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Mick Luter-Chicago's best kept secret! This cat represents life and hip hop in its totality-truly a breath of fresh air in the world of hip hop. The hottest unsigned artist out here. Jim DeRogatis(Chicago Sun Times music critic) says "He's ready to give Kanye West a run for his money!"


There has been an infectious buzz circulating throughout the city of Chicago due to the ever growing hip hop community. "The Chi" has been bubbling in the Midwest for years and with the recent success of Kanye West, Common, Twista and Lupe Fiasco, the city is set to explode. Next up is an MC from Chicago's West Side(Mick Luter) who's passionate delivery and clever wordplay leave heads wondering why HE'S NOT SIGNED! He has recently recorded with Bump J, Common, Stack Bundles & BR Gunna while he receives production from NO ID, Buckwild, Brian "All Day" Miller, 1120, SC & BR Gunna.


Someday (produced by 1120)

Written By: Mick Luter

It takes a special kind of mind to grind/And work from the bottom and climb up the ladder of success in time/It doesn't matter what the test is/Every step is/Another level til i step in as the next in line/No question/Im considered one of the best/My whole life invested in holding mics and sketching rhymes/U guessed it/Im on mine still restless/Yes even pressed up my records on my own dime/As many battles i blew breath in/And open mics I blessed/I'll never be labeled an overnight success/Passing out cd's/Doing shows for free/Then jabbing beau to eat so that my soul could speak/Over these soulful beats thats so cold to me/Like the breeze in the Chi where we be posted deep/All the prices that i've paid and sacrifices i've made/It will all come to life one day/SOMEDAY

Chorus 2X
Just wait and see-SOMEDAY SOMEDAY/We'll all make it for me/SOMEDAY we'll all be free

The Science (produced by NO I.D.)

Written By: Mick Luter

Ayo my music is addictive to the user/I let the rush soothe them/they tune in/then i school them/Listen homey this shit aint real/Its just illusions/used to fool men, women and child to confusion/Start running wild changing views when/Niggas think they winning when they losing/caught up in movements moving foolish/Letting life fool em/Betting they life losing/Trying to better they life from fights moving/Cruising/GRabbing clicks and crews and/Bagging chicks and dudes off tips with slick maneuvers/Turn OG's to broke thieves and hungry crooks/Stand sideways my way giving me funny looks/Thats why i hid emy money in books/They scared to learn/Allergic to words/Swerving towards murderous curves/In the dark working the curb/Im gon still shine cuz im the light/And im gon burn til my purpose is served

Chorus 2X
Knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss/Its the wisdom that shines through the visions of the midst/The main challenge is to maintain the balance/Between ya soul and ya body in control-its THE SCIENCE


Bless The Bottle-produced by Buckwild
The Science-produced by NO ID
Someday-produced by 1120(all songs spinning nationwide)

"My Word" 13 tracks produced mainly by NO ID
(www.cdbaby.com/mickluter) December 2003

"The Mickstape-Hustle Harder Vol.1" feat. Stack Bundles & Skip Lava December 2006

Streaming-www.barakrecords.com(Sumthin Good)

Set List

There are 2 different sets depending on performance time-1 is between 15-30 minutes(5-8 songs) and the other is between 40-60 minutes(10-14 songs) NO COVERS-ALL ORIGINAL!