Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Jag's music is influenced by some of the best artist in his time and in the past B.I.G. Lyrical, funny, real, deep and logical, his rhymes are always on point and different. My music is fun, its new and fresh, I don't sound like anyone on or not but my flow and deliverance is what sets me apart.


Mickey Howington stage name Mick Jagga was born May 13, 1991 in Rocky Mount NC. Being the youngest out of 8 and being raised by a single mother Mick Jagga has always pushed for excellence. Writing music since the young age of 6,he knew what his passion was and what he would accomplish once he was older. 'Growing up in a low income family, I always knew that their was so more to the world that I haven't seen and I wanted to see it all.' Surrounded by negative influences most of his teenage life made me sometimes think “is this all I'm worth and all I'll ever do” but he refused to believe that was the truth and my future. As I grew my passion for music also grew, but not only was music my only passion; cooking had a very big influence on my life. Whenever I had the opportunity to be in a school play, or musical or anything to get my name out I was in it.

Im a young guy waiting on my shot at at success.When it comes believe i will give it all I've got.Thanks to my fans for the support. I do this for "US".


2010-"On Fiya"-
2011-Jagga'sVille, Introduction to Mick Jagga, The Dopness
2012-Ouch, Jag-Ology,