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Mickey Nightrain

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Endless spot-on mixes and transitions,razor sharp cuts and scratches and mind altering beat juggling are just the beginning of the mix odyssey that Mickey Nightrain unleashes on the dancefloor in one of his dj sets. His original productions have been charted by the top echelon of djs of the industry


Dj, live musician, record label owner, and genuine lover of music in it’s simplest essence. Known also as Maximus for his productions on the legendary
Frankie Bones’ labels, Marty Petza became known as Mickey Nightrain in ‘03 and since then has been been quite busy and for good reason. His newest track "Ignatius II" has been charted by some of the top djs in the world including D. Ramirez and Nick Warren. In 2005 "The Path" and 2007 original tracks
“Crossover”, Meno Mosso” and “The Contender” brought his sound to international audiences while scoring high on the sales charts. He not only produces tracks but is able to play
them LIVE through his p.a. setup of harware keyboards, samplers and drum machines making him one of very few in the business. On top of that he’s a true mixologist juggling beats, basslines and vocals to make truly unique and random realtime edits with his records. The Nightrain sound is a
mix of futuristic, bass heavy house, techno and minimal beats which look to the future but never forget the past mixed in fast and furious pace to keep his captives on the floor for hours.

No stranger to the media, Petza was recently interviewed on CBS News Miami and has celebrated his debut mix album release on the 29 year old’s Nightrain Music imprint which is about to celebrate it’s 100th release before the end of the year in less than two years of opening shop. Needless to say he is constantly either working on his own productions or consumed by label duties, all while performing 3-4 nights a week in cities across the US and soon the world for his ‘09

The more interesting story starts in the summer of 1995 in an abandoned south east Baltimore warehouse. After a brief introduction to hardcore techno, Petza felt that it was finally a music that he could understand and he wanted more. A fiend
for mixtapes and weekend raves, Marty had become a non-dj music guru, screaming out the name of the tune just by the first 32 count of the record. In 1996 he decided to try his hand at a mix just out of benign curiosity, failing miserably at first but this intrigued him and so it was. Dj Maximus was born and he eventually got his first club residency at Baltimore’s famous Club 1722 back at the turn of the century. The years in between
today and then have been quite a ride for the now Miami resident and there is no end in sight for his rise to popularity. The future looks very bright for this hard working music enthusiast and if you catch a gig from him you’ll know what the hype is all about.


Ignatius II - Nightrain Music (2009)
Linear Jesus - Nightrain Music (2008)
Generator - Nightrain Music (2008)
Kill The Resident - Nightrain Music (2008)
Work It - Nightrain Music (2008)
Meno Mosso - Nightrain Music (2007)
Invasion - Nightrain Music (2007)
The Contender - Nightrain Music (2007)
Park Nights - Nightrain Music (2007)
Crossover feat, Jes EFX - Nightrain Music (2007)
The Path EP - Nightrain Music (2006)
Shabang feat. Marv C - Nightrain Music (2006)
Fligh 414 - Saline Records (2006)
To Find Him - Saline Records (2006)

Compilations (Dj Mixes):
Internal Design Vol. 1 - Nightrain Music (2008)
Internal Design Vol. 2 - Nightrain Music (2008)
Internal Design Vol. 3 - Nightrain Music (2009)
Big Room - Nightrain Music (2008)

Set List

Dj sets are anywhere from 1-5 hours.
Live p.a. is 45-60 minutes.
A mix of original productions and other artist's productions are played.