mick mcintyre

mick mcintyre


versatile blues & rock based. songs inspired from life & travels ,surfing culture.


I have been playing since I was seventeen, when I saw a cover band called "Connection 8's" & I had an automatic affinity with the electric guitar. I just knew that it was something I had to do.
I heard some blues when I was younger but it scared the shit out of me. There was something so real about it , I think I felt all that pain from the slavery day's of the past that it just hit a nerve in me, that 's something i'll never forget. I try to draw my influences from that era & also the now.
I moved from Canberra to Melbourne to try & form a band & got to play in & sing in a variety of bands.
I then met Stuart Hughes from the "Rocket 88's" & worked with him for a while doing carpentry. I was goin to his gigs every Saturday. I was living at the corner hotel & working in the city & at night I was able to see a lot of up & coming muso's like Johnny Diesel & Black Sorrows, Joe Camaleiry, Phill Para & the Persuaders etc. (There's heaps more ,thats just a few.) I then met Jason Mitchell who worked in a music shop on Nicolson St. He was in band called Night Wolf, that broke up for drug related reasons. He was showing me heaps of stuff & we began jamming a lot. I then started busking. That was my first payed gig. I was so stoked , probably happiest bloke on the planet. I then met Fletch, a bass player who to this day i reckon is the greatest bassist i've ever played with. We formed a band called Electric Hair & we played covers & wrote originals as well . We were about to start gigging after making a demo, when forces outside the band split us up. I then moved to a place on the NSW south coast. I just surfed & worked in my parents shop for the next 10 years. I played in a cover band for six months or so & it just did'nt do it for me, so i moved to Wollongong & did a music industry coarse. I then met Ed Sinnot the famous surf board shaper, surfing pipe. We had a jam & wrote 3 songs in that 1st jam.... just like that.
So we kept writing & doing gigs as a duo & having a blast
Muso's started finding us & next thing you know we're an 8 piece band with some crazy very talented muso's .
We were called the Bombora Bro's & we packed every show to the rafters. Real raw energy just cutting it up, getting really good reviews, I was just having a ball.
We then decided to cut a cd. Our bassist big
Al Wright, who also produced Noise Works to gold. But we spit after I had a fall out with Greg Westwood, the other guitarist. I then started building again to get me some money together.
I then met a beautiful girl named Wendy we then started traveling around Australia & ended up in a coastal town called Kalbarri. We just recently had a beautiful baby boy, Koby Ray
Now I'm writing & giving lessons & trying to form a band & start a herb growing business all from home. Playing every day, and will start doing gigs in the near future.


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Set List

working on a brand new repertoire at the moment .
I'll keep ya posted