Mickey Caputo

Mickey Caputo


Mickey Caputo's voice has been featured primarily on network(WB,CBS) and cable television(Showtime) shows.If you want someone easy to work with who accepts a fair price for songs you have found your guy.


Described as 'Green Day-Lite', no one song sounds the same. Chameleon-esque, Mickey Caputo's songs have a life of their own, each one fitting in to the specified genre. From garage rock to country to spiritual, there is no other artist out there right now like this.


Tuesday Mourning

Written By: Mickey Caputo

Seven O'Clock, morning
Gotta get up for work
I just gotta be alone right now and honor all this hurt
My best friend's leaving in a couple weeks and I have'nt come to terms
Lying in this lonely place with no one left to turn to

Wake me up say its just a dream
Its not supposed to happen this way
Someone said it would be easier
but life didn't happen that way
Lift me up high to a better place
Its Tuesday Mourning


"We Live Forever' released in July. Available on iTunes and Amazon.com.