Mic Knight

Mic Knight

 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
BandHip Hop

Mic Knight is the anamoly. He is a very unique artist willing to put it all on the line to take hip hop to another level and to change peoples lives. On and off stage, he is one in the same. Genuine. Hip Hop will never be same? Better yet, he is proof that hip hop is FOREVER changing!


Born in upstate New York...east coast, boom bap make the room clap type of vibe. Carefree music that is real talk to the core. In other words, Mic Knight is his own breed of musician and lives to stress the importance of not only that mentality with music, but with life itself.


Curbside Stories, by Eulogistic Alliance (Feat Mic Knight) - released 2005
Rhyme.edu, by Mic Knight - Release Spring 2011

currently "Don't Worry" is streaming on FixYa Focus Radio on www.ueradiolive.com

Set List

microphone, 1 - 2 depending on if dj would be present
basic 1/4 in set up for dj turntables or 1/8 in cable for media input