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"Without Frontiers"

The guitarist Michio presented us with the most international recital in the whole of the Jerez programme. Flamenco has succeeded in reaching all parts of the world, but in most cases it’s the foreigners who have made the most of it. The performance given by the German-Japanese musician Michio is a case in point. We witnessed a performance that was more exotic than flamenco even though Michio makes it abundantly clear that he is deeply versed in the latter art: his Taranta and Soleá, which he performed solo, without any accompanying band, were the most profoundly intense offerings of the evening. Once again, the Festival de Jerez has boldly stepped into the international arena not only by widening participation in its courses, but also by its decision to engage international performers. - Rubén Gutiérrez, Diario de Jerez

"A particular musical blend"

The secret of Michio’s music-making lies in his successful combination of flamenco sound and brilliant technique, passionate guitar melodies and the tonal colours of the Far East. This is the basis of Michio’s music-making as I saw and heard him yesterday in the Bodega. He is a German composer whose playing, a blend of classicism and flamenco, is closely allied to jazz. - Antonio Conde, La Voz

"A new guitar cosmos"

Many who know Michio, who comes from Fürstenhaus, will recall that even as a schoolboy he was never without his guitar. The boy from Völklingen has meanwhile become a flamenco guitarist admired all over the world. He personifies Nuevo Flamenco. During the concert, which was held in the former railway station, he showed himself to be the creator of a new guitar cosmos with a language all its own. Even without an amplifier he cast his spell over the whole of his capacity audience. This German-Japanese guitarist now lives in Spain but travels all over the world to give concerts. - Die Woche

"Perfect music for a candlelit evening"

This, his second album, shows him to be not only dextrous, but an expressive, emotional player. He's in a fine form throughout, using no New Age electronics, but occasionally employing vocalist Alicia Carrasco to bring the flamenco fire a bit closer. As a guitarist, he has a fluid style with some well-turned splashes that seem like paroxysms of deep feeling that echo flamenco's transcendent moments of duende. Having written all the tunes, he also demonstrates his mastery of this romantic, lovely genre. While "Zambúllete" is perfect music for a candlelit evening, Michio's serious chops offer more. - Marty Lipp, Global Rhythm Magazine

"Multi-cultural variety, light heartedness and implicitness"

His new CD is a remarkable recording, not only for guitarists. The Flamenco scene also celebrates it like an epiphany. Withal, Michio isn't even one of the known primary rocks of genuine Spanish tradition but close-knit to the Far East and Europe die to his origin. Who said that only Spanish people (or a Gitano or both) could deliver authentic Flamenco - with the term "authentic feeling" to be strictly avoided? Anyway, Japan or Germany - Michio, who presents his record under his first name only (maybe an upcoming brand?) has received most of his education in Germany and meanwhile experienced the conflict between various musical preferences and/or styles with regards to his future guitaristic line at an early age. Should he prefer Flamenco or the classic repertoire and/or abandon the one for the other? A difficult question, to which obviously even his music on this CD can't provide the answer. For his album "Zambúllete", Michio gathered some musicians with whom he plays Flamenco in alternating instrumentation that a non-expert would consider a modern example of this musical category. Therefore, dependencies to Paco de Lucia's play or guitarists that celebrate a mix of their Spanish roots, Jazz and Pop Music become obvious. Improvisation seems to be an important domain of Michio, although the CD presents him more as a sensible, imaginative lively rhythmic accompanist rather than a foreground soloist. The extremely delightful interplay with the flutist Tony Clark, who plays the Japanese Shakuhachi in a "Buleria" with a Japanese (!) title particularly heartfelt and expressive, can unfortunately not be reflected in words in this article. Impressive dialogues also arise with the singer Alicia Carrasco, which probably maintain a more authentic Flamenco atmosphere as from their musical feel. The track "Ayeres y Sueños" provides a good impression of Michio's solo work and probably allows for discovering a bit of his other "musical half", the classic style. Michio's CD offers a refreshing fusion of multi-cultural variety, light heartedness and implicitness that is targeted for one statement: Music knows no frontiers and it is good to see that guitarists in particular become cultural ambassadors by always looking to break new grounds. - Gitarre Aktuell

"Where to start with adoring?"

Guitarist Michio has published a really outstanding album. Where to start with adoring? Notes that get under the skin and seem to be made for Flamenco with their roughness, coming from the Japanese Shakuhachi flute. A little chant from the young Alicia Carrasco, a touch of piano but - and this is a must - Michio being the star of this album. His sense of composition, his substantiated education (classic guitar and Flamenco) and his impressive technique. "Zambullete" almost leaves you speechless with beauty, it being varied and inspired, full of feeling and power. Michio allots his stylistic variety and brilliant technique without showing of and convincing with every note he is playing. Listen to it! - Oliver Farke, Anda

"Undeceiving Flamenco"

Michio, born 1971, living in Duesseldorf, with Japanese roots, plays Flamenco as if had always lived in Andalusia and at the same time opens it elegantly, sometimes removing its sometimes poisonous sting. His second album, which, in addition to the voice of Alicia Carrasco, features bass, piano, percussion and the Japanese Shakuhachi flute, convinces with sensibility and a determined style. A trendy dilution? Not at all: Michio's songs are monolithic and don't follow any fashion dictate - despite felicitous adoptions of Jazz, Tango or Rumba. It goes without saying that the technique of the classically educated guitarist is as elaborated as his songs. This is Flamenco with a twist. - Matthias Böhni, Radio Magazine Switzerland

"Brilliant and innovative play"

Flamenco guitarist Michio from Duesseldorf moves deeper into fusion. Own creations, convincing with a crystal clear and ingenious play, beautiful interplays with the piano and above all, a Shakuhachi sequence, opening the door from Spain to the Far East. - Stefan Franzen, Jazzthing

"Magnificent, new, fresh and meditative"

On »Así nada más«, Michio displays a global flamenco style in Ignition. He has an absolute understanding of his art in this song. The vocals are a beautiful addition to his playing. Michio manages to go from basic chords to energized strumming to a rapid fire flash of chords in seconds. His playing is magnificent, new, fresh and meditative.

»Patito feo« is an upbeat classical acoustic tune. The 2nd track on this CD, this is one to get you up and dancing. It is reminiscent of romance, the night. His playing is insurmountable here, speed is redefined through the harmonics and chord structure of Michio.

»Viento de cara« is beauty. The soft slow progression of acoustics is peaceful. Michio, although playing quite rapidly, manages to bring his guitar down low. The vocals here are in direct response to his playing, much like opera. Listening to this is akin to a conversation between one voice and a guitar, not knowing which is which.

This entire CD is beyond typical guitar playing, let alone flamenco. This is music to relax to, drive for hours with, dance to, work alongside, love with, and most importantly; to soak up the gifted presence of Michio. If you play, wish to or are an aficionado of music at all, you need to get this CD.

Please go to: www.michio-world.org. Michio is well aware of the difference between playing and feeling. He is one with his guitar, allowing the listener to become an active part of his 12 track dreamscape entitled, Así nada más.
- Susan Marie, Target Audience Magazine, February 2009

"Sensible and energetic"

"Nostalgia" is one of the nine self composed tracks by Michio, included in his second CD. Prefaced by a Japanese flute, the song unfolds upon a poem about unfulfilled love, accompanied by sensible and at the same time energetic Flamenco sounds. "Nostalgia" is a little programmatic for what awaits the audience when listening to the CD. A little Japan, a little world-weariness and lots of great new Flamenco music. Michio is a fully educated guitarist, having amply studied Flamenco, classic guitar and Jazz. What Michio and his band are doing now is comparable to good cooking: The right ingredients are only a part of the story. If you're unable to deal with them correctly, all you get is a hotpot. The secret is, to find the right amount of ingredients and to abandon anything that might be generally tasty but doesn't fit the style. This is how to create intensity. It is not only about taste but also about the character of the ingredients being recognisable when being combined. And now we come back to Michio and his band. It is amazing to listen to him, improvising for minutes like in "Distancia", trying to escape from a complicated exaggerated chord, reflecting this ingredient in all his depth. Or when he takes a piece of Japanese folk music to slightly boil it in the lachrymose water of a Spanish Buleria, only to coat the whole thing with an air of dignity with his fast fingers on the guitar... Tasty and gorgeous to listen to. ” - A. Lagos, MP3.COM


Moros y Cristianos (1999)
Zambúllete (2005)
Así nada más (2008)



The guitarist and composer Michio mainly lives in Düsseldorf/Germany and tours Europe and Japan with his Michio Flamenco Project (guitar, bass, vocals, shakuhachi, percussion).

A welcome guest at renowned flamenco and guitar festivals both in Germany and abroad, he also performed at the world-famous "Festival de Flamenco" in Jerez de la Frontera in 2007 - being the first non-Spanish guitarist ever to be invited there to present his own programme. Already in May 2007, Michio harked back to his classical roots (studies of classical guitar at the Vienna Conservatory): with much acclaim, he interpreted the famous "Concierto de Aranjuez" by Joaquín Rodrigo.

His second solo CD "Zambúllete" was released with Alameda Production and has been distributed by Galileo MC since the beginning of 2005.

His latest CD "Así nada más" was released again with Alameda Production in September 2008.

Apart from working as a guitarist, Michio has also become a sought-after composer: for instance, he both wrote and performed live the stage music for contemporary dance adaptations of Federico Garcá Lorca's "Das Haus der Bernarda Alba" and "VergissMeinNicht", both directed by choreographer Mei Hong Lin.