Mick Grad

Mick Grad


Mick Grad professional musician established as a musician and composer. Mick wrote music for rock, jazz, blues band and classical guitar music. These days he composes music for electric and classic guitars and performs solo and with tango-jazz-rock band Tangomania www.youtube.com search: Mick Grad


Mick Grad (guitar: rock, blues, jazz - rock, classic)
After being graduated from Glinka Academy of Music (Europe) Mick, first attracted attention in the 1970s, by playing with internationally famous guitar classical and blues, rock musicians.
In his 30-year career as a professional musician, Mick established himself as one of the most prolific and distinctive musician-composer-band leaders. Mick worked in almost every musical genre and wrote music for rock bands, jazz, blues, classical ensembles, as well as his guitar sound experiments at recording sessions in early 1990s, where he was invited to perform as a recording artist. He maintained a highly productive career leading his music band that encompassed composing, played on national TV show, recording and touring in many places around Europe. Mick produced several music albums, received many music awards in Europe.
These days he composes and performs in Toronto solo concert (el.guitar) and with trio tango-rock music band Tangomania.
Wide-ranging taste in music is always a key for Mick in his music career as a musician composer and guitar teacher.


DVD "Tangomania" Live 2007

Set List

Mick Grad wrote around 30 original songs and instrumental compositions.
Mick played solo concert 30-40 min. On electric guitar with sound processor Zoom 8080, and sequencer Yamaha QY 20 (example www.youtube.com search videos: Mick Grad)
and with trio tango-jazz-rock band by Astor Piazzolla, (Mick Grad-guitar, Yury Kvartirmester � piano, Pavel Markelov - clarinet) Concert program: 1 hour and more.