets and internet.Doggwood records started to generate a bigger street buzz and a bigger fan base.
By 2003 they had opened shows for major acts like David Banner,Scarface,Esham and lil Flip.
In 2004 they went back to the lab and recreated their sound and image to perfection.Knowing that Detroit is a tough market to break, for a recording artist.The two rappers/producers studied the movement that other rappers in the south were having.
Their final conclusion was that artist in the south collaborate more together,so if one blow they all do.
So they decided to start their very own movement in the Midwest.To bring all recording artist and producers together to do business.
They decided to call this movement the "Michigan Boyz, to rep their state with the motto(Bigga then a block or city we rep a state).Drez One an Dirtyilla would be the the heads,and other artists/producers could join and be the body.In 2005 they released the single "Livin in a Bottle"finally get the airplay they deserved.They also released the mixtape "We Are The Streets vol# 2" selling thousands of copies off the hip.
For 2006 they will release a self titled Michigan Boyz record with tour support and partys.A solo debut from Dirtyilla titled "Gettin Dirtydollaz wit Dirtywork. They also will have a new mixtape series titled "Got That Work"by Dj Dolla Billa.
So if your looking for the truth then the "Michigan Boyz" are the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!