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12" Incinerator
12" Beatdown
12" All We Know
CD/LP Word War 1:The Voice of Reason
12" God of Thunder
CD/LP Word War 2;Evolution of the Torturer
12" Fahrenheit 9/11
Mix CD Big Bangers
DJ Krush "Code 4109"
Army of the Pharoahs "exertions", "Death March" &"War ensemble"
Molemen "Scarlet Letter" f/Del tha funkee homosapien & Casual
SnowGoons "Heads or Tails" f/Jus ALlah &Kamachi
7l&Esoteric "Be ALert", "Touch The Mic", "Headswell"
Count Bass D "Piece of the Pie"
DJ Vadim "The Higher Standard" F/ Mr Lif
Dj Hype "The Session" f/ Freestyle
Blue Sky Black Death "Brain Cells Warm"



Miguel Blackmer-Hart, better known as "Virtuoso" or "Big Virt" is a unique and capitivating artist who is quickly making a name as one of the hottest emerging talents on todays international music scene. Born in Cambridge, Massacusetts, Virtuoso has been around music and recording studios since birth spending much of his childhood accompanying his father, a former rock musician, on his job as a top studio electronics specialist in the mid 80's. Ever since he was a young child Virt has exhibited a talent and passion for music, writing songs and recording them before he began grade school on his fathers equipment.
Raised on rock and roll Virt became hooked on the big beat and battle aesthetic of hiphop when he heard LL Cool J "Radio" and The Beastie Boys "Licensed to Ill" and saw movies such as Krush Groove and Breakin'. Having also spent many of his childhood summers in the Dominican Republic visiting his extended family and playing baseball the Latin music bug bit Virt early on. Dancing merengue with the pretty young girls soon became his favorite pastime.
These diverse, deep seeded influences are easily noticable in the unique way that he is able to seamlessly cross genres while still maintaining his distinct personal style.

Virt first came to the notice of the hip-hop community in 1999 with a string of show stopping cameos followed by his blazing
Debut single "Incinerator". Immediately recognized as a force to be reckoned with, Virtuoso began touring Europe and the US and continued to blow minds with his vivid lyrical imagery, rapping on countless indie hip-hop classics and appearing on "The Carson Daly Show" and on HBO's "Blaze Battle"
where his famous freestyle skills were put on display for the world to see. He has been featured in publications such as XXL, URB, Blaze and many more.
After releasing two classic underground albums, and performing and collaborating with a who's who of hip-hop heavyweights, Virtuoso began to feel limited by creating in one genre. He started to tap into his rock and latin music roots and expand the scope of his vision. Tired of the Boston winters he spent a brief stint living in Oakland where he collaborated heavily with Del the funkee homosapien and the Hiero crew, and began playing in a rock band. Virt soon found himself connected with Luny Tunes when his company, Blackmer Sound got a contract to design their studio complex in Puerto Rico in late 2005. After playing a demo he had made recently Luny said "that's not you rapping, that's a black guy!" After witnessing Virt flowing face to face Luny immediately said "I'm gonna get you a record deal". After working on some demo's over Luny Tunes beats Virt became tired of waiting in the wings and decided to start his own company, Big Bang Records and take his career into his own hands. His demo's with Luny Tunes caught the ear of Hyde, mixing engineer for Daddy Yankee, who connected him with DY's in house production team Menes y Musicologo. The chemistry was immediately obvious and they began working on Big Virt's upcoming album "CoVirt Operations". Along with hip-hop hitmakers like The Beat Bullies and Clinton Sparks and up and coming beatsmiths like Spanish Jose and BToven the roster of producers who have collaborated for Virt's projects Is ever growing. With his hit single "Send Your Love" produced by Musicologo burning up the American and Latin markets, he is poised to explode onto the international scene. A rising superstar with a commanding voice, flawless flow and striking look, Virt is the total package.
He is a thought provoking lyricist, captivating performer and vivacious vocalist who's diverse talents have earned him the name Virtuoso.