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Written By: Mick Neuman


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Written By: Mick Neuman

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The Other Side of Myego

Written By: Mick Neuman

As I was lying awake on the other side of myego
whatever happened to me at the other side of myego

the salted air that i breath and all i dared to believe
of the dreaming i found in myego
was all but rare and unreal, and just being there makes you feel
like you're sleeping around in myego

say what you wanna say but the dreamtime will set you free
do wat you wanna do
take a ride down the streets of the other side of myego

my stay there was nice
the cold to my ice
the bag to my tea
and you can think what you wanna think
like the time i believed in the other side of myego
it has to happen for me, but i still feel it slipping away