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"The Madness of Mickael Maddison"

Over the last few years, the quality of the music scene in Kamloops has exploded. The city has emerged as a hotbed for talent. Artists and groups who once only dreamed of hearing themselves on commercial radio outlets are now being played in semi-regular rotation. Any given night of the week, if you look hard enough, you’ll find bands showcasing their wares and spreading their message to any and all in earshot.
One such band is the one guitarist/vocalist Mickael Maddison lends his name to. Computer programmer by day, musician by night, Mike knew he had to bust into music, and in the last half decade, without any formal vocal training (singing in the shower doesn’t really count) he decided the time was ripe. Throw drummer Doug McCallum and bassist Jonathan Anthony into the mix and you have a recipe for some damn good music.
Thanks to technological advancements in recent years, the majority of the tracks are recorded in the Mickael’s home studio while mixing and mastering duties are handled by James Lipoth from his own studio in Saskatchewan. “James handled all the recording and production on the first cd, Free. Things went so well that we both wanted to work together on this one,” says Maddison.
Mickael Maddison don’t pull any punches with their blend of mid-tempo numbers mixed with straight up kick your teeth in rock – all sung with a smile. They’re one of a handful of new bands really pushing the boundaries and elevating the quality of music from the region.“Kamloops has many amazing musicians and quite a diverse array of quality artists. There are also some great venues and radio stations that are helping build up the live music scene. I’d say the scene has been getting more interesting as more people get into indie music.”
The 70s and 80s influences are definitely there, but their sound is fresh as opposed to a throwback to yesteryear. “We think of ourselves as Rock Soup. Anything from light rock to hard rock or metal is fair game.” Their debut EP, Free was birthed in 2005 with the singles Drink and When I’m Free both getting considerable airtime. That was enough to create a pretty good buzz for the guys who seem to always stay one step ahead of the game.
Case in point: www.kamloopsmusic.com. “Jonathan said something to me back in December about how Kamloops needed a site to promote live music in town. Interestingly enough, I had registered the site three years ago with the same idea. A quick high-five and the site was launched in January 2008. Jonathan is tight with the local scene so he’s the frontman for the website.”
Forward thinkers, Mickael Maddison created a network that’s growing by the day, where local artists and bands of any genre can connect with one another, browse through a list of potential venues for shows, access local media outlets to send their stuff to, and of course, most importantly, find out up to date information of who is playing where and when. As for where and when, those lines can be blurred sometimes as was the case this past Canada Day when the band somehow doublebooked themselves but made it work regardless. “That was a great day,” says Maddison. “We had offered to play at Riverside Park on Canada Day but hadn’t heard back on the show so we went ahead and booked a gig in downtown Kelowna. Four days before the show we get this email saying we’re scheduled to play in Kamloops. A few phone calls and some great work by the Community Arts Council, the times were adjusted so we could take on both events. Everything worked out. We rocked the pre-afternoon show in the park and killed Kelowna’s downtown core in the evening.”
Dedicated to their craft? You bet. The new cd is nearing completion, and having previewed a few tracks myself I can already attest to the evolution of Mickael Maddison. The concepts and musicality of songs like Forward Today and Sweet Misery evoke sweet emotion as the tales unfold satiating those waiting for the full release to drop.

By Ara Andonian - Off Centre Magazine - Off Centre Magazine - October 2008

"Mickael Maddison "(A song can) remind us we're alive""

Phillip Hong
22 November, 2007

The lyrics from the latest tune released from this interesting artist happens to start with a drunkard who needed help.

Of course, it'd be a little hard to prove that it's the story of Mickael Maddison -- no, Mickael wasn't the drunkard. His latest song "Drink" describes more of one's questions about being emotionally charitable in this crazy world.

So, Mickael was "charitable" to participate in an interview, about his own progress in the road less travelled, and how his music could reflect him not as a story of himself, but as one of what he's gone through as a human.

PHIL: How did you get into music? Was it a way to express yourself?

MICKAEL: Music has always been something I've appreciated as a listener. There's something about a song that explores the hard questions or tells a heart-wrenching story that reminds us we're alive.

When I began playing guitar, I found that I could let off some steam by taking all the emotions from life and packing them into songs. My wife prompted me to record my music which triggered a series of events that led me to realize how important these songs are to me and how much they can touch others.

PHIL: Has the road to realising your career been a tedious one for you?

MICKAEL: Definitely. Looking back and realizing how close I came to missing this opportunity makes me realize just how fortunate I am to have had the successes I've seen thus far.

Had I never had that push to record the CD, I would never have known the joy of performing live. I would never have had the pleasure of sharing this music with my father before his death. I never would have realized how music can help me deal with the pain of such a tragic loss.

PHIL: Has the internet helped you in the promotion of your material?

MICKAEL: The internet has played such a huge part in the growth of my music, perhaps not in the way one might expect. During the recording process, I would share files back and forth online with my producer.

As things came together, I would share the songs with my friends all over the world and gain valuable feedback and support. I put together a few home-made videos and posted them on sites like MySpace and YouTube and have been amazed to discover that tens of thousands of visitors would come to watch them.

Spreading the word about live shows through my email list and selling music on sites like iTunes and CD Baby has been invaluable. It's amazing to think of how many people all over the world that have listened to my music.

Having the ability to promote music online is definitely changing how artists connect with fans, and how fans get ahold of music and interact with artists.

Phillip Hong is a co-host and reporter on Centre Street, our current affairs programme featuring alternative stories and interviews. - Fab!Indie on 148.ca

"97.5 FM CKRV"

We at "97.5 The RIVER" CKRV-FM Kamloops have had Mickael appear not once, but twice on our local talent show "Homegrown" within the last year. I had the pleasure of interviewing him, and featured 5 of his songs off his recent EP "Free". The quality of the production is excellent, and the musicianship is superb.

Tim Tyler
Music Director for "97.5 The RIVER" CKRV-FM - Tim Tyler

"Merle or Metallica?"

Local Musician makes his recording debut with an EP free of genre distinctions.

[3/4 Page Article]

Mickael Maddison is partial to metal, so it is ironic that his first song to garner attention is more of a country number.

The song, Drink, has been getting spin on 98.5 The River and on CFBX, the campus-community radio station, since the Juniper Ridge father of two released his debut CD, Free, a week ago.

Drink empathizes with street life by establishing a personal connection between the listener and the down-and-out drunk. Merle Haggard it ain't, but it's definitely not Metallica or Megadeth either.

(please contact for full entry). - Kamloops Daily News

"The Local Scene - Mickael Maddison"

Music may have started out as just a hobby for local songwriter and musician, Mickael Maddison, but ever since the release of the debut EP, "Free", things have taken off and he is learning first hand how to juggle two careers, a young family and success.

Maddison, a self-taught musician, chose Kamloops as the place to raise his family. "Kamloops is a great place to live," he said. From his home, Maddison also runs an international web hosting company. His knowledge of computers and sheer technical skill has been an undeniable asset in the quality and success of his album and accompanying videos.

Released June 20, "Free" features six tracks written by Maddison. He recorded the vocal and guitar tracks at home on his personal computer and sent them away to be professionally produced. Locally the album is receiving airplay on 97.5 the River and stayed in the top 20 for two weeks in September at 92.5 the X. Maddison said the diversity of rock on his album comes from a genuine interest in many kinds of music, from progressive rock to pop.

He also found time to record several videos and has them available to download on his web site. Maddison said the videos have been very popular and have received over 1,700 hits since August. "It's been alright. I bought a better camera for the next time around," he said. "I'm not trying to be Hollywood; I'm not trying to be MTV. I'm trying to say, 'Hey, I'm serious about what I'm doing and I'm putting this all together.'"

Maddison has learned how to utilize the Internet to promote his music. Through his company he has built a score of international contacts that have helped him with the distribution of his album. A radio station in Germany even contacted him to talk about his music. Thanks to his international contacts, "Free" is available in a number of countries.

His next goal is to record a full-length album. After that, Maddison plans to start working on a live show. "I want to avoid trying to have a full band," he said. A self proclaimed tech geek, Maddison said he wants to find ways to use technology to do a different kind of live show. "When I'm ready to do the live show, I will," he said. Until then, however, check out www.mickaelmaddison.com

The Local Scene - Mickael Maddison
by Robin Roste
oMega A&E Editor - Omega


"In Loving Misery" December 2008. The first full album features 10 tracks best described as "Rock Soup". A new blend of classic styles with modern sounds ranging from straight-up rock, adult contemporary to hard rock with metal seasonings.

Free - 6 Song Demo/EP Released 2005
Airplay from Free includes frequent play of "Drink" and "When I'm Free".



Mickael Maddison rocks the music scene. Although he's fairly new to recording and performing, the simple fact is that he's not only in this for the love of music, he's also in this on demand; The demand that keeps on growing...

Here's the story. A few years ago, Mickael didn't see himself releasing CD's and performing live. He had always enjoyed playing drums, guitar, singing and writing music at home. One day his wife suggested it was time to make a permanent record of his songs. Mickael agreed and sought out the help and guidance of engineer and producer James Lipoth and they began laying down tracks. As Mickael was recording he sent some samples to friends and family and they suggested he send his songs to some radio stations. Before he had finished the project, the tracks "When I'm Free" and "Drink" began receiving airplay on Commercial and College FM radio.

"I really had no idea that my music was something people would want to listen to", says Mickael. "It was supposed to be something just for myself, my family and my friends. Things have gone a lot further than I could have imagined." His music has led him to form a live trio, become a regular performer, and setup his own studio.

With the release of his second CD, a 10 song album titled "In Loving Misery...", Mickael has exceeded the success of his first EP with more radio stations spinning tracks, great press reviews, and a growing list of venues requesting live performances.