Mick Overman (& The Maniacs)

Mick Overman (& The Maniacs)

 Portland, Oregon, USA

His music's best described as "Bluesy Folk & Roll with Jazz Attitude" & performance/guitar style as "Berklee College of Caveman". Having performed as many as 379 shows in a year he's long been regarded one of the west coast's hardest working & prolific artists . A Poet & Master Musician. Yes. Wow.


Mick Overman is a Legend and “Iron Man of The Road”.

He’s a poet and master musician. "Bluesy Folk & Roll with Jazz Attitude" is the best description of his music and performance. His singing and guitar playing are accurately described as "Berklee College of Caveman".

Overman has long been regarded as one of the west coast’s hardest working (as many as 379 performances in one year) and prolific artists.

In addition to being an impactful and dynamic solo performer Overman’s band consistently features some of the west coast’s most gifted and talented musicians.

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“I’m convinced that ”perfect” does little for art or music” Overman states. “I think we are primarily looking towards art or music to experience the expression of something we can identify as resonating with our own life experience and which reminds us that we’re both human beings (speaks to our hearts/emotions and minds/intellects and souls) and animals (we live in and use physical bodies).

The central theme in most of my work is detachment and transcendence and victory of the human spirit over futility with as much humor as possible. And it always has been.”


"Kick Me Down A Little Heart And Soul"

Written By: Mick Overman

© 2006 Mick Overman / OhCorina Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved

Kick me down a little heart and soul
Have you got a bone to throw?
I am sadly at a loss for it
Can you come across with it?
Kick me down a little bit of heart and soul (before you go)
Kick me down a little bit of heart and soul

I was standing on the platform with my ticket in my hand
When I saw you from the corner of my eye
With the shadows of the years
All the dreams and all the tears
On your face and not a soul to wave goodbye

I was standing in the doorway in the middle of the night
In a town where I did not have a friend
I was thinking of my sweetheart's beautiful face
I did not know when I would see her again

I am looking to the future
I am looking at the past
I am standing in the middle of the road
Asking you to bring a little more to show and tell
Than your credit card and your postal code

I am looking in the mirror
I am looking down the tracks
I am looking for a way out of this hole
I am looking for the only thing
That will set me free
Kick me down a little bit of heart and soul

"Cup and Cane" - Spoken Version

Written By: Mick Overman

© 2006 Mick Overman / OhCorina Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved

I throw down my cup and cane
City of darkness and light
City of rainbows and bridges
City of magic and dreams
Maybe I will find you there
While I’m just out walking around
Step out of the mist
Like Aurora in a violet gown
Maybe we will meet at last
Daylight is breaking or in the afternoon
Asking only for eyes to see
As we are only here now as we have ever been
As we return to the time and place of origin again and again
And I finally lay down
I lay down my cup and cane

I reach for your hand through a dream
Past the corners and the edges of night
Just like I have always done
Before and since I was given breath and sight
I hope that I will find you there
Walking down some nameless road
Unlikely as it may sound
The beginning or the end of another episode
Maybe you will recognize my face
Clouds are sneaking past the sun and moon
And already know my name
As we are only here now as we have ever been
As we return to the time and place of origin again and again
And I finally reach through
I reach for your hand through a dream

I lay down my cup and cane
Just like you said that I would
And leave them where they lay
Walk away and say that we did
Maybe we will find out then
What we were always supposed to know
Before the doubt crept in
Stole what was obvious long ago
Maybe we will give up the ghost
Shrouds us from the light and jails our hearts in fear
Hides our eyes from the truth
As we are only here now as we have ever been
As we return to the time and place of origin again and again
And I finally lay down
I lay down my cup and cane

"Pocket Full Of Zero"

Written By: Mick Overman

© 2006 Mick Overman / OhCorina Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved

Night falls on the outskirts of town
One day older than this morning
Feel like a visitor in my skin
Very same one I was born in
I’ve got a head full of big ideas
And a pocket full of zero
Tonight I may be the black cat in your road
Tomorrow I might be your hero

I’ve been the victim of my own bad attitude
More than I care to mention
Thought the worst of the best people I know
I lost track of my intention
Better me have some faith
And sometimes have to doubt it
Than to have to face another day entirely without it

I’ve seen the poison of suspicion
And mistrust so much recently
In situations providing opportunities
To treat one another decently
I’ve seen compassion and forgiveness
Generosity and kindness
At times and in places
I would least expect to find this

I’m watching the trucks roll by
From the balcony of an old hotel
A town that once welcomed me sweetly with open arms
Sold me down the river into hell
Time to disengage
Time to hit the road
Make peace with the dealer and the danger
Uncertain who stands to gain the most to gain
The healer or the changee or the changer

"The Elemental Now"

Written By: Mick Overman

© 2008 Mick Overman/OhCorina Music (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

Catch me when I fall
Lead me to the ball and I will run with it
Bring it to a boil
Sustain this mortal coil until I’m done with it
Protect me while I linger for a moment on the edge
Take my hand and talk me down from the ledge
I will give it all I’ve got
Prove that I am not a hunk of wasted spirit junk

Give me to the wind
To spin as the universe pauses to reflect upon itself
Blow me back again
Through the mathematic heavens to the center of my
Help me keep the lid on when I start to lose my cool
I am here to walk the line and I am here to bend the
I have never seen a problem so big it can’t be broken
into bite sized parts

After all is said and done leave the pieces where they
So we can tell where they belong

We are learning how
In the elemental now trusting ordinary common sense
Leave doubting voice behind
Make up our own mind sifting through the evidence
The writing on the wall isn’t always what it seems
Though it’s time to move along I won’t abandon last
year’s dream
And that our lives will be simple and filled with one
good thing
followed by another and the next

"Save The World By Bedtime"

Written By: Mick Overman

© 2008 Mick Overman
OhCorina Music (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

Look at all of the stuff I’ve got
In the back of this pickup truck
One hell of a place to call home
I could spread it around a lot
It’s not my style and it’s just my luck
Look no farther than I can throw a stone

And it’s not so long
Until the dark of night meets the light of dawn
And it’s not so wrong
To go on about my business
No it’s not so wrong
To be satisfied and grateful with the spot I’m standing on

Look at all of this endless road
Takes me away and it leads me back
Past the cotton and the cattle and the bible billboards
Advertising overload
Not particularly troubled by what I lack
I like what I’ve got
I’ve got everything to live for

See my dreams on the horizon
Beside the rising sun
Live my life like I could save the world by bedtime with a song

There has never been a time like now
Listen to the sound of my own drum
Tune my state of mind to a new song
Any miracle I can allow
Set my course in that direction
There will always be a new dream before too long

"Catch More Bees"

Written By: Mick Overman

© 2008 Mick Overman
OhCorina Music (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

All the clever mean things I could have said
I'm glad I kept my mouth shut instead
You can burn a lot of bridges without striking a match
You can put your foot in it and get nowhere fast

Everybody I know needs
Food Water Air Heat Sleep Hope Love and Money
And so we do what will we will
To get what we can
I think I understand
With every trick in the book up your sleeve
I have come to believe
You catch more bees with honey
Catch more bees with honey

It's a good thing for me I don't think so fast
I could have made a bigger mess of my past
You can find something wrong with everyone in the room
You can reach out and shake the hand of doom

Although I can turn any blessing into a threat
I need all the friends I can get
They say a soft answer can turn away wrath
Go on ahead and do the math


Written By: Mick Overman

© 2002 by Mick Overman
OhCorina Music (ASCAP)
all rights reserved

Now all the toys are winding down
And the hours hang suspended and still
Big old wind of change comes up across my door
Takes my heart in it's hands and it just goes where it will
Never could have pictured myself here
How is anyone of us supposed to guess
Exactly when and where they will cross that line
Divides futility from meaningfulness

I could be in China and I'm here in California
Sunrise and the sunset really look almost the same
I pretend I'm bulletproof only to convince myself
That my life and my heart and my intentions
Become more pure with each touch of the flame

Sometimes I forget to laugh out loud
All the time that I spend counting beans
Sorting paperclips and circling the wagons
Countless other things not worth remembering
Some days I know that I am moving forward
Others well I may as well be pounding sand
What we would give up to feel like we belong somewhere
Maybe coming home is more than we can stand

Without the pile of crap that ties me down
Heaven dances in my heart
Learn to trust the way it shows itself to me
Learn to trust the way it falls apart
I am afraid to be affected by it
Greater than anything I can build up or undo
Hold it close and be protected by it
Believe in it and wait 'til it comes true

"Clear As A Bell"

Written By: Mick Overman

© 2002 by Mick Overman
OhCorina Music (ASCAP)
all rights reserved

Clear as a bell that rings in time
Every little light that shines
Carry it with you down the line
Bury the past and drop the dime

Throw down
Time to believe what you only said before
Daylight is creeping under the door

Speaking the dream that makes you whole
Blow off the dust and break the mold
Every link in the chain you hold
Shake up the bones and watch them roll

No fear
As you follow the path through the darkest night
May you never forget where burns the light
One more step
One more road
One more mile

"The Goddess Is A Rockin' Babe"

Written By: Mick Overman

© 1998 by Mick Overman
OhCorina Music (ASCAP)
all rights reserved

In a convertible or a pickup truck
Maybe a cute little S.U.V.
She is here to bring you luck
She can put you on your knees
She is looking over your shoulder
To keep you safe from harm
The Goddess is a rockin' babe
She does not shave beneath her arms

She knows all about your checkered past
And she don't even mind
You should see her in a black leather miniskirt
Listen up when she tells you to be kind
She whispers "All good women are bad girls once in a while"
The Goddess is a rockin" babe
She lives on the far side of the dial

And a rose is just a rose
A tear is just salt water
The night is just the night
We're all just sons and daughters
Walls are just walls and they will crumble
So blow your horn Gabe
The Goddess is a rockin' babe

She don't like the nine to five
She don't go out with computer geeks
Sometimes her hair is a different color
Every two or three weeks
She's got tattooed ankles
She's got tombstone thighs
The Goddess is a rockin' babe
And you're just a twinkle in her eye

She might be doing the aromatherapy thing
Or struttin' around in high heels
Maybe wearin' a bedspread maybe rockin' a baby
Maybe hammering out a deal
She reminds you not to take yourself
so seriously
The Goddess is a rockin' babe
She's the keeper of the mystery

"Everything Is For Sale In This Town"

Written By: Mick Overman

© 1996 by Mick Overman
OhCorina Music (ASCAP)
all rights reserved

Everything is for sale in this town
Narrow lines for behavior were never my idea
Every child in the schoolyard owns the right to dream
It's raining cats and dogs down here
I'm only trying to stay warm

How will I get home if the bridge goes down
Where is the clock that will tell me when there is no more time left to wait?
Heaven only knows what made you give up all you had
To come here with me and make a stand
Don't think I don't know that I can't go back
Until I ve given everything I can
Oh I love you Jean Ann

Now the fog on the hillside is settling
Corina is off somewhere playing with the neighbor's girl
Crazy Sarah is staying in that cabin by the river
Where we'd go when I thought I had all the time in the world

Looking back at the road we came down over my shoulder
I must have thought that I could throw the game back then by keeping score
Someone's still sitting in a darkened room counting all the little favors
So tell me is that the very best that you can do and
I won't say no more


Mick Overman - Mister Double Happiness
©2008 Max Records
Streaming audio available at

Mick Overman & The Maniacs - Good Thing Happen
©2006 Max Records
Streaming audio available at

Mick Overman - Authentic
©2002 Max Records
Streaming audio available at

Mick Overman - Mileage
©1998 Max Records
Streaming audio available at

Mick Overman - Lucky.
©1996 Max Records
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Mick Overman - Empty City
©1994 Max Records
Streaming audio available at

Set List

In live performance Mick Overman covers as much of his original published and commercially released material appropriate for each individual venue and audience as time permits.

He also covers at his own discretion the work of selected artists who he respects and admires.

Songs he promises not to play under any circumstances or for any amount of money include and are not limited to (He feels strongly that although some of these are very good songs enough is enough):

"Mustang Sally"
"Hotel California"
"American Pie"
"Michael Row The Boat Ashore"
"Cat's In The Cradle"
"Sweet Home Alabama"

We hope you get the picture.
The jukebox and radio do them better anyway.